Speed. Power. And a winning mindset. These are just some of the parallels that top sports stars have with a sportscar brand like Porsche. Just ask Byron Jones, Eric Kendricks and Danielle Hunter. For this trio of elite professional American Football players – some of the best defensive talents in the game – owning a Porsche 911 gives them a chance to escape the high stakes, high-pressure world they inhabit and just get behind the wheel and drive.

The dreams of American Football stars

For the three players their ownership of a 911 GT3 RS is a manifestation of the dreams they had when they were young men. And driving them is a ticket to thrills and enjoyment – which is important when your day job is full of them. Where every hit, every sack and every interception provides a shot of adrenaline.

Film of Eric, Danielle and Byron’s Porsche California roadtrip

We were lucky enough to be invited to join the three in their second annual meet-up in and around Eric’s hometown of Los Angeles for a very special Californian roadtrip. Here, they mused on life, football, friendship and, of course, their Porsche sportscars. “It was important for us to enjoy this experience together,” says Byron of hooking up with his friends. “As football players, Porsche fanatics and car lovers.

Five men standing beside five Porsche sports cars
From second left to second right: American Football stars Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter and Byron Jones flanked by Porsche-driving friendsPHOTO: AUME-Travis Ellison Prod

Heading out on their Californian road trip

“It’s always cool to find someone who works in the same profession as you who has the same passion as you off the field,” adds Byron. “The fact we all have similar cars if just by chance. We have all gravitated towards these performance cars which run parallel to what we do. We perform on the field; these cars perform on the track.”

Porsche 911 GT3 RS in crayon with carbon fibre additions
Making noise in Malibu: Eric says he loves the sound his 911 GT3 RS makes as it roars up to 9000rpmPHOTO: AUME-Travis Ellison Prod

Byron, Eric and Danielle have been on a journey in life through football. Join in and watch as they head out on a Californian roadtrip, from LA to Malibu and into the hills beyond.

Power. Pace. Performance. The 911 GT3 RS

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White Porsche 911 GT3 RS with red decals