How owning a classic Porsche is a lifetime obsession for one fan
It all started with a toy 911 Turbo…
Zinmetallic Porsche 911 SC with headlights on
Like many, Mark Koense’s love of Porsche began with a toy model as a child. He would graduate to buying the real thing – several, in fact. But none, he says, made quite as lasting an impression as a 1982 911 SC
A Porsche love with (very) small beginningsI was seven years old when I bought my very first Porsche 911. It was the summer of 1979 and I had spotted it in a picturesque village somewhere in the Italian Dolomites. It was a silver 911 Turbo and cost me all the money I had on me. Never mind I could fit this 911 in the palm of my hand – if you hadn’t guessed already, it was of the toy variety – it was 5,000 Italian lire well spent. I can still vividly remember leaving the toy store and fumbling with feverish excitement as I removed the car from its cardboard box.Owning a classic Porsche has been a lifelong obsession ever since. I’ve had the privilege to own a variety of full-scale 911 cars, yet none ever tweaked my memories of that little silver toy model quite like my 1982 Super Carrera. Reminiscent of my Turbo toy car, it was in Zinmetallic, a rather rare, briefly used colour that was codenamed 956. I took that as a charming link to the Porsche 956 that in 1982 had scored the first of its many victories at the Le Mans 24 Hours.
Zinmetallic Porsche 911 SC in a hangar
Mark Koense’s love of Porsche began with a toy car bought on holiday. He’s since owned a succession of full-scale models, like this 911 SC
It radiated everything that makes a classic Porsche. The looks and the lines, the smell and the sound. It had – in short – heart and soul
Mark Koense | 911 fan on the Porsche 911 SC
Classic fantasticSome 30 years after production ended, the Super Carrera – or SC as it’s more commonly known – was somewhat neglected during the F-model craze that raged among purists and collectors throughout early 21st century. However, I found my SC a such a great car to drive. Great handling, super quick and comfortable in every sense, it possessed that fantastic, undefinable classic feel. It radiated everything that makes owning a classic Porsche such a joy. The looks and the lines, the smell and the sound. It had – in short – heart and soul.
Zinmetallic Porsche 911 SC, three-quarter view, in a hangar
Mark owned this 911 SC in Zinmetallic for a year – now he’s thinking of buying it back
Moreover, the SC truly was a daily driver. A car that I could drive easily to the seaside at Zandvoort – home of the legendary Dutch race circuit – on a hot summer day, as well as cruise elegantly through downtown Amsterdam on a cold and miserable winter morning. But then Porsche versatility has always been baked into cars like this one. It’s reflected in its competition history, which includes competing at events as diverse as the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Rallye Monte Carlo.
Zinmetallic Porsche 911 SC against green wall
Over 60,000 examples of the 911 SC were made during its production cycle
Back to the future with a Porsche time machineSat inside the 911, gazing at the five gauges that are peering back at me through the steering wheel, this Super Carrera transforms into a time machine. And you are the time traveller. My SC still had one of those original Blaupunkt radio/cassette players. These days, of course, among many other things that you can buy from Porsche Classic, their Communication Management system brings your listening, communication and navigation capabilities up to the levels demanded by today’s car drivers. Although for me I used to love just switching the stereo off and listening to the formidable flat-six gurgle emanating from the rear of the car.
Zinmetallic Porsche 911 SC outside large hangar
By the time Mark’s 911 SC was made, power output for its 3.0-litre engine had increased to 204PS
I don’t think you ever really own a 911. You can call it yours for that wonderful time that it’s in your possession, but ultimately it will capture somebody else’s heart at some point – just as it should do. I think I drove my SC for about a year until I sold it to make way for another F-model. In the meantime, I now have a modern Targa, while I’m restoring a much earlier 2.2-litre version of that beloved former car. But then just the other day I was asked if I’d be interested in buying back what was once my Zinmetallic Super Carrera. I’ve never bought the same car twice. This time, however, I just might – it really is that special. And perhaps it’s also time to start scouring the internet for that miniature 911. The palm-sized Porsche that changed everything for me.
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