Tel Aviv: where the future is being made

There’s a vibrancy about Tel Aviv, a youthful buzz, that has long made it Israel’s most exciting and forward-thinking destination. It’s perhaps no surprise that this city on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean has become a hub of innovation – and a popular destination for those embarking on a virtual trip as part of the Porsche Travel Experience. It’s believed it has the most entrepreneurs, angel investors, incubators and investors per capita in the world, a place where start-ups are sprouting at a dizzying rateAnd it’s what has encouraged Porsche Digital, since 2018, to scout for talented start-ups in Israel’s most exciting city.

At the last count, there were some 7,000 start-ups in this fertile breeding ground they call The Big Orange. Tech giants from all over the world are setting up operations in ‘Silicon Wadi’, the name given to the high-tech hub centred around Tel Aviv – a region ranked second only to the USA in global terms when it comes to developments in cyber security. But, as far as cool places to travel to are concerned, few cities can touch Tel Aviv. When Silicon Wadi’s new breed of tech operative arent working, theyre enjoying a spot of R&R in this fashionable lifestyle metropolis.

Young people chilling out at sunset
Night time in The Big Orange: vibrant Tel Aviv is a city that never seems to sleep

Jerusalem is little more than 90 minutes drive away – a destination, perhaps, for another Porsche Travel Experience – but Tel Aviv feels more like a vision of the future than the historic sights of the Holy Land. New skyscrapers are being built everywhere, while the high-tech belt in the north of the city is growing rapidly. Head to the bustling centre and you immediately feel the vibe of the Near East. It’s a place that feels like it is having a loud conversation with itself, a clamour created by beeping car horns and the excited hum of fun-loving citizens and visitors alike. It cultivates a creative atmospheredrawing in people from all over the worldespecially the under-30s. Many settle down – and party – in Neve Zadek, the new, trendy neighbourhood in the city.

Go boldly into the night

In Israel’s most liberal city, the nightlife – every bit as much as its beach with its famed strolling promenade and beautiful gardens – is legendaryShabbat Night Fever’ is the motto of the hedonists who gather here to celebrate from all over the world. Revellers are drawn to the international award-winning cuisine, designer boutiques and roof terrace artists studios. And if you like dancing, Tel Aviv has long held a reputation among DJs worldwide for some of the best clubs you’ll find anywhere. But be warned – Israelis like to head out late and party on until breakfast time… and sometimes beyond. 

Hip bar deocrated with white lightbulbs
Tel Aviv’s hip bars: a place to relax and meet people helping shape our tech future

As well as The Big Orange, Tel Aviv is also known as ‘The White City’ due to its unique quarter of Bauhaus buildings. The 4,000-plus bright, white houses that were built from the early 1930s by Jewish and political refugees fleeing Europe are now a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. You can even spend the night in the Cinema Hotel, a former picture house designed in the streamlined, minimalist Bauhaus style.

Life is enjoyed and celebrated here like nowhere else in the world, a couple of new-found companions tell us – and you can well believe them. They have joined us as we bid the city a sundown farewell from the Speakeasy rooftop bar on Rothschild Boulevard. Tomorrow morning, they will be back in the offices of their start-up, on the hunt for new AI trends and solutions in this exuberant city that works and plays hard in equal measures.

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