The perfect mountain road trip on the Porsche Travel Experience Swiss Alps
Driving through scenery that was the inspiration for the Porsche colour Alpine White
View of snow-capped Alpine peaks from above
Along spectacular mountain passes hemmed in by walls of snow and along some of Europe’s highest – and best – driving roads, this ice cold Colourful Experience is one to remember
The mountains of the Swiss Alps are silent giants, indestructible colossi made of stone and ice. Some of the best driving roads in the world cling to their sides, sweeping up and down, again and again. They make for a beautiful road trip that perfectly showcases the intense beauty of this location. Shimmering iridescently in the Alpine sun, snow and ice mark out the boundaries of roads that are in tip-top condition, despite the harshness of the elements. When it comes to driving a Porsche, nothing quite compares with heading up into the mountains and negotiating its tight switchbacks, sweeping corners and fast downhill straights. This is what makes the Porsche Travel Experience Swiss Alps so special.
Porsche 911 in the Paint To Sample Plus Alpine White colour
Cool and crisp: the Porsche Paint To Sample colour, Alpine White
A world of brilliant colourful inspiration for Porsche Paint To SampleAs we head out from the hotel on the first day, we jump into a 911 and keep climbing. Not quite as high as the many wild ibex, which strut majestically over the craggy rocks here, but lofty enough to give you unparalleled views from the top of Europe. In the small mountain villages along the way, you pass by dairies and cheese factories. The colour white is king here, from the freshly laid snow to the colour of the milk produced by the herds of Alpine cows that are such a familiar sight in the meadows. These constant reminders – of white as the colour of the Alps – inspired the Porsche colour Alpine White, now available as a special Paint To Sample hue.
Aerial view of a bendy, snowy Alpine road
The twisty roads of the Alps are something of a spiritual home for the Porsche 911 – a Porsche Travel Experience here makes the most of them
Here in the Swiss Alps there’s pure Porsche driving pleasure to be encountered across its breathtaking panoramas. After a while, you realise that each view is seemingly even more beautiful than the previous one encountered. Our route today takes us 2000 metres up and over the Simplon Pass into the homeland of William Tell. Here, the mighty Matterhorn suddenly emerges from the imposing backdrop. Every Porsche Travel Experience, of course, is a chance to make memories. Charming hotels on the Porsche Travel Experience Swiss AlpsStops along our journey include locations that are embedded in the mythology of the Swiss Alps – Zermatt, Davos, Ascona and St Moritz. While our days are spent on the road surrounded by imposing peaks, great driving roads and a chance to breathe in crystal-clear air, evenings are spent in front of a roaring fire in hotels like The Chedi. This imposing establishment in the village of Andermatt is inspired by the design and construction of traditional Swiss chalets. Once settled, it’s a chance for participants on the Porsche Travel Experience Swiss Alps to warm up, discuss their day’s driving with each other and sample tasty dishes of the region.
Hotel on hairpin bend at Furka Pass, Switzerland
The famous hotel hairpin bend on the Furka Pass in the southern Swiss Alps
The following day, a detour is taken to head across to one of Switzerland’s glaciers. There are over 20 of them in the country – sheets of ancient ice up to a kilometre thick in places – but most of them are in the Swiss Canton of Valais. They make the rivers of this region shimmer blue with their glacier milk – the name for the watery streamlets pouring from it. This particular Porsche Travel Experience, set amid cathedrals made of rock, ice and snow, will resonate with participants long after they’ve left the majesty of the Alps behind.Porsche Colourful Experience: iconic car colours make their comebackAlpine White, Malaga Red, Casablanca Beige... names of Porsche colours from the history of the company that evoke road trips, freedom and adventure. When building your new car, choosing the Paint To Sample option from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur opens you up to a seemingly endless world of special paint finishes, including many that were first seen on a Porsche many years ago. Your Colourful Experience awaits. Which one are you choosing?
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