Camping with a Porsche Cayenne on a California road trip
Wild camping with a classic Cayenne
Couple in front of Porsche Cayenne with tent
Leaving Los Angeles on a California road trip with a classic Cayenne equipped with a Porsche roof-top tent and a PCCM
For Dimi Dorbacopoulos and Dan Green, a road trip in their first-generation Porsche Cayenne is the perfect antidote to a busy week in the city. Since they met in 2007, Dimi and Dan have regularly embarked on restorative road trips from their home in Los Angeles – sometimes for weeks at a time. “If you want to test your relationship, get in the car and go on a road trip,” says Dimi. “That’s where you really find out if you’re compatible and if you’re at the same pace in life.”Interior designer Dimi and marketeer and entrepreneur Dan, who drive a Porsche Cayenne Turbo from 2004, love the thrill of escaping the city at every opportunity. To make it the ultimate road-trip vehicle, Dimi and Dan have kitted out their Cayenne with a Porsche roof tent and added Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus).
Couple with a Porsche Cayenne with LA skyline in background
Packed and ready to leave LA behind on a Cayenne road trip through California
The tent gives them the freedom to travel independently and stop wherever and whenever they want. And the PCCM Plus means their 20-year-old car now has all the technology of a modern Porsche, with additions such as Apple CarPlay®, which wasn’t originally available for their model. “The PCCM system means our Cayenne is now the perfect mix between a classic and a modern car,” adds Dan.A Californian road trip in a PorscheOn their latest road trip, Dimi and Dan are heading north east to a favourite wild camping spot in California. It’s a 450km drive along US Highway 395, one of the most scenic roads in the United States. The couple are up before the sun to beat the notorious LA traffic and to soak up every second of their weekend adventure.
US 395 has it all: breathtaking scenery, ghost towns, film locations, ski resorts and vast deserts. Heading north with the imposing Sierra Nevada mountain range as their backdrop, it’s not long before LA is a distant sight (and thought) in the rear-view mirror. Music is a huge part of their road-trip experience, and Dimi and Dan have curated a playlist of their favourite tunes, which they flick through on the PCCM’s Apple CarPlay® app, interrupting the beat to excitedly share suggestions for where to stop, what to eat and where to pitch for the night.
Porsche Cayenne driving through rustic American town in California
Road tripping through California never fails to disappoint
“We love doing road trips because they help us bond,” says Dan. “They give us the chance to relax and unwind from our intense, fast-paced jobs. To let our minds wander and to be free of all schedules.”With their favourite stops plugged into the navigation system, they veer off 395 towards Red Rock Canyon State Park, where they have a bit of lunch and stretch their legs on a walk around the spectacular rock formations. Dimi and Dan are all-weather, all-season travellers, and they bought a Cayenne because it can take them places other cars can’t. “In the winter, we head up into the mountains to go skiing and snowboarding, and then in summer it’s hiking, biking and kayaking. So we need a car that we can rely on to take us anywhere,” says Dimi.
Interior of Porsche Cayenne with PCCM touchscreen
With the new PCCM Plus system, Dimi and Dan have access to their library of music
Hollywood filming locations Back in the car and heading north again on 395, Dimi and Dan discuss their plans for the trip: “We don’t like to make too many plans, but we’ll go kayaking, meet up with our friends who are fellow Cayenne owners, and probably enjoy a glass of wine while gazing at the stars,” says Dan.In the pretty town of Lone Pine, nestled in the shadow of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, Dimi and Dan stop for a coffee to take in the view and enjoy the mild weather. They suggest a short drive to the picturesque Alabama Hills, a must for film buffs. Driving along the aptly named Movie Road, the bright red rock of the Alabama Hills contrasts with the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada – it’s easy to see why this is a Hollywood favourite. The Lone Ranger, Iron Man and Django Unchained are just a few of the productions that have been filmed here, as well as countless other Western movies over the years.
Porsche Cayenne driving along United States highway
As dusk falls, Dimi and Dan are on the lookout for the perfect wild camping spot
Modernising their classic Porsche with PCCM PlusIt’s early afternoon and with nothing on the agenda, Dimi and Dan plan an impromptu stop at Buckley Ponds near Bishop, California. Driving on dirt roads, it’s the first time they have really gone off the beaten track. And that’s where the Cayenne really comes into its own. The PCCM’s Apple Maps is so accurate that it shows your route even after you have left paved roads. Dimi and Dan soon arrive at a series of picturesque ponds. They unload and assemble their collapsible kayaks and spend the afternoon gently paddling across the still waters. It gives Dimi a chance to reflect on their journey: “Road trips have kind of become our thing. The thing we do together. Of course, we have our own hobbies outside of our relationship that keep us grounded and fulfilled. But road trips are what bring us back together.”
Porsche Cayenne off-roading on a road trip through California
The classic Porsche Cayenne is as adept off road as it is on it
From Buckley Ponds, Dimi and Dan’s overnight stop – the majestic Volcanic Tableland – is just a few minutes’ drive away. This flat plateau on the outskirts of Bishop is accessible only by dirt road and is surrounded on all sides by the towering peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Out here, there’s not another human being in sight, and the sense of solitude is astounding. Apart from the occasional screech of a hawk, the area is completely silent. “It’s so peaceful and relaxing,” observes Dan. “That’s why we love coming here. It’s the perfect place to switch off and get away from it all.”
Couple standing beside Porsche Cayenne with roof-top tent as sun sets
Just in the nick of time: Dimi and Dan have their campsite set up as the sun sets
The pleasures of roof tent camping “We’ve actually been roof tent camping for a couple of years now,” says Dimi. “One of the advantages of having a roof tent is being able to go to any kind of landscape and set up for the night. Our adventures are not restricted by the need to find a hotel.”Setting up their tent as the sun goes down, they are remarkably calm despite the fading light. That’s because pitching the tent is a quick process and, within minutes, their camp is ready for the night. “We love the ease with which we can open the tent and get everything set up quickly. We throw in our sleeping bags and pillows, and if we’re staying longer we hang up some fairy lights and pull out our camping chairs and table,” adds Dan. “We can pack it all away in a few minutes again and be on our way in the morning.”
Women leaning out of roof-top tent on Porsche Cayenne
The serentiy of early mornings in the California hills, miles from civilisation
Dimi and Dan are very minimalist when it comes to camping, bringing only the essentials. They are completely self-sufficient and even have solar panels to power their fridge and lights. “We like to be off the grid but still have some comforts,” laughs Dimi. Commenting on their decision to add a roof tent and PCCM Plus to their Cayenne, Dimi believes it has added to their experience. “It’s a game changer to have the tent and the PCCM Plus,” says Dimi. “They have integrated seamlessly with our Cayenne and we love the convenience of them. The PCCM Plus is like another part of our camping equipment now.”
Porsche Cayenne off roading on sand dunes
California has thousands of miles of dirt tracks, which the Porsche Cayenne handles expertly
What is the Porsche Classic Communication (PCCM) system?Designed to fit seamlessly into your classic Porsche, the Porsche Classic Communication (PCCM) and PCCM Plus systems bring modern entertainment and up-to-date information to older Porsche models. PCCM and PCCM Plus are compatible with all classic Porsche cars with a DIN 1 or DIN 2 slot: the PCCM is suitable for all 911 vehicles from the F model through to the type 993, as well as the Porsche 914, 959, 924, 928, 944 and 968. The PCCM Plus can be installed in the 911 (type 996) models and the type Boxster (type 986) models. From 2022, the PCCM Plus has also been available as an option for all vehicles up to model year 2008: 911 (type 997 I), Boxster and Cayman (type 987 I) and the first-generation Cayenne. Key features of the PCCM and the PCCM Plus include Apple CarPlay®, DAB+, GOOGLE® Android Auto and speed-sensitive volume control.
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