There are, at the last count, over 60,000 spare parts available in Porsche Classic’s current range. And as the years go on, that is a number that increases rather than diminishes, helping to care about classic Porsche cars.

But there’s one little detail that might look insignificant on first inspection but makes a world of difference to the longevity of your classic Porsche. A small triangle and the letter “P” stamped onto the back of every part that Porsche Classic sells. A symbol that stands for originality and quality.

A Porsche part with the symbol Made In Germany
The “P” symbol – the stamp of approval and a mark of quality

For more than 50 years, this symbol has stood as a marker for the innovation and expertise that goes into every single original Porsche part. Malamin Sowe, a team coordinator at Porsche Classic, works in the department that is responsible for the technical side and quality of all approved Porsche Classic parts. “It’s very important to have good quality parts,” he says. “The stamp on these parts means they are completely original and tested to Porsche standards. That’s the main difference between the parts we sell and those from other companies.”

Cherish your classic Porsche for ever

Originality is a key word here, because with Porsche’s long and storied history, the team at Porsche Classic has access to a rich archive of information and tooling that allows it to create the parts exactly as they were originally intended. But more than this, every part created by Porsche goes through a stringent testing procedure to ensure it will stand the test of time and work in all conditions.

A woman kneeling in front of a Porsche 911
Porsche Classic has more than 60,000 parts available globally

Often, parts are available in stock at one of its 77 partners around the world. In the new edition of ORIGINALE, the magazine from Porsche Classic, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Of the million-plus 911s created, over 700,000 are still on the road, testament to the quality of not just Porsche engineering but the easy access to a stream of original and good-quality parts that keep these cars living on.

Find quality parts

In your free copy of ORIGINALE
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