Seville’s tapas revolution: discover great food on the Porsche Travel Experience
A journey of discovery on the trail of Andalusia’s creative cuisine
At exciting restaurants like La Brunilda, a modern take on Spanish tapas is being showcased. Unusual creations, made using fine ingredients, are attracting traditionalists, newcomers and Porsche Travel Experience participants alike
‘Nuevas tapas’: reinventing Spanish classicsWait – is this supposed to be tapas? In front of us are unusual dishes like red beet gazpacho with goat’s cheese and olive powder, tuna tataki with couscous and sesame cream as well as burrata with pesto and guacamole. Every one of these small plates is crafted with care and attention to detail, each producing an aroma that is unforgettable. Great food on the Porsche Travel Experience is something participants come to expect. And the wonderful creations you find at Seville’s La Brunilda are no exception. This cosy tapas bar with a certain rustic flair is found behind a pair of tall, imposing blue wooden doors in a narrow lane in the very heart of this intoxicating Andalusian city. Here, owner Diego Caminos invites you to sample a youthful take on Spanish cuisine – it’s a brilliant example of the new Iberian tapas culture. For Caminos and his team, it’s not just about devising and building a new taste experience but also about sharing it, enjoying it and discovering something new with friends and fellow diners.
Interior of a high-ceilinged tapas bar with wicker lampshades
La Brunilda: a tapas restaurant with an unexpectedly modern outlook in the heart of Seville’s old town
A group of exciting new chefs is reimagining the Spanish tapas experience. While traditional tapas bars – where neighbours meet and socialise – remain hugely popular and a pillar of local communities, increasingly there are new ventures drawing in guests and gourmets from all over the world. Behind this change is a new generation of curious and creative chefs, some from beyond Spain, who are conspicuously happy to experiment.
Modern wall mural of an octopus in a bar
Dishes using octopus – el pulpo – are an integral part of tapas cuisine
A talent for the ‘espectacular’ Diego is one of the new breed, having travelled across the Atlantic to end up here in Seville. An Argentinian, he does not consider what he is doing at La Brunilda as avant-garde. His culinary creations have nothing in common with the famed molecular gastronomy that Ferran Adrià dreamt up at perhaps the world’s most famous restaurant, El Bulli, on the Costa Brava. Rather than transforming ingredients into unconventional textures and forms using new technology, Diego prefers to focus on the product, refining traditional recipes with sophistication and creativity. He aims to bring out the essence of good ingredients in his finely crafted dishes. His classic patatas bravas, for example, is sufficiently innovative to earn a ringing endorsement from satisfied guests – “Espectacular!”. But then when it comes to food on the Porsche Travel Experience, you come to expect the spectacular.
Tapas culture has changed because guests have changed
Diego Caminos | Owner of La Brunilda, Seville
Plates of modern tapas dishes carried by waiting staff
Seville’s La Brunilda surprises its guests with a menu full of unexpected taste experiences
A matter of taste: food on the Porsche Travel ExperienceLa Brunilda and its sister restaurant, Bartolomea, are the perfect place to seek out the new face of Andalusian tapas. Behind its striking blue entrance door on the Calle Galera – colours, coincidentally, reminiscent of the national flag of Diego’s homeland – guests find an inviting mix of the modern and traditional. Simple wooden tables inhabit a comfortable space with high ceilings. Recommendations of the day are written in chalk on a blackboard on the wall. Locals and curious visitors to this passionate, warm-hearted city mix, whether they are standing at the bar in the traditional Spanish way or sitting at tables. People chat to one another, try dishes together. Every new bite is an exciting new taste experience – an experience to be shared.
Illuminated logo for Seville’s Bartolomea restaurant
Far from the traditional, homespun image of tapas, places like Bartolomea offer an exciting twist on the experience
On your first visit to La Brunilda you can just soak up the scenery. Or jump in and order the most unusual tapas – try something you have never done before. You’re treated with great driving, warm hospitality and good food on the Porsche Travel Experience. The promise of unforgettable moments. Who could resist such an invitation?
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