What is Apple CarPlay and can you get it in a Porsche?
Stay connected from the comfort of your own car
Dashboard of Porsche Cayenne with Apple CarPlay on centre display
No matter where you are, Apple CarPlay allows you to access your iPhone applications through your Porsche touchscreen, making it easier and safer to stay connected when you’re on the road
Before diving into the ins-and-outs of setting up Apple CarPlay for your Porsche, let’s answer the question, ‘What is Apple CarPlay?’. It’s accessible in all current Porsche models, as well with the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) infotainment systems that are available for a growing number of earlier Porsche cars, Apple CarPlay allows you to connect your iPhone to your Porsche so you can access all your favourite mobile phone apps through your car’s infotainment system. By having these conveniently available to interact with on your car’s built-in screen, you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to your favourite playlists or podcasts, all while still keeping your attention fixed on the road. What Porsche models have the Apple CarPlay system?For 2023, Apple CarPlay is available on the following Porsche models:Porsche Macan 2017-currentPorsche Cayenne 2017-currentPorsche Panamera 2017-currentPorsche 911 2017-currentPorsche Macan 2017-currentPorsche 718 Cayman 2017-currentPorsche 718 Boxster 2017-currentPorsche Taycan 2020-current
Man in driver’s seat of Porsche 718 using Apple CarPlay
Man in driver’s seat of Porsche 718 using Apple CarPlay
Can I get Apple CarPlay in a classic Porsche?Apple CarPlay isn’t just limited to current models – more and more classic Porsche cars now have the ability to access Apple CarPlay. Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) and Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus) are official infotainment systems that allow you to get Apple CarPlay in specific earlier Porsche cars. These include almost all classic cars, every 911 generation (up to type 997.1), Boxster and Cayman vehicles until 2008 (up to type 987) and the first-generation Cayenne (models up until 2008). Alongside CarPlay, PCCM and PCCM Plus also have USB connectivity, digital radio, and Bluetooth functions. PCCM Plus systems are also Android Auto-ready.How to set up Apple CarPlay in a PorscheSetting up Apple CarPlay in a Porsche is simple and can be done in two ways. Beforehand, you just need to make sure you have the latest iOS software installed on your iPhone, that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Siri are also all active on your iPhone and you have Porsche Active Connect for your car. Next, using the central digital display of your Porsche simply select ‘devices’ and ‘device manager’ to connect to a new device. Then, go to your iPhone settings, tap ‘General’ and then open CarPlay. From here you can select Apple CarPlay in your Porsche infotainment system and then, correspondingly, your Porsche on your iPhone in order to confirm the pairing. The second method is to access it via the steering wheel of your Porsche. For a full tutorial, there’s a full step-by-step guide to both methods of setting up Apple CarPlay in the video below.
Why use Apple CarPlay?Apple CarPlay is far more than just a way to take calls. It allows you to access a variety of music platforms, like Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, your calendar, and enables you to stay up to date with world news, use your preferred navigation applications and even order food straight from your car’s built-in touchscreen. And with the free-of-charge ROADS by Porsche app, you have a really convenient way of discovering a huge range of drive-worthy routes from all over the world, selected by the ROADS community. The app also comes with built-in navigation, making it perfect for Apple CarPlay. Finally, with Apple CarPlay, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant, Siri, is also on hand, so there’s no need for you to remove your hands from the steering wheel when driving. With Apple CarPlay for your Porsche you can take a big step in keeping yourself safe and connected while on the road.
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