From Oslo to the Great Atlantic Road on the Porsche Travel Experience Norway
A road trip through the inspiration for Porsche colour Oslo Blue
Sunlit Norwegian fjord with still waters and blue sky
Norway’s capital is the perfect starting point for a Colourful Experience road trip that takes in spectacular coastal scenery, culturally thriving cityscapes and one of the world’s great roads
In one of Norway’s longest fjords, the water is as deep blue as the iconic Oslo Blue available from the Porsche Paint to Sample programme. The Oslofjord is home to beautiful landscapes, great roads and Norway’s thriving capital city. And yet it’s only the starting part of the Porsche Travel Experience Norway.In Norway, nature flexes its muscles. There are few places in the world so breathtakingly beautiful and untamed. The rugged fjord land scenery has been stealing the hearts of visitors for a century or two. It’s the perfect place for a road trip, especially with an electric vehicle. Norway is a trailblazer in the adoption of EV cars – over 80 per cent of the country’s new car sales in 2022 were electric, supported by a dense network of charging stations across the country. It makes a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo an ideal choice for our Porsche Travel Experience that leads us from the city into the depths of Norway’s countryside before finally taking in its famed coastal scenery.
Porsche 911 in the Paint To Sample Plus Oslo Blue colour
Scandi chic: the Porsche Paint To Sample colour, Oslo Blue
Begin the Porsche Travel Experience Norway in one of Europe’s most exciting citiesOslo isn’t one of Europe’s biggest capital cities, but it’s certainly one of the coolest. Before we head west towards the land of the fjords, it’s the perfect place to acclimatise to the Norwegian way of life. You can easily drive around Oslo in a few hours, stopping off for a coffee to two, while taking advantage of the many EV chargers that are liberally dotted around the city. Oslo is lively, green and has a lot to offer in culinary, historical and cultural terms. The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art – opened in 1993 by Hans Rasmus Astrup, the late billionaire Norwegian shipping magnate and modern art collector – is a must if you want to get an understanding of Norway’s contemporary culture. Works by the likes of Børre Sæthre and Vanessa Baird shows that there’s life beyond the art of Norway’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch. But in many ways, Norway’s real works of art are millions of years old. And tomorrow, this dazzling landscape awaits.
Modern architecture along the waterfront in Oslo, Norway
Oslo, which sits at the top of a fjord, is a vibrant, modern city
Porsche Travel Experience Norway: a spectacular Scandinavian road tripThe next day, our Porsche road trip into Norway begins in earnest. The city rapidly disappearing behind us, we head north. Our first destination is Heggenes, some 200km north of Oslo. It’s a picture book town nestled alongside a dream fjord. And to get here, the drive is an epic one. For three hours, the Taycan takes us into a landscape of green hills, deep blue lakes and timber cottages and farm buildings painted the traditional falu red. A highlight is popping into an eye-catching building called The Twist, situated in the town of Jevnaker, about an hour’s north of Oslo. Designed by leading Scandinavian architects, Bjarke Ingles Group, it crosses a small river and manages, memorably, to be part bridge, part sculpture, part art gallery.From here we venture further into the heart of the country, the Taycan Cross Turismo eating up the kilometres as we head towards the wild Atlantic coastline at Valldall, passing by traditional wooden stave churches which look like they’ve existed since the beginning of time itself. The nearer the coast we get, the more rugged the landscape becomes. The road winds in spectacular twists, curving around valleys and spanning fingers of dark blue water. It’s an endless series of photo ops.
Blue Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo in Norwegian fjord land scene
A kind of blue: a colour inspired by the Norwegian fjords
Driving down the Atlantic Ocean Road in a Porsche Taycan Cross TurismoThe last leg of our Porsche Travel Experience road trip couldn’t be more spectacular. Norway’s third biggest city, Trondheim, is our final destination. But to get there means – thankfully for us – driving along one of the most breathtaking roads anywhere on earth. Norway is home to over 150,000 islands, more than anywhere else in Europe. A little more than 8km in length, the Atlantic Ocean Road straddles island after island, providing an eye-popping view of the mountains on one side and the brooding Atlantic on the other. Even in a country where the spectacular is commonplace, the Atlantic Ocean Road – all 8274 metres of it – turns an already memorable road trip into something truly special.
Aerial view of Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway
The Atlantic Ocean Road: 8.274km of tarmac that is some of the most spectacular on earth | PHOTO: Kjetil Rolseth/Nasjonale turistveger
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