Conquering Pikes Peak on the Porsche Travel Experience Colorado
Scale Colorado’s most famous landmark
Porsche cars driving along a canyon road
Pikes Peak and the ski resort of Aspen are the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado. But as well as spectacular driving roads and breathtaking views, Porsche fans can also enjoy the region’s culinary highlights
Above the cloudsJust over 4,000m (13,100 feet) above sea level is a US National Historic Landmark that offers spectacular mountain top views, stunning panoramas and one of the world’s most thrilling drives. This is Pikes Peak, home to one of the most famous mountain races in the world. After the road was fully paved in 2011, it’s now possible to drive to the summit across serpentine roads that take you up, up, up into the clouds to an alpine wonderland. This is what it must feel like to be King of the Hill during the annual race – and what participants in the Porsche Travel Experience Colorado can expect.
Switchback roads in a mountain landscape
The road to Pikes Peak has very few crash barriers but is now entirely paved – and offers stunning views
The Race to the Clouds is the name given to the world-famous mountain race that has been run here every year since 1916 by the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It consists of 156 bends of pure adrenaline along 19.99km (12.42 miles) of daunting mountain roads. At this altitude, there is always the risk of being surprised by unexpected changes in the weather. The very best drivers triumph here – Porsche ambassador Walter Röhrl has himself taken victory in the Race to the Clouds. For some, the real attraction at the top is nothing less than a doughnut – but not one of the asphalt variety. For over a hundred years, doughnuts have been served up at the old weather station to hungry Kings – and Queens – of the Hill. Creating the perfect doughnut in these conditions is no mean feat given the thin air, low pressure and low boiling point that this causes. As a result, the recipe for these high-altitude confections remains a closely guarded secret. They’re a special treat that those taking part on the Porsche Travel Experience Colorado find difficult to resist.
Image of a doughnut
Pikes Peak: home to what are arguably the world’s highest doughnuts
Spectacular views on the Porsche Travel Experience ColoradoBut for lovers of the mountains, Colorado has a lot more to offer. Ski enthusiasts maintain that Aspen in the Rocky Mountains has the finest powder snow in the world. When the clouds, having lost a great deal of their water content on their journey over the desert in the west, hit the high mountains, the famous champagne powder falls. This must-see place is not, however, so easy to get to. Perhaps this is precisely why it is so popular with stars and skiing fanatics. But even in summer, it offers much to all who make it up here.
Lake and woodlands against backdrop of mountains glowing in sun
Winter in Aspen brings some of the finest snowing conditions anywhere in the world, but the summer is every bit as beautiful
On our Porsche Travel Experience Colorado we get to witness the magnificent splendour of this landscape at almost 2,500m (8,200 feet) above sea level. The mountains shimmer in shades of brown and red in the summer light, with snow still clinging to some of the mountain tops. Our eyes are drawn to the many thrusting high Rocky Mountain peaks and the abundant variety of tree species. When we visit, the powder snow has yet to settle, but the hospitality sparkles whatever time of year you visit. Whether man or woman, driving or not, you’ll always feel King of the Hill. This story is part of the 25 Years of Porsche Travel Experience anniversary series. We take you on a virtual world tour around the globe – with a new, fascinating episode each week. Click here to read all stories.
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