My perfect Porsche: creating the ultimate 911 Turbo S
Thomas Walk, Type 7’s creative director, on his perfect Porsche configuration
Man standing in front of a vintage yellow Porsche 911
The creative chief behind the cult Instagram channel talks through his dream car build using the Porsche Car Configurator
Once upon a TurboIt was one particular 930 Turbo that immediately appeared in Thomas Walk’s mind when he considered configuring his perfect Porsche. It was an instant attraction when he first laid eyes on it years ago at a cars and coffee event in his home city of Sydney, Australia. “I used to wish I could rob a bank to be able to have that car,” he jokes. Growing up with a Porsche and Audi mechanic dad, Thomas has been well-accustomed to Porsche cars for as long as he can remember. By the time he reached high school, his dream of one day owning a 911 was well and truly cemented.Fast forward to today, and a sunny sight will greet you if you happen to peer into his garage or spot him out driving (a frequent occurrence), in the form of his beloved yellow 1977 Porsche 911. Over the past four years of ownership, he’s spent months together with his father restoring the car, and even more time actually in the driver’s seat. “Driving an old 911 is a very visceral thing,” he explains. “You really feel everything through the steering wheel. You know something is special when you still look forward to taking the cover off before driving it, every time.”
Side and front views of a yellow Porsche 911
Side and front views of a yellow Porsche 911
The next Porsche 911 dreamOf course, a passion for Porsche is one that never runs out of gas. So when we asked Thomas to dream up his ultimate car using the Porsche Car Configurator – where no detail is off-limits – he jumped at the chance to digitally configure his perfect 911. His creation features some nostalgic touches and modern-day Porsche sportscar innovations that heighten the everyday drivability factor.What is the Porsche Car Configurator?When you enter the Porsche Car Configurator you’ll find that there’s no end to the possibilities of your dreams. After just a just a few clicks of your preferred options, you can see your ultimate Porsche presented on screen – from exterior colour to contrasting interior stitching, all the way down to personalised door-sill Guards. “The possibilities feel infinite,” Thomas explains of the process. “I went with my gut and asked myself: if I got the keys to the kingdom, what would I take? After that, I went into it with a car in mind that I could without doubt drive it every single day.”
Gentian Blue Porsche 911 Turbo S in front of a city office building
Recurring dream: Thomas based his configuration on a Porsche he’d once fallen in love with
Why the 911 Turbo S? Thomas’ configuration is inspired by that 930 he’d once lusted over at cars and coffee events. “If I imagined myself one day owning another 911,” he explains, “I would love it to be as close to that very car. That was my motivation behind configuring this one.” And Thomas’ wish was the configurator’s command, with his dream spec nodding to that special car materialising on the screen in front of him.
Cockpit view of Truffle Brown Porsche 911 interior
With the Porsche Car Configurator, you can visualise the interior of any current Porsche model, down to the last detail
The colour scheme selected also reflects that 930 Turbo, its blue exterior and brown interior an homage to that early 911. “I chose Gentian Blue for the exterior and a Truffle Brown interior in club leather to best match that old car. I remember it even had a gold Porsche decal on the side, so I added the ‘PORSCHE’ logo decal in Aurum. I see a lot of vintage appeal reflected in modern Porsche cars.”And not long after, a car began to materialise on the screen that was a modern-day version of his own personal story. “I think every Porsche shares the same DNA, so by simply applying these colour combinations I was able to configure a car that deeply resonates with what I had in mind.”
Side view of blue Porsche 911 Turbo S parallel to glass-fronted building
The perfect Porsche in your mind’s eye? It’s merely a few clicks away
Choosing the right Porsche wheels and trimModel decided and colours set, Thomas systematically worked down the configurations list, making selections for the car’s drivetrain, seats, wheels, lights and beyond. Along the way, there was one noticeably recurring element – carbon. And lots of it. “I went crazy with some of the carbon options, from the lightweight carbon roof to the mirrors.” As for opting for the 20/21-inch 911 Turbo wheels? “I picked them because I really loved the contrast,” says Thomas.Next up, things got a little bit sporty, opting for the sports exhaust system, sports seats and GT sports steering wheel in Race-Tex. “It’s a no brainer – these seats inside a 911 Turbo S obviously just make sense. The way I approached it was to think about why each option would make me want to drive the car every day. I wanted to build the most efficient yet sports-focused option, while also applying that old Porsche theory that less is more.”
View of car dashboard gauges with text reading: don’t do anything stupid
Words of wisdom from Thomas’ father are ingrained within him – and his car – every time he starts the ignition
Personalising your PorscheAs the options for customers to become a part of the Porsche world and create the sportscar of their dreams expand, having the opportunity to play with such a wealth of options allows you the scope to make your Porsche as individual as you are. For Thomas, that meant including a nod to one idiosyncratic feature of his own 1977 Porsche 911. Take a look into the driver’s side window of his yellow classic and you’ll see a slogan among the dashboard gauges: ‘Don’t do anything stupid’. “My dad told me to put that on there,” he laughs. “He said I might get silly with the car, so we put it on to serve as a reminder when I’m driving those particularly twisty roads and think I’ve got a lot more talent than I actually do.”
Laptop screen showing colour options for a Porsche 911 Turbo S
The Porsche Car Configurator serves up thousands of possibilities right at your fingertips
This also manifests itself in another layer of personalisation to his 911 Turbo S configuration. That very same mantra is applied to the door-sill Guards in his material of choice – carbon fibre. A fitting tribute to his air-cooled classic Porsche.
Render of a car door sill guard with ‘Don’t do anything stupid’
Time-honoured advice, from Thomas’ dad: a reminder to take care of his car – and himself
The finishing touches to his Porsche configurationThe devil is always in the details, and with Thomas’ build you notice a different detail from every angle – from the club leather interior and contrasting colour of the silver stitching and seat belts, all the way down to a subtle detail on the rear. “I went for this simple 911 mode designation because it echoes my 1977 911.” Reflecting on the process, he ponders how impossible he feels it is to go wrong with a Porsche 911, regardless of the configuration. “I mean, if you guys gave me a new Porsche 911 today, I wouldn’t complain about any detail at all,” he jokes.So, here you have it – a car that combines a love for classic Porsche style, cherished childhood memories and a flourish of modern engineering. Personalisation that makes perfect Porsche sense for Thomas.
Rear view of Gentian Blue 911 Turbo S on empty street
The result: a sporty drive that’s accented with plenty of carbon and filled with personal meaning

Want to recreate Thomas’ Porsche? Find the exact configuration here. To create your very own, visit the Porsche Car Configurator and configure the car of your dreams.
Consumption and emission information 911 Turbo S (WLTP): Fuel consumption combined: 12,3 - 12,0 l/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 278 - 271 g/km; CO₂ class: G.
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