How to become a better driver with Porsche
Improve your race skills, whether novice or expert
Man works on Porsche 911 GT3 racecar in pit lane
The Porsche Track Experience has been helping improve drivers racing skills for nearly five decades. Experts from Porsche and Manthey explain why its programmes help set the benchmark for making you a better track driver
Since it was first introduced in 1974, the Porsche Track Experience has built a reputation as one of the very best ways you can improve your driving, whether you’re a beginner or experienced. It’s organised in close collaboration between Porsche and Manthey, one of the leading players in the world of performance cars for road and racing. Nicolas Raeder, joint CEO of Manthey Racing GmbH, joins Thomas Wetzel, Head of Racetrack Events at Porsche AG, to explain the thrill of the racetrack and the one curve that unites all its customers – a steep learning curve. What is the Porsche Track Experience programme and why is it so special?Thomas Wetzel “Our goal is to provide our customers who are enthusiastic about driving dynamics with unique experiences and to support them from the very outset in finding tailor-made offers – regardless of whether they want to find their own ideal line or are even considering getting into motor sports. We have so far offered various modules as part of the Porsche Track Experience, starting with precision and performance training at one of our Porsche Experience Centres up to a supported start in a racing series organised by Porsche. Our training specials are designed take on our customers right at the level they have already reached – so they can push themselves and their vehicles with every lap. The learning curve should get steeper with each bend of the track."“We’ve just restructured our range of offerings for the Porsche racetrack events a little. The aim is the same as for our sportscars and racecars – we want to set the benchmark.”
Our goal is to provide our customers who are enthusiastic about driving dynamics with unique experiences
Thomas Wetzel | Head of Racetrack Events at Porsche AG
What are the different Porsche Track Experience programmes? Thomas Wetzel “We will be offering a really attractive programme as part of the Porsche Track Experience. So that everyone can find the experiences that suit them individually, we organise our events into four self-explanatory programmes that build on one another: DISCOVER – LEARN – BOOST – RACE."
Man sits on top of a set of stacked tyres
Thomas Wetzel, manager of Racetrack events at Porsche AG, has been involved with Porsche driving events in a number of roles for almost 20 years
“While the DISCOVER offerings are about getting into the driving dynamics world of Porsche, the LEARN programme focuses on developing the basics for safe and dynamic movement of our sports cars. With the solid basic training, all interested sports drivers can then head to the GP racetrack. The BOOST programme is about stepping out of your comfort zone. The customers feel their way to new limits – on the most attractive European Grand Prix racetracks."What support do drivers receive in the Porsche Track Experience programmes?Thomas Wetzel “Customers can decide for themselves how intensive the support should be – in a group, one-to-one or even just lapping in your own, rented or racing vehicle at the GT Trackday. In the RACE programme, we bring customers into competitive motor sports. After a week of preparation at the Racing Academy, the next step is to qualify for a fully supervised motorsports season in a racing series organised by Porsche. We do everything to help interested customers make the transition to motorsports.”Tell us about the involvement of Manthey in the Porsche Track Experience programmes?Thomas Wetzel “To achieve closer integration in the central Porsche Track Experience offerings, we have decided to implement all formats in co-operation with our partner, Manthey.”Nicolas Raeder “We’re looking forward to this new challenge – motorsports is firmly anchored in our corporate DNA. We’ve been one of the world’s leading Porsche racing teams for over 25 years and have won numerous championships together with Porsche. Manthey has developed from a pure motorsports team into a company with a total of more than 250 employees in five business fields – racing, performance, engineering, services and experiences. We are considered a specialist for Porsche GT models, which is why the Manthey performance kits that we have developed for road-legal GT models have officially been sold via the Porsche Tequipment Finder since 2021. With this background, we can generate added value for the racetrack events together.”
Man in racetrack pits in front of Porsche 911 RSR
In 2001 Nicolas Raeder founded Raeder Motorsport together with his brother, Martin. He has been MD and joint CEO of Manthey Racing since 2013
What are the benefits of working with a racing team like Manthey on the Porsche Track Experience?Thomas Wetzel “In addition to the emotions that are crucial to driving experiences and motorsports events, perfection in all areas related to the vehicle and technology also plays a central role for us.”Nicolas Raeder “The origins of our company lie firmly in motorsports, and we’re still strongly represented and present in this field today. In recent years, we’ve expanded our technical expertise in relation to the vehicles while in customer motorsports we’ve also learned to address customers and drivers individually – to develop them regardless of their level of performance.”
Line-up of Porsche cars at the Porsche Track Experience
Whether you are a novice or are looking to improve your track skills, the Porsche Track Experience has a programme tailored for you
Thomas Wetzel “Our primary goal is to give all customers goosebumps and inspire them with an immersive brand experience. The basis here is providing optimal support for each individual. Firstly, we always try to create the perfect conditions, from the selection of the most attractive GP circuits in Europe as locations for our events to an individually tailored range of services – all with the highest level of professionalism. We also expect the same from everyone who works on these projects, whether they’re instructors, engineers, mechanics, project managers or those working behind the scenes. Customer feedback after each event is extremely important to us.”
Porsche cars on the circuit at a Porsche Track Experience
Customers on the Porsche Track Experience get to improve their racing skills on some of the best circuits in the world
What new features have been introduced on the Porsche Track Experience?Thomas Wetzel “My personal favourite is the newly designed Master GT3 RS training course, where our customers explore the dynamic limits of this driving machine together with Porsche experts. We will offer this at Spa-Francorchamps, Budapest, Paul Ricard [France], Valencia, Spielberg [Austria] and Portimão [Portugal]. The tracks are all perfect for this!”Nicolas Raeder “All of the venues for the Porsche Track Experience have their own special features and fit perfectly into the programme. Above all, I’m pleased that after the extensive planning and many challenges we’ve faced in recent years we have put together a concept and a team and can now present this result to our customers.”
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