A guide to winter camping essentials for your car from Porsche
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Men with Porsche cars featuring Porsche winter camping equipment
Head out on a winter adventure with your car with the Porsche roof tent and a range of equipment and accessories
Whether it’s taking a 911 on a mountain pass road, driving through endless bends and hairpins, or heading into the wilderness at the wheel of a Cayenne, there’s always an adventure to be had with a Porsche. But what happens when it’s time to rest up? In the winter, you may think that means heading to a hotel – but what about spending the night under the stars instead? Luckily, Porsche are on hand to help here, too.Winter camping essentials from the Porsche accessories rangeThe freedom that driving a Porsche into the heart of nature gives you doesn’t need to stop as soon as you turn the engine off. With the Porsche roof tent, your Porsche can quickly be turned into a setting for your very own hotel room on wheels – with the added bonus of spectacular views from two sides, as well as up towards the stars, courtesy of the sky-view window.The Porsche roof tent is easy to set up and once in place you can climb up its telescopic ladder and into the roof tent itself get yourself comfy. At 210cm long and 130cm wide, the integrated, high-density polyfoam mattress is big enough to accommodate even tall Porsche adventurers.
Man lying in Porsche roof tent, view of snowy mountains
Feeling on top of the world: inside the Porsche roof tent, fitted with the optional inner tent and thermal blanket | PHOTO: Porsche
Inside the Porsche roof tentWhen night time falls the Porsche roof tent has a well-insulated quilted lining in light grey that incorporates a mountain silhouette in the roof, so you can fall asleep, wherever you might be, dreaming of the hills. It’s an all-season tent too, offering protection from rain, wind and snow. No one enjoys waking up in a soggy tent.Designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See – the Austrian village that, appropriately enough, is home to the F.A.T. Ice Race – the Porsche roof tent is made of breathable cotton blend fabric and features waterproof zippers and has an additional rain cover for the access hatch.
Men with Porsche cars fitted with Porsche winter camping equipment
Every Porsche car has the power to enable an adventure – but the range of winter camping essentials from Porsche will help you take things to a new level | PHOTO: Porsche
Meanwhile, the hard-shell case in which the Porsche roof tent sits – designed at the legendary Weissach development centre, where all Porsche cars have been developed, tested and prepared for series production since 1971 – features the Porsche name along both sides. This case is also where the roof tent is stowed for easy transportation when it’s time to move onto your next destination. Disassembly, just like putting the Porsche roof tent up, couldn’t be easier.Keep warm with Porsche winter camping accessoriesAnd the range of Porsche winter camping essentials for your car doesn’t end there either. There’s the Porsche thermal blanket which, with its two power banks can provide up to ten hours of portable usage, keeping you toasty overnight and warmed up for even the coldest of wintry mornings. An inner tent with quilted, double-layered insulation is also available. Designed to help retain your body heat, it offers further protection against the elements.The value of a good night’s sleep is immeasurable. But one that connects you to your Porsche, putting you at the heart of adventure? It’s what dreams are made of.
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