The ultimate Porsche road trips
Porsche fans share their favourite Porsche journeys
The switchback roads of the Swiss Alps
The open road and a Porsche. A match made in heaven. We asked a few members of the community to share their most memorable road trips
There’s nothing quite like the freedom of a road trip. To travel at your own pace, stopping when you want, where you want. Sampling the culture along the way and taking in the sights of new lands. It’s an experience that’s all the better from behind the wheel of a Porsche.
A tree-lined road in Queensland, Australia
Experience a different side to Australia
Queensland, Australia Driver Mark Webber, Porsche brand ambassadorRoute Noosa to Sunshine Beach, Queensland
Length 210km

“It’s a route I probably do eight or so times a year, through the hinterland of Queensland. I leave Noosa on State Route 12 and head west towards a town called Eumundi. As you drive out of Noosa, you head through the lush, sub-tropical forest and you really appreciate what a beautiful area this is. The locals call it living in a ‘biosphere’ because so much of the area is protected forest. You cross the M1 motorway at Eumundi and hang a right to pick up the ‘22’ – the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road. Then it’s about 30 minutes due west to get into some spectacular elevated driving, a good 500-600m above sea level. The temperature really drops, and you’re into a lot of tight hairpins and superb twisty stuff.
“The loop swings left onto Obi Obi Road just before Kenilworth. If you are hungry, keep going into town and stop at the bakery on the main street. The food there is amazing, and they are famous for their doughnuts. They have a 1kg doughnut – if you can finish it, you get your name on the wall.”
A hairpin bend in the Swiss Alps
Curves galore in the Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps, SwitzerlandDriver Stefan Bogner, photographer and founder of Curves magazineRoute Susten Pass, Grimsel Pass, Furka Pass, Gotthard Pass, Nufenen PassLength 230km

“My favourite drive, the one I try to do at least once a year, is made up of five of the best passes in Switzerland. It’s a killer thing to do and when I have visitors from abroad, I have to take them there. It’s one of those ‘must do’ trips. Most of these passes were built for military transportation and can be very narrow but the Susten Pass was built for sightseeing, so it’s a beautiful, wide and winding road up to the Stein glacier. I’d recommend driving the pass east to west and west to east if you have time because both sides are beautiful. But the real highlight is the tunnels. There’s a huge waterfall over one of them so you actually drive through it, which is always kind of exciting.”
A Porsche 718 Cayman on the Hakone Turnpike touge road
The toll leading to the famous touge roads of Japan
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Driver Kyoko Yamashita, Porsche fanRoute Hakone Turnpike touge roadLength 14km

“I like to meet up with a friend or two for an early morning coffee in Tokyo before driving for around 90 minutes to the Hakone Turnpike. This is the starting point for one of my most satisfying driving getaways, and because I don’t get to drive it that frequently, I like to plan a whole weekend around it. The road itself is quite short – about 14km – but it’s a privately-owned toll road so it doesn’t get too busy. Obviously on the weekends you have your fellow motoring enthusiasts, both bikes and cars, but even then it’s not too bad. And the best part is that if you don’t exit the toll road on the other side, you can keep going up and down for as long as you like.
“Even though it’s a two-way road, lots of people refer to it as Japan’s mini Nürburgring. It’s not a super-twisty or high-speed road but it is very smooth and full of long, sweeping curves. It’s perhaps not as demanding as your typical alpine pass. I’d say it’s a little more relaxing while still being challenging enough. There are several blind corners and parts of the pass are high bridge sections, so you get a real sense of height as you climb the mountain.”
A Porsche 944 Turbo in the Bardenas Reales desert, Spain
The Bardenas Reales is one of last great desert wildernesses in Europe
Bardenas Reales, SpainDriver Vince Perraud, photographerRoute Arguedas to Sádaba, Navarra provinceLength 55km

“My favourite road trip was definitely a couple of years ago in the Bardenas Reales, Spain. This is one of only a few deserts in Europe and you can definitely feel the desert vibes that you would otherwise only encounter in California or Africa. Situated about 400km west of Barcelona, this spectacular area is a proper wilderness. Stretching over 100,000 acres, it’s got all the classic desert landscapes: canyons, plateaus and dust everywhere. It has also been the location for several movies including the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough. It’s a great place to go for car photography as there’s no traffic and amazing scenery everywhere you turn.”
A Porsche 924 parked off road
David Steca drove 8,000 miles across Europe in a 36-year-old Porsche 924
European road tripDriver David Steca, traveller and content creatorRoute Germany to Portugal and backLength 8,000km

“For me, the best road trip is always the last one. I’m not really keen on doing trips twice – and if I go somewhere twice, I want to experience something new. My most memorable, or favourite, road trip is always my most recent one. Following on from my 7,500km drive to the Arctic Circle in my Porsche 924 in winter, I had dreamed of driving across southern Europe. So, with my 1986 Porsche 924S, I set off from Germany, through France, into Spain and on into Portugal, and then back again – 28 days, 8,000km and many happy memories with friends and family.
“My wife and son even joined me for part of it, proving road tripping with a baby seat is possible. Long road trips in an older, classic Porsche aren’t as difficult as you might think they are. My 924S has 320,000km on the clock and it didn’t miss a beat the entire month on the road. My favourite road trip moment, wherever it is, is when I’m in a place I’ve never been to, standing next to the car. Everything is quiet and the only noises are the environment and the tick-tick-tick of the car cooling down. That’s the greatest feeling ever.”Discover more road trips in the Porsche Sunday Drives series
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