Anatomy of a GTS
Behind the badge of the legendary models
Man driving a Porsche, close-up of hands on steering wheel
With a focus on performance, design and comfort, every GTS model is an exploration in delicious detail that’s designed to entertain you
The genesis of GTSFrom the 911 and 718 to the Panamera, Macan and Cayenne, a trained eye can pick out the design of the GTS model anywhere, whether on a mountain peak, a winding country road or parked in a bustling metropolis. For those who appreciate the details, understanding the design elements that make a GTS is an integral part of what makes the badge so special.Power, reliability and handling have always been defining characteristics of outstanding sports cars. But the very nature of motorsport meant the desire for taking that chequered flag often left the driver’s comfort and the car’s style fighting for second and third place.
A Porsche Carrera 904 GTS racing car in a studio
A Porsche Carrera 904 GTS: the first car to wear the legendary GTS badge
However, the 1960s saw long-distance racing on some of the world’s most punishing public roads grow in popularity. The Porsche Carrera GTS (or the Porsche 904) was the answer. Here was a sports car that could go from 0-60mph in under six seconds and possessed incredible road handling ability. And yet it was also comfortable, featuring stunning proportions and design. It was less of a solution, more of a revelation.
A man gets out of a Porsche Macan on a city street
The GTS models: comfort, style and performance in one
Becoming the driver’s carAlmost instantly, GTS stood for additional comfort in a hot-blooded sports car. It would eventually come to serve as the label for a sportier driving experience with a high degree of comfort and striking design. In short, the GTS became the driving enthusiasts’ variant, offering even more of the things you love both inside and out. There was sports suspension to provide a lower stance (a nod to its racing DNA), a front end from the Turbo models, and carefully considered and crafted design details, all the way from its seat stitching to brake calipers.
Man placing acoustic guitar in boot of red 718 Cayman
Always hitting the right note
The GTS redThe thing that usually gives away the identity of a GTS is its striking shade of Carmine Red. It’s a deliberate choice made by the design team at Zuffenhausen to instantly set the GTS badge apart from others. It’s become synonymous with the models and can be found on the rev counter, stitching on the Sports seat – which are topped off with the iconic GTS logo – or nestled behind the satin black Spyder wheels on each brake caliper. It’s a little red gift for the inquisitive eyes of any driving enthusiast. A touch of matt blackAnd where there is Carmine Red, matt black isn’t too far behind. Black is, in fact, a defining element throughout the entire GTS design concept. Historically recognised as the colour of authority and strength, matt black can be seen on the Porsche logo, radiator grille and the wheels. It can even be found on the accents in the Bi-Xenon headlights and the finish of the twin tailpipes of the sports exhaust system.What’s on the outside countsThese contrasting colours, coupled with the sportier body, lend the GTS its own identity within the Porsche world. It’s perfect for the discerning driver – a bold red, synonymous with passion and adventure, mixed with a rebellious and sophisticated matt black. They offer a glimpse into what has been a history of uncompromising sportiness, designed with the driver in mind. Sometimes, what’s on the inside isn't the only thing that counts.
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