How to buy a Porsche NFT
Choosing one of three roads leads the way to a unique Porsche 911 NFT
Porsche facing three roads, each leading to a different digital world
The journey begins. Join Porsche as it enters into the world of Web3. Taking dreams to the next level, the bold project that’s dedicated to co-creation and community will blend together physical and digital worlds
Get ready for the chance to own a 911. On a mission to unite pioneers within a virtual world, Porsche is launching its Web3 journey with a unique NFT collection. One that offers owners the chance to help shape their own digital artwork, the project is a bold beginning for a one-of-a-kind Porsche community, the PIONΞERS CIRCLE. The unveiling of the first PORSCHΞ non-fungible token (NFT) took place at Miami’s Art Basel event, where innovative digital collectibles concepts were presented to the world. What are Porsche NFTs?This first official NFT collection marks a great leap into the Web3 world for Porsche. Looking to synch the company’s iconic heritage and drive to continuously dream beyond boundaries with an ever-developing digital future, releasing the unique digital artworks will cultivate a brand-new group of like-minded individuals from those who mint them. Community is at the heart of the project, with the ultimate goal being to offer experiences over the long-term to each NFT holder, wherever they are in the world. Beyond simply buying one of the digital pieces, holders will have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Porsche in Web3, including the ability to co-create the final look and feel of their NFT design.
Porsche facing three roads, one route lit up in gold
Porsche NFT holders can choose between three paths to shape their digital 911 artwork journey
The dedication to Web3 concepts underlines a true openness to new disruptive technologies. “With this project, we are starting another chapter in our digitisation strategy,” explains Lutz Meschke, deputy CEO and member of the management board for finance and IT at Porsche. “Our commitment is long-term, and our Web3 team has the freedom to develop innovations in this dimension.”How are the Porsche NFTs designed?Porsche has partnered with Hamburg designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel, who will create the different design elements that will be combined to equal more than 150k possible variations across the digital portraits. His purist yet timeless style, coupled with his clean use of lines, fit harmoniously with Porsche aesthetics. It makes the former architect the perfect partner to turn artistic visions into digital masterpieces. Each NFT in the collection will be based around one starting canvas – a white Porsche 911 Carrera. After purchase, every holder can continue to shape the look of their individual NFTs throughout a journey that will last several months.
Patrick Vogel is the artist behind the first-ever Porsche NFT collection
Patrick Vogel is the artist behind the first-ever Porsche NFT collection
How do you personalise a Porsche NFT?In this exciting twist, each of the NFTs will evolve to become ever more tailored to its owner. The first step towards influencing the final design involves choosing between three ‘roads’: performance, heritage, and lifestyle.From this point, individual traits will be determined by a randomiser to ensure a unique look for every digital collectible. This is how you choose your own adventure – Porsche style. With the whopping numbers of design combinations possible – using a combination of unique license plates, different backgrounds, colours and design elements based on the directions provided – each 911 will transform into a one-of-one piece of art. When will the Porsche NFT collection be available?The mint is set for January 2023, with the exact time and date to be communicated in due course over on the official PORSCHΞ Twitter channel. The specific mint time depends on the allowlist wave that interested future owners have been assigned and will be announced individually to each participant. Four mint waves will take place, with spots allocated on a first come, first served basis. Thereafter, owners get access to their individual collectibles in the virtual world.The individualisation process will then begin a few days after the mint. At a later stage, it will also be possible for owners to claim a 3D version of the 2D NFTs – truly enabling a step into the next dimension. In the future, this may also enable new utilities, such as exclusive entry to real-world experiences.
Two digital 911 Carreras: one white, one iridescent
From licence plate to design elements, colour to background, there are over 150k possible unique NFT designs
An ‘allowlist’ is a list of collected cryptocurrency wallet addresses which permit certain community members a higher probability for minting the digital collectibles. To get a place on the PORSCHΞ allowlist prior to the NFT collection release, early platform registration via the mint-website [TBC] is required to gain access to the allowlist application. Who are the Porsche NFT ambassadors?Spearheading this community of like-minded pioneers and working alongside Porsche to elevate this exploration is an inspirational line-up of creative ambassadors. Through a mix of both live and digital events, the community will be able to connect with these likeminded creators and thought leaders from the Web3 world. Meet the ambassadors:PATRICK VOGEL The artist behind this first NFT collection. His unique 3D artworks marry the virtual and the physical with character and emotions.

VEXX Known for his colourful street art style – and famously responsible for hand-painting the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo – Vexx is one of the most recognised artists of his generation and a loyal supporter of the Porsche Web3 journey.

CHRIS LABROOY Rounding off the Porsche appearance at Miami’s Art Basel, digital artist Chris Labrooy presents a larger-than-life physical installation, entitled ‘Dream Big’. Paying homage to childhood dreams, the exhibit prompts audiences to ask questions such about their own dreams, and where they may take them. Chris’ installation integrates a white Porsche 911 Carrera as a nod to the NFT release and a connecting element between the digital collectibles and the physical world.
What is the Porsche PIONΞERS CIRCLE?For the creators, the believers, the adventurers. The PIONΞERS CIRCLE is the moniker for the community of Porsche NFT holders who will continue this exploration of virtual worlds alongside Porsche as co-creators. Every PIONΞER will have the chance to shape future experiences and make everlasting memories that will reap both physical and digital rewards. A closed Discord channel will act as the exclusive community home for Porsche NFT holders where they can use the space to discuss ideas, share inspiration and co-create.What cryptocurrency will the Porsche NFTs be sold in? Each digital Porsche artwork will be sold in ETH (Ethereum), and the quantity available to purchase is limited to three copies per person. After purchase, the journey is only just beginning, of course, as the future for Porsche NFT holders is set to present them with exclusive access to experiences in the virtual and real world. In this way, digital pioneers can take part directly in the Web3 journey and enter into a dialogue with Porsche.
A yellow Porsche with tartan bonnet and blue Porsche with iridescent bubbles
Surreal, mesmerising, beautiful and beyond: each holder will help shape their NFT to their own desires
How can I stay in the know about everything Porsche Web3? As Porsche develops our fascination of sportscars in this new digital space, you can jump onboard for the ride and make rare and timeless discoveries along the way. For up-to-moment news, stay tuned on Twitter, be a part of the conversation in the closed Discord community and find the FAQ and more on the official website.
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