Wrapping a Porsche to celebrate the PIONΞERS CIRCLE NFT community
A Porsche NFT community ambassador shows his passion for the Porsche Web3 project
Sport Classic Grey Porsche Taycan with PIONΞERS CIRCLE decal
Christian Dindorf, an ambassador for Porsche PIONΞERS CIRCLE, tells us about his specially wrapped Taycan Sport Turismo
As a manager working in e-mobility for a large car component manufacturer, electric vehicles are close to Christian Dindorf’s heart. And he owns a rather special one – a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo that’s been wrapped in a custom NFT skin. Only two of these designs exist in the world. One is splashed across a Porsche community member’s car in Miami while the other is in Germany – on Christian’s car – where he lives.“I’ve been passionate about cars since childhood. I knew all the models by heart by the time I was in elementary school,” says Christian. “I first encountered a Porsche in a Disney movie called Condorman. The villains were driving black Porsche cars and chasing the hero through the mountains. That’s when I thought: yes, Porsche is such a cool car. I’ll drive one someday.”Christian admits to being a bit sceptical about NFTs at first but soon became convinced that joining the PORSCHΞ PIONΞERS CIRCLE – the name for the community of Porsche NFT holders – was a smart idea. In the end, it was the Porsche name that was the final push, encouraging Christian to join the community and buy his own Porsche NFT. To this day, he hasn’t regretted the decision. Today, he even travels the world as an ambassador for the PIONΞERS CIRCLE.Tell us about the PIONΞERS CIRCLE-inspired wrap on your Taycan Sport Turismo. “I’m not the first to have this design. There’s a community member in Miami who has the same decal on his Porsche GT3 which I saw in real life when I was in Atlanta. It had a FOMO effect on me! I spoke to Patrick Vogel, the lead designer on the Porsche NFT project, and asked if he would be OK with me putting this design on my car. He was so enthusiastic and supportive. As I’m so passionate about the project and the Porsche brand, and because I’m a representative of the community, it seemed only right to show my feelings by wrapping my car. Fun fact: the design is actually Patrick’s own handwriting. He told me he drew it by hand before it was digitised. So, I basically have a piece of history on my car.”Is this your first Porsche, Christian?“No, it’s my second – and also my second Taycan. The driving dynamics and quality are just like any other Porsche. You have a low centre of gravity, so the car takes corners so easily. It’s a great overall driving experience.”
Man with Sport Classic Grey Porsche Taycan in custom wrap
As soon as Christian took delivery of his new Taycan Sport Turismo, he had it wrapped in a custom Porsche NFT skin
What got you interested in the Porsche NFT project?“This is actually my first NFT. I’ve owned cryptocurrencies before, but all the other NFT projects didn’t interest me – they looked like silly pictures. But when the PIONΞERS CIRCLE came along, it was a game changer.“I heard about the Porsche NFT project from a former boss – she bought one of the NFTs as a birthday present for her husband. She told me about it over lunch and by the end of the day I had bought one for myself. She was shocked! It was the real-life events that it allows you to get involved in too that convinced me, as well as the large Porsche community around the project.“As time went on I got deeper into the topic, and now I’m an official spokesperson for the NFT community – one of five in the world. Our job is to collect ideas from different community members and present them to the Porsche project team. It’s also about giving feedback on the ideas the Porsche team has about our way forward.”
Taycan rear window showcasing unique PIONΞERS CIRCLE NFT stickers
Adorned with stickers from the Porsche NFT community meets that he has attended, Christian’s Taycan Sport Turismo is a reminder of his rewarding journey into Web3 with Porsche
Can you explain what a Porsche community ambassador for the PIONΞERS CIRCLE does?“One thing that’s important for us is to have close and regular contact with the community, to keep everyone together and on track. We also need to be aware of their needs. What do they expect? What are they missing? We then feed that back to the Porsche team. We’re also responsible for managing the expectations of the community members and holding the Porsche project team accountable for what has been promised.”
Sport Classic Grey Porsche Taycan with custom graphics
The custom PIONΞERS skin for Christian’s Taycan Sport Turismo is only one of two in the world and was designed by Porsche NFT lead designer Patrick Vogel
What’s it like being part of this unique Porsche community?“I love that I get to know other Porsche owners through the community. I’m interacting with a lot of them on a regular basis, and we cover so many topics, not just NFTs. Everything from racing and motorsports to all kinds of Porsche events.“In the NFT community space, we really are the pioneers. We’re doing this for the first time and trying to find new ways to foster the community and organise events, which some other projects are now starting to copy. We were the trailblazers, so to speak. We’re tenacious and our passion is strong.”What does owning a Porsche mean to you?“It’s like a reward to myself. It was a childhood dream to drive or own a Porsche one day. Now that I can afford it, I love it. Driving a Porsche is such a different experience to driving any other car.”
Consumption and emission information Taycan Sport Turismo (WLTP): Electric energy consumption combined: 20,9 - 17,6 kWh/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km; CO₂ class: A.
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