Sunsets, food and flamenco on the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain
A spectacular road trip to the region that inspired the famous Porsche colour, Malaga Red
View of Nerja in Andalusia, Spain at sunset
Malaga Red merges with unforgettable light during the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain. For our next Colourful Experience, we head to a place where culture burns brightly
The south of Spain is enchanting and endlessly fascinating. Africa lies within reach beyond the Strait of Gibraltar. This region is home to the most dramatic sunsets, where red hues set the mood. They’re in the soil, in the facades of the western Islamic-style buildings that are dotted along the coastline, in the elaborate dresses of its proud flamenco dancers or in a glass of vino tinto. And we can add to that the rich Porsche colour Malaga Red, as we drive along old trade routes into the hearts of the historic cities of the colourful and energetic region of Andalusia during the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain.
Porsche 911 in the Paint To Sample Plus Malaga Red
Porsche passion in colour: Porsche Paint To Sample Malaga Red | PHOTO: Porsche
Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain: road trip to the soul of a countryAndalusia has an eventful history. The Romans were the first to conquer this fertile land, followed later by the Muslims, until it was taken back by the Christians. All of these cultures have had an enduring impact on the soul of the region, from its customs to its cuisine. In the glorious cities of Seville or Malaga, you can grab a taste of Andalusia through a glass of sherry or slices of Iberian ham, as well as more exotic fare such the couscous, chickpeas or pomegranate seeds that were brought to this region many centuries ago by the people of North Africa.A journey through Andalusia is a journey through history and a journey through a land of milk and honey. Whether its rich olive oil, seafood or simply the best tomatoes you’ve ever tasted, it’s a place that nourishes body and spirit.
Flamenco dancers in traditional clothing dancing on a stage
Flamenco dancing represents the explosive joy of life, but also its struggles | PHOTO: Porsche
Driving from the coast into the hills on the Porsche Travel Experience Southern SpainAlong winding coastal roads, through indescribably beautiful natural parks or sleepy villages where time appears to stand still, the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain takes us and our group of Porsche sportscars from Malaga through Marbella before heading inland to Ronda – a pearl high up in the mountains, divided in two by a gaping gorge and connected only by a single spectacular bridge. Bullfighting was invented in Ronda, or so the Rondeños say, and despite polarising opinions on it around the world, it remains an integral part of Andalusian culture.
Porsche driving on a country road in a mountainous landscape
The route leads through a diverse landscape of breathtaking colours | PHOTO: Porsche
The red sunsets of Andalusia are a sensory delight on your Porsche road tripUnforgettable experiences await around every bend in Andalusia. Yet during this special Porsche Travel Experience through the southernmost part of Europe, one thing in particular will seer itself into your memory long afterwards – its unique reddish light. Sometimes it covers the landscape like a shimmering, iridescent blanket, while at others it flows over the hills and down into valleys like thick red/gold syrup.By the time sunset arrives, you are compelled to pull over to the side of the road in order to enjoy this dance of a thousand shades of red. The sun ignites the sky and the land below it, setting it spectacularly ablaze before finally sinking below the horizon and into the ocean. After visiting Andalusia on the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain, you will have a different attitude towards what constitutes a spectacular sunset, that much is certain.
White houses nestled in a mountainous landscape
Picturesque villages nestle between mountains and water on the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain | PHOTO: Porsche
Colourful Experience: a return to iconic Porsche coloursMalaga Red, Alpine White, Speed Yellow. Colours that evoke great Porsche road trips – ones that signify freedom and adventure. The Colourful Experience will take you on vibrant journeys during the Porsche Travel Experience. Pack your suitcase, start the engine and experience the world’s most beautiful destinations together with other Porsche enthusiasts.
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