How to look after a classic Porsche 911 daily driver
The story of three owners from Milan and their beloved classic vehicles
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (type 996) driving through fallen leaves
To these classic Porsche 911 owners, their cars are to be driven and not locked away. Whether your car is used for racing or road trips, choosing a Porsche Classic Partner to maintain it – and using official Porsche Classic parts – is key
Buying a classic Porsche 911 is a dream for many. But once you’ve achieved that dream, thoughts turn to looking after it. For three 911 owners in northern Italy that’s meant building a great relationship with their local Porsche Classic Partner. Looking after their classic cars properly not only helps prolong the life of them but allows them to fully enjoy what their car was made for – driving pleasure.
Rear view of classic Porsche 911 T on country road
Paolo Marcattilj’s Porsche 911 T is over 50 years old, but its maintenance regime by a Porsche Classic Partner keeps it young at heart… and still racing
Caring for a classic Porsche racing carThe rear side windows of Paolo Marcattilj’s beautiful blue 1968 Porsche 911 T tell the tale of a classic sports car that is enjoyed to the fullest. That and its rally stripes, plus a sticker with a 911 silhouette accompanied by the inscription ‘Porsche Classic Team Milano Est’. These windows are festooned with badges from countless rallies that Paolo and his 911 F model have participated in. It may be in its sixth decade, but this is a car that remains full of life.Paolo says that he fully respects those whose idea of preserving and protecting their classic car avoids “harsh endurance tests” – but that’s not for this engineer from Tuscany. By contrast, sporty driving goes hand in hand with looking after his car, he says. For the latter, that means teaming up with his local Porsche Classic Partner, Centro Porsche Milano-Est. Employing experts like these, to maintain a classic Porsche and using genuine Porsche Classic parts gives Paolo the confidence to be an active member of the Porsche Classic Milano Est racing team.
Man on floor in front of classic Porsche 911 T
Paolo shows off the trophies he’s won with his much-loved 911 T
The team itself was founded by his Porsche Classic Partner, where specialist Pietro Sesini is Paolo’s main contact. As well as making sure that Paolo’s 911 is kept in top condition after a competition, with all the stresses and strains that rallying incurs, Pietro in turn involves Paolo in mentoring newcomers to racing at training events.“The Porsche Classic universe naturally stands for high-quality genuine parts, restorations and maintenance services,” says Pietro. “But beyond that, we want to inspire and encourage all enthusiasts and passionate Porsche owners to keep the car of their dreams alive.”There’s visceral proof of that when you watch Paolo get behind the wheel of his 911 on a closed road just outside of Milan. Just starting the engine summons up the driving spirits for him. And then off Paolo hurtles in a cloud of gravel. Passion for Porsche in thrilling action.
Woman at wheel of Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (type 996)
A special daily driver: Giovanna Pasello’s Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (type 996) goes anywhere and everywhere
Alpine road trips… and shopping excursions in a classic PorscheUnlike Paolo, who has been an owner for many years, Giovanna Pasello is a newcomer to classic Porsche ownership. And while there are no classic Porsche rallies for her – at least not yet – just like Paolo she considers her classic Porsche 911 is one to be driven as much as possible. A former Olympian, who competed for Italy in skeet shooting at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, Giovanna said she researched for a long time before she found her dream car in the town of Novara, a few kilometres west of Milan.When she spied a 2001 911 Carrera Cabriolet (type 996) in Lapis Lazuli Blue Metallic, she was determined that this would be the one. “I really wanted this car,” she says. But first she called upon another service that the Porsche Classic Partner in Milan offers. After consulting Pietro, he submitted Giovanna’s prospective purchase for a Porsche Classic Technical Certificate, conducted at the Classic Partner’s premises. Pietro was able to deliver the good news that the car was in perfect condition. “The car is worth whatever you’re willing to pay for the thrill,” Pietro told Giovanna.
Two men in workshop with 911 Carrera Coupé (type 993)
Pietro Sesini (standing) from Centro Porsche Milano Est is more than just a Porsche Classic Partner, he often becomes a friend and confidante to owners
Having had her burning passion for Porsche ignited by a childhood ride in a 911 owned by a family friend, Giovanna’s mind was made up. “That’s the moment when I realised that this is not just an object, but something that will become a part of me,” says Giovanna.Now she’s living that dream every single day. Her convertible has become her daily companion – they have driven over 8,000km in their first year together. It’s the car she takes shopping, when she heads off to play golf and down to the beach. And, of course, it’s a brilliant partner when embarking on that most classic of 911 road trips – into the mountains.“My 996 Cabriolet has to be used,” Giovanna says of her commitment to making the most out of her dream car. “And, most importantly, it has to be pampered and cared for by a specialist Porsche Centre.”
Porsche 911 Carrera Coupé (type 993) in late autumn sun
A most memorable ‘hand-me-down’: Daniele Meinero’s 911 Carrera Coupé (type 993)
The benefits of using Porsche Classic parts on an older 911Classic Porsche 911 owners come in all types, each with a different story to tell about how they came to own their car. For Daniele Meinero it was very much a family affair. His 1994 911 Carrera Coupé (type 993) in Silver Grey Metallic has been a familiar presence for over two decades. You could call it a dream, staged in two acts. It was Daniele’s father who first fell for it after spotting it at Centro Porsche Milano Est. Having grown up with the 993, a bond had already grown when Daniele inherited it from his dad. It became not just a memento of his father but, like any classic Porsche 911, something simply to be enjoyed.Like Paolo and Giovanna, he was single-minded in his decision to entrust its continued longevity to a Porsche Classic Partner. And, like his two fellow Milanese classic 911 owners, its Pietro that he turns to for advice about his car. “After 20 years, this can be called a friendship,” says Daniele.
Man at wheel of Porsche 911 Carrera Coupé (type 993)
To Daniele, a classic Porsche 911 is there to be driven, not hidden away in a garage
Which is why when Daniele decided it was time for his 911 to get a little sportier, he went knocking on Pietro’s door at Centro Porsche Milano-Est. With Pietro’s guidance, they decided not to make any changes to the 993 that could not have been made back when it was new in 1994. And luckily, such is the varied and comprehensive nature of Porsche Classic parts, that was very easy to achieve.
For me, Porsche is a way of life… You can’t own a Porsche just to put it in a garage. You have to use it every day
Daniele Meinero | Porsche 911 (type 993) owner
To confirm just how successful its upgrade has been, Daniele heads out onto winding country roads outside of the city. It’s here both he and his classic Porsche 911 feel most at home. “For me, Porsche is a way of life,” says Daniele. “You can’t own a Porsche just to put it in a garage. You have to use it every day.”As well as sharing a love for Porsche, it’s another thing that Paolo, Giovanna and so many more wouldn’t hesitate to agree with. Watch films of Giovanna, Daniele and Paolo and their classic Porsche 911 sportscars
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