Opposites attract

The extraordinary journey you take when driving along the Nesjavellir route in the direction of Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park is characterised by black, steaming lava fields, constantly contrasted by the magical, shimmering blue of its glaciers. It’s an alien scene in the middle of this epic volcanic landscape. Ice caves are hidden within them, each one unique, breathtaking and ethereal. Because the ice can melt away after just one winter, some of these grottos develop in a serpentine form. Others resemble archways the size of a house or enclosed spheres. Out of the car, and on foot, a hike to an ice cave sharpens the senses even further and the vibrant blue tones really come to life. When you enter the quiet of the caves, the translucent blue tones playing across the entrance have a profound effect on you. On this Porsche Travel Experience to Iceland, relaxation and a deep appreciation of nature inspires us to keep on exploring. 

People walk through ice cave in blue light
A blue ice cave rarely lasts longer than one winter due to the glacier melting

A blue wonder in the heart of a volcano

The contrast of turquoise water and black lava rock can be experienced in peace at the award-winning The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, a luxurious hotel in Grindavík not far from the capital Reykjavik. Here, the impressive 62-suite hotel is a refuge from the sometimes forbidding Icelandic weather. But it’s a place in harmony with its surroundings – the majestic Blue Lagoon. Its light blue shimmering water, from an 800-year-old lava stream, is packed with healing minerals that are particularly good for the skin. 

House on lava cliffs over the turquoise water
A natural wonder: turquoise water meets ash black rockThe Blue Lagoon Retreat Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a backdrop that’s out of this world. This place alone is reason enough to visit Iceland. Its world-renowned geothermal spa is a large, steamy 8,700-square metre lake, with a bath-like temperature of 39 degrees Celsius and is the result of enormous heat and pressure from tectonic activity. The warm seawater, rich in minerals due to the particular make-up of the earth surrounding it, completely renews itself every 48 hours. It is a place so peaceful that it immediately lowers your heart rate, and you instantly enter a zone of relaxed calm. No wonder that this is considered one of the best spas in the world and an obvious destination for our Icelandic travel experience.

Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava rock
The milky blue water refreshes itself every 48 hours The Blue Lagoon Retreat Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel opened in 2018 to huge media attention. The connection between people, nature and the landscape is readily apparent in the extraordinary architecture. The exterior walls, for instance, emerge out of the water itself. Black rock tunnels inwards. Cement and glass are the only materials that are able to withstand the extreme sub-polar weather conditions. But, if the Blue Lagoon itself wasn’t enough of a highlight, when you descend three metres underground into the dark, you’ll discover a subterranean oasis of steam grottos, hamams and bathing pools. It’s another, hidden spa – this one the hotel’s own – with private, shaded access to the Lagoon. It really is true luxury in the middle of the evocative nature of Iceland.   

Spectrums of blue

What makes Iceland special, it could be argued, is the colour blue. That sharp contrast between the beautifully-rich waters and the stark, volcanic landscape. If you ever get to experience this unique interplay of nature in this raw region, you will immediately understand why blue is the world’s favourite colour. 

One explanation why we love blue so much is given by the French colour designer, Jean-Gabriel Causse. “It could be because blue is the colour of the sky,” he explains, before adding, “You can’t look at a lagoon without feeling yourself relax.”  Porsche also has a particular fascination with blue. Since the first Porsche 356 in Azure Blue (colour code 52) there have been more than a hundred blue tones in the spectrum of Porsche vehicle colours. One of the newest is radiant Miami Blue. Despite its name, it really would match the extraordinary Icelandic landscape well. So how about a Porsche 911 in Miami Blue for your Porsche Travel Experience to Iceland?   

You can’t look at a lagoon without feeling yourself relax
Jean-Gabriel CausseFrench colour designer
Blue sports car in front of a rocky landscape
Porsche Miami Blue closely resembles the otherworldly colour of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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Glaciers, geysers and volcanoes

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