How does a mobile charging trailer for EVs work?
For Taycan drivers on a Porsche Track Experience, a reliable charging solution is essential
Porsche Taycan electric sportscars hooked up to a charging trailer
At major driving events with lots of participants, fast, concentrated charging power is needed. Enter the Porsche Turbo Charging trailer, which can power ten Porsche Taycan electric sportscar at the same time, no matter where
An EV charging solution for trackdaysThere are hundreds of racetracks around the world, with thousands of cars using them every day. And that means quick and easy access to a fuel supply is essential. For most circuits, this has traditionally meant using their own dedicated on-site fuelling station to fill up cars with internal combustion engines. But what do you do to recharge the Porsche electric sportscar, the Taycan, at circuits and venues like the Porsche Driving Area at Levi, Finland – where temperatures can plummet to -30°C in winter? Enter the Porsche Turbo Charging trailer. If you can successfully charge a large batch of electric vehicles up in Levi, 170km north of the Arctic Circle, you can do it anywhere. Here, the bitter cold devours battery power. The Porsche Turbo Charging trailer can power up ten vehicles at the same time – they are charged and ready for the next adrenaline ride on the Arctic ice again in just a few minutes. The developers at Porsche have been hard at work developing this impressive innovation so it can work precisely in these kinds of challenging conditions. The result is a fast charger that adds ‘juice’ to electric vehicles at lightning speed – even if the temperatures are the kind that polar bears would revel in.
A blue Porsche Taycan saloon cornering on a track
The Porsche Taycan: the thrills are electric
Thanks to its 2.1MW hours of buffer storage, it provides enough power for an all-day event. It’s something never seen on the market before. These specially developed, 11m-long turbo charging trailers are on the road all over Europe, heading to wherever a mobile power source and exceptional charging power are required, charging sizeable gatherings of the Porsche Taycan electric sportscar. A total of seven trailers are currently in use at numerous events throughout Europe.Fast electric sportscar charging in minutesThey are essential to Porsche Track Experience events like Soul on Track and the E-Warm-Up, for example – both for first-time participants – where you can enjoy the thrills of electromobility on the racetrack for an entire day. In optimal conditions, energy for a range of up to 100km (according to WLTP) can be charged in under five minutes. With its concentrated power and incredible mobility, the Porsche Turbo Charging trailer is another Porsche innovation that helps make track driving days even more fun. Porsche Turbo Charging trailer in numbersOne continent The Porsche Turbo Charging trailer has been in use throughout Europe since 2019.Four hoursIt only takes four hours to fully charge the truck, ready for charging action.Seven trucksSeven mobile loading trucks are currently in operation.-40°CThe trailer can charge electric vehicles in extreme conditions down to temperatures of -40°C.3.2MWWith a connected load of 3.2 megawatts, ten Porsche Taycan electric sportscars can be fully charged at the same time at maximum speed.2.1MWh14 battery modules at 14.89kWh each supply a total capacity of up to 2.1MWh of lithium-ion buffer storage.320kWThe Porsche Taycan is one of the few electric vehicles that can process almost 320kW from the charging points on the trailer. In the future, the 800-volt battery system pioneered in the Porsche Taycan will be used in more vehicles, allowing them to process high charging capacities. It means the system is already future-ready today.
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