Does Porsche make bikes?
An introduction to the expanding range of Porsche eBikes
Porsche eBike leaning against brick wall next to Porsche Taycan
We answer the important questions about the Porsche eBike range – including what colours you can choose, how far can you cycle using the battery and how to look after them
For enthusiasts of precision engineering and pioneering spirit, the name Porsche evokes images of elegance and performance on four wheels. But you may not know that the Porsche universe extends far beyond the car and into the daredevil territory of its two-wheeled cousin, the Porsche eBike. In fact – spoiler alert – there are four different models in total.
Close-up of handlebars, frame of Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC
The range-topping Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC features high-quality components like Fox Factory suspension and Crankbrothers carbon wheels
What kinds of bikes does Porsche offer?The decision by Porsche to manufacture eBikes is a further sign of its commitment to producing sustainable mobility solutions, as well as a reflection of its long history when it comes to sporting endeavour. It is about giving you the tools to explore as far and as wide as you can – of discovering a new way to drive your passion.The Porsche Online Shop offers four versions of the eBike: Sport, Cross, Cross Performance and Cross Performance EXC (EXC stands for Exclusive model), all designed in collaboration with ROTWILD, the premium German eBike manufacturer.
Dark grey Porsche eBike Cross in front of brick wall
Each Porsche eBike, like the Porsche eBike Cross, is powered by a Shimano EP-801 motor
The frames of the eBike Sport and eBike Cross are designed by the F. A. Porsche Studio and inspired by the iconic lines of two of its cars – the 911 and Taycan. Both models are powered by a Shimano motor, offering remarkable speed and efficiency. The eBike Sport has been further upgraded with a Shimano XT DI2 12-speed rear derailleur with a free shift function. This technology allows you to shift gears without moving the crank, resulting in a smooth and seamless ride.From May 2023, Porsche added two more robust companions to its eBike range: the Porsche eBike Cross Performance, designed for superior suspension and braking performance, and the Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC, available in six original Porsche car colours. The Cross Performance versions also guarantee a comfortable ride with a Fox Factory suspension fork that offers 120mm of travel, perfectly paired with a Fox Float DPS Factory air shock with 100mm of travel in the rear.
Porsche eBike with Porsche Taycan, both in Mamba Green Metallic
The Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC model comes in one of six Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur colours, like this one in Mamba Green Metallic
What colours do Porsche bikes come in?Buying a Porsche offers you a chance to express your individuality – and that’s certainly true of the Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC. This particular model is available in a range of standout Porsche colours, painted by hand in Germany: Star Ruby Neo, Ice Grey Metallic, Mamba Green Metallic, Carmine Red, Shade Green Metallic and Shark Blue.These vibrant paint options also offer the opportunity to colour-coordinate your eBike with your car for a match made in Porsche heaven. When you buy a Porsche eBike, it’s worth noting here that they are made and painted on demand. It means that you can expect to take delivery of your bike, with your chosen colour, a few weeks after the order has been submitted.The eBike Cross and Cross Performance, meanwhile, come in classic Silver Metallic. For those who prefer the urban flair of the eBike Sport, it’s available in chic Black.What is the range of a Porsche eBike?True adventurers like to take it to the max, so it’s good to know that Porsche eBikes have an excellent range. All Porsche eBikes – except for the eBike Cross – are equipped with a robust 630Wh battery (or 504Wh in the S size frame), which can easily cope with extended journeys. The standard eBike Cross has a slightly smaller battery for weight-saving reasons, which allows it to be more playful on the trail. With recent innovations, it’s been possible to increase the battery capacity for the Cross Performance and EXC versions thanks to the introduction of lighter carbon components. Customers can find the ranges of the eBikes on the official Shimano website. Do keep in mind that these ranges can vary depending on external factors such as the difficulty of the terrain, the weight of the rider and weather conditions.
A Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC model in the colour Star Ruby Neo
The Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC model is also available in Star Ruby Neo
Are Porsche eBikes suitable for all terrains?Porsche has always been about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Its bikes are designed for all terrains, combining on-road sophistication with off-road capability. Whether on smooth city streets or attacking mountain trails, responsive suspension and high-quality components adapt to the varying conditions and provide an exceptional riding experience.What kind of motor do Porsche eBikes have?Whether you opt for the eBike Sport, the eBike Cross, the eBike Cross Performance or the eBike Cross Performance EXC, each model is powered by the formidable Shimano EP-801 motor. The heart of these eBikes, the motor – which was updated in mid-2023 – is renowned for its durability, power and efficiency, and ensures that every riding experience is as smooth as possible.The EP 801 motor offers two riding profiles: Profile 1 has the three support modes Eco, Trail and Boost, while in the Fine Tune Mode of Profile 2 up to 15 support parameters can be individually set.How fast can a Porsche eBike go?With the help of the powerful Shimano EP-801 motor, Porsche eBikes can support speeds of up to 25km/h – although, of course, you can go faster under your own pedal power, should you wish.
Woman in mountain biking clothes in woods with Porsche eBike
After a long day’s riding, a Porsche eBike can be fully charged again in just five hours
How long does it take to charge a Porsche eBike?After you’ve finished traversing muddy trails, rugged mountain passes or even if you’ve merely headed out for a leisurely ride about town, Porsche eBikes take an average of 2.5 hours to reach 80 per cent of charge and around five hours to fully charge to 100 per cent. What’s more, even after 1,000 full charge cycles, the batteries retain 60 per cent of their peak capacity. Charging your drive battery at least once every eight weeks is good practice in order to help prevent damage to the electronics and keep the eBike in tip-top shape.How much does a Porsche eBike cost?Prices for a Porsche eBike depend on the generation and model, but they start at €8,900 for the Porsche eBike Cross, rising to €13,900 for the Cross Performance EXC (as of August 2023). The eBikes are available in three frame sizes – Small, Medium and Large – to accommodate different rider heights and can be purchased at, and selected Porsche Centres and Porsche Design Stores.
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