What is Android Auto and can you get it in a Porsche?
Stay connected while focusing on the road
Porsche Cayenne with Android Auto in central touchscreen display
Android Auto enables you to access all the functions of a compatible smartphone via your Porsche infotainment display, helping you to stay safe and connected on every journey
Our technology-filled, always-on world means that, for many of us, even when we’re driving we need to stay connected. The good news is that the smartphone in your pocket can pair with the touchscreen in your Porsche, allowing you to make phone calls, send and receive messages, play your favourite music or direct you to your destination in a way that’s similar to how you interact with your phone itself. If your mobile phone uses the Android operating system, then Android Auto is the tool that allows you sync it with the Porsche infotainment system in both new and several classic Porsche models.Which Porsche models have the Android Auto system?Android Auto was added to the sixth-generation Porsche Communication Management system. Wired Android Auto has been available for the 911 (type 992), Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan models as of 2021. Wireless Android Auto, meanwhile, is a new feature available for all Porsche 911, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan models produced from 2022 onwards.
PCCM Plus with Android Auto fitted in a Porsche 987 Boxster
Android Auto can also be accessed in certain older Porsche models when you fit it with Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus)
Can I get Android Auto in a classic Porsche?Keeping connected using Android Auto isn’t just limited to current Porsche models. Since 2020, owners of certain classic Porsche models have been able to access Android Auto too. The official infotainment system from Porsche Classic, Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus) offers Android Auto for a number of its cars. These are the 911 (type 997 – model years 2005-2008) and early Boxster and Cayman (type 987 – model years 2005-2008), as well as for the first-generation Cayenne (model years 2003-2008). PCCM Plus includes USB connectivity, digital radio and Bluetooth functions, allowing you to wirelessly connect to Android Auto.How do I set up Android Auto in a Porsche?To pair your smartphone to your Porsche, first make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled. On your phone, open the Bluetooth menu and select the Android Auto tile on the infotainment system of your Porsche. The infotainment system should locate your Android device and you then confirm the pairing on your smartphone. You can also approve the syncing of contacts, favourites and messages.You can open Android Auto from the home screen of your infotainment system, or via the symbol within the sidebar. The sidebar (or main tab bar) gives you easy access to Android Auto: you just press and hold the Android Auto tile, tap on Change Order, drag it to the sidebar and tap Confirm.You can also activate Google Assistant by pressing and holding the voice control button on the steering wheel (you can still use the Porsche Voice Pilot by briefly pressing the voice control button).
Why should I use Android Auto in a Porsche?Android apps appear on the touchscreen of your Porsche central display, giving you a wide variety of functions while you focus on the road.Google Maps, Waze or another map on the display of your Porsche helps you to quickly see what’s nearby and navigate there, with real-time alerts helping you avoid traffic. Alternatively, keep yourself entertained with your music from any of your preferred platforms, a podcast or audiobook, while Google Assistant can read your messages out loud. You can even reply using just your voice or select a Smart Reply with a single tap.

Please note: all information in this article is correct as of 23 June 2023
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