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The perfect roads for the new Porsche 911 Carrera T
Python Green Porsche 911 Carrera T driving on mountain road
An open road is an invitation – especially when you’re at the wheel of the new Porsche 911 Carrera T. Discover these hidden gem roadtrips from ROADS by Porsche
A sportscar truly comes alive when it has great roads to drive on. It’s when you get to really know what you and your car can do together. To make the most out of the new Porsche 911 Carrera T – a sportscar whose lowered ride height, 7-speed manual transmission and weight reduction have been developed to create pure driving thrills – you’ll need a bit of local knowledge.That’s where ROADS from Porsche comes in. Available as an app on your smartphone, it’s home to a community of over 100,000 driving enthusiasts from all over the world – and one of its most popular features is its user generated routes. We’ve gathered together eight lesser known, but memorable, routes submitted by users of the app that will help show off the full range of skills possessed by the new 911 Carrera T. From punchy, highly involving mountain routes to grand, sweeping mini tours, there’s something for everyone here.
Man at wheel of Porsche 911 Carrera T, mountains behind
Discover a new road to drive and you will learn more about your car
USAWhere? Stinking Creek to Norris, Tennessee
ROADS route name Stinking Creek to Norris
Length? 60km (37 miles)
What is it? Perfect mix of tight bends, sweeping corners and long straights
Route 66, Highway 1, Broadway… there are countless legendary roads in the United States. But tucked away in every state in the country there are plenty of lesser-known drives guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In the rolling hills of Tennessee, between the mighty Appalachians and Cumberland Mountains, the road from the intriguingly named Stinking Creek (so-called after its sulphurous springs) to Norris is a testing, thrilling route that feels tailor-made to show off the qualities of the 911 Carrera T. Sweeping bends, long straights and tight hairpins are made even better by plenty of changes in elevation. There aren’t many better roads than this to show off the qualities of a great Porsche sportscar.
Rear of Porsche 911 Carrera T on a mountain road
Get involved: with its 7-speed manual gearbox, the new Porsche 911 Carrera T is in its element on roads that reward driver input
UKWhere? Wallingford to Thame, Oxfordshire
ROADS route name Wallingford to Thame
Length? 21km (13 miles)
What is it? Challenging blast through pretty English countryside
Is there a better time to drive than a sunny summer evening? In the heart of the English countryside, this compact but perfectly formed stretch of road is lined with cornfields and hedgerows, passing through pretty Oxfordshire villages. Good sightlines, quick, uphill stretches interspersed with long, open roads means that you can exploit the 7-speed manual gearbox of the 911 Carrera T like a pro. Insider tip – it’s a route popular with professional drivers looking to blow off the cobwebs. Six Formula 1 teams are based close to this short, sharp and challenging route.
GermanyWhere? Schwarzach to Metten, Bavaria
ROADS route name Schwarzach Maibrunn Bernried Metten
Length? 65km (40 miles)
What is it? Remote, open roads through eastern Bavaria
The homeland of the Porsche 911 Carrera T has plenty to offer when it comes to great roads. One of the lesser known – but every bit as highly recommended – areas for a Porsche German roadtrip is through the hillside towns and across the wide, open farming countryside near the border with the Czech Republic. Just north of the mighty river Danube, this figure of eight route in a remote part of north east Bavaria is delightfully pretty, but you’ll need full concentration.
Green Porsche 911 Carrera T on snaking mountain road
The simpler, the better: memorable location, great sportscar, empty road
FinlandWhere? Korpilahti to Vääksy
ROADS route name Lake Päijänne Scenery Road
Length? 125km (77 miles)
What is it? A place to get away from it all – just you and your Porsche
In the land of a thousand lakes and hundreds of thousands of trees, you are presented with plenty of opportunities to find the road to yourself. This route through beautiful central Finland begins on a melodious – and culinary – note at a restaurant and grill called Elvi’s (a nod to the rock n’ roll legend, despite the idiosyncratic spelling) where refuelling is essential. And make sure your car is brimmed with petrol too as this 125km roadtrip across the islands that criss-cross Finland’s second-largest lake, Päijänne, is in a remote, rural idyll. As well as views of the shimmering, watery landscape, you are greeted with long straights and hilly sections to fire the emotions. A route for those never-ending Scandinavian summer evenings, then? Yes… but these roads are usually clear any time of year, making it a particularly memorable drive during snowy mid-winter.MoroccoWhere? Ait Ourir to Ouarzazate
ROADS route name Atlas Gebirge
Length? 79km (49 miles)
What is it? High-altitude North African roads to make you feel on top of the world
While sometimes the condition of the roads themselves can fluctuate, Morocco is home to some truly great driving – with mountain roads a speciality. Beginning at the town of Ait Ourir, just south of Marrakesh, this memorable route through the Atlas Mountains is one of the most breathtaking you will likely ever drive. The new 911 Carrera T is designed for maximum driving pleasure, where cutting back on the kilogrammes equals more agility – just what you need for taking on twisty, circuitous routes like this one. The craggy mountain scenes and deep red rocks of this region create a magical atmosphere. And with plenty of great places to eat en route, there are ample opportunities to stop and sample the fantastic local cuisine. But the main course is always your car and these special roads.
Sunlit green Porsche 911 Carrera T amid mountains
Sunshine superstar: the sporty new Porsche 911 Carrera T is a pure driving experience
JapanWhere? Lake Okutama to Hinohara, Tokyo Prefecture-Tokyo Metropolis
ROADS route name Hinohar Lake Okutama
Length? 41km (23 miles)
What is it? A mountain-hugging route with more twists than a spy novel
The hillsides around Tokyo are home to the fabled ‘touge’ roads – a seemingly endless variety of passes originally built for locals to traverse this mountainous landscape. While they still carry out that duty today, they also make for a terrific day’s driving too. This roadtrip begins amid the dense, tree-covered hills that cling to the sides of Lake Okutama and continue with a snaking, highly involving drive southwards towards the Japanese capital. There’s hardly a straight in sight across this dizzyingly twisty 40km-plus route.
Green Porsche 911 Carrera T parked up on mountain road
Race to the top: the ride height of the new 911 Carrera T has been lowered to aid maximum performance
AustraliaWhere? Medlow Bath to Goulborn, New South Wales
ROADS route name Oberon – Goulburn Road – MR256
Length? 103km (64 miles)
What is it? Test out all the capabilities of the 911 Carrera T on this involving route
It’s perhaps no coincidence that these roads west of the suburbs of Sydney are a short trip from Bathurst, the spiritual home of Australian motorsport. Starting out near the racetrack – albeit of the equine kind – in the town of Goulburn, the first part of this trip up into the Blue Mountains of New South Wales is one of long, flowing straights and curves through forest and farmland. But, as you steadily climb in elevation, things become more twisting and turning, before you drop down into the Abercrombie River gorge. The road surfaces can be a little challenging in places here, but as you head up into the highlands, there are beautiful views to match the nature of the sweeping roads, which continue to thrill as you head down the Great Western Highway on your way back into Sydney. It’s heaven for drivers of a sportscar like the 911 Carrera T, whose weight-saving measures – including the removal of the rear seat assembly – are big factors in gifting it a true performance focus. Something you can test to the fullest across the variety of road conditions on this route.ChileWhere? Río Grande to Laguna Tayajto
ROADS route name Chile – Altiplano
Length? 239km (148 miles)
What is it? Show-stopping road through Andean mountains and high desert
To end with we go totally epic – something to match the pure driving pleasure that you experience with the 911 Carrera T. When it comes to long, straight roads, there are few like those that traverse the Chilean high plateau. This roadtrip begins some 3000m above sea level, high in the Andes of northern Chile. The ROADS user who devised this incredible route describes the highway here as being like an ‘aircraft runway’. It’s a journey that takes you through the brilliant-white salt flats of the Atacama desert, flanked by snow-capped mountain peaks. Steadily you climb, south of the small village of Socaire, ever higher – up to 4000m in fact – as you negotiate one hairpin bend after another. You’re likely to be on your own here, save for the occasional truck trundling past, as you head past bright blue lakes. It’s positively lunar in appearance. And then, as you near the border with Argentina, you literally run out of road. There’s only one thing for it. Turn around and do it all again, in the opposite direction.Discover more great drives with the Roads by Porsche app
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