Porsche unveils Patina Paint To Sample
Good things come to those who can’t wait
Porsche 911 with rust-like patina on its bodywork
There used to be a time when flawless paintwork was the goal of all classic car owners. Now, patina – the way a vehicle’s paintwork ages over time – is all the rage. But what if you are buying a new car? Then Porsche has a hi-tech solution for you
A paint that’s rewriting historyThe history of a car is reflected in its appearance. It shows how it was made, where it was kept and how it was stored. Rather like us humans, the life story of a car can often be told by the ageing of its skin – its paintwork – otherwise known as patina.Increasingly in the classic car world, patina means everything. Until now, a car’s patina and its provenance went hand in hand. But an exclusive new innovation from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, Patina Paint, means that if you own a Porsche, whatever its age, you too can experience the joy of owning a patinated car in a fraction of the time. Ulrike Lutz, Director, Porsche Classic, explains that there’s no need to park it in a barn and then forget about it for 50 years in order to let nature take its course. “Patina Paint is the solution,” she says. “It’s the epitome of exclusivity.”
Green Porsche 911 in patina paint outside dark building
Patina Paint gives you the ‘aged’, rusted look with none of the downsides of the real thing
The lived-in lookSo, what exactly is patina? Think of it, perhaps, in terms of your favourite pair of sneakers or jeans. When brand new, putting them on for the first time probably gave you a particular feeling. That shop fresh, pristine look that draws admiring comments from your friends. And then, over time, they become ‘lived in’ and start developing a very different character altogether. You still like them, but in a different way.That broken-in look – the scuff on the sneaker, the discolouring of the denim around the knees – is a form of fabric patina. Likewise, cars can change appearance over time dependent on how they’ve been used or stored. And the effect is unique to your particular car.Patina perfect: Boris Apenbrink, Director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles and Ulrike Lutz, Director Porsche Classic
Man and woman in front of 911 in Patina Paint
Patina perfect: Boris Apenbrink, Director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles and Ulrike Lutz, Director Porsche Classic
Patina, without the waitIf you too have fallen in love with the patinated look but aren’t prepared to wait, then Patina Paint is here for you. Launched today, this cutting-edge technology has been developed by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur as part of its ‘Paint To Sample’ programme, where customers provide an example of their preferred colour for Porsche to match with which they paint the car.
Patina Paint is the epitome of exclusivity
Ulrike Lutz | Director, Porsche Classic
There’s something akin to alchemy taking place when you mix paints for cars – and that’s certainly true of Patina Paint. It’s a game of fine margins, where changes down to a fraction of a gram in the paint mix can dramatically alter the outcome. At the heart of Patina Paint, and what makes it so special, is the use of a secret metal compound that, following application, reacts with the air. The result? A totally unique combination of patterns and textures that mimic the effects of traditional paint ageing in order to create a beautiful new look for your car. Yes, as with all Paint To Sample cars, no two vehicles that are treated to Patina Paint will be the same.With new Patina Paint from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, your special Porsche becomes that little bit more special*.

*Well, if it really did exist, of course! As you've probably already worked out, Patina Paint was our little April Fool. But who knows what the future will bring? In the meantime, when it comes to Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, pretty much the only thing stopping you create the colour of your choice for your Porsche is your imagination.
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