An adventure trip to memorable Montenegro
Discover Montenegro, the Côte d’Azur of the East
Town on a cove with mountain range in background
When it comes to natural beauty, very few places along the Mediterranean coastline can compare to the Bay of Kotor. Just one more reason why we need to plan a Porsche Travel Experience to this picturesque paradise on the Adriatic coast
A splendid marina Montenegro has been seen as the new Monaco of the East ever since Canadian Peter Munk turned a derelict naval base into the now-fashionable Porto Montenegro marina in 2007. It’s the largest natural harbour in the Eastern Mediterranean and this cutting-edge, deep-water harbour is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape. It also offers space for superyachts up to 150 metres in length. But as we’ll be travelling by Porsche, perhaps more beneficial is that it is also home to two Porsche Destination Charging points that we can use to recharge a Taycan or a plug-in hybrid model. While the port might be one to rival legendary Mediterranean destinations such as Monte Carlo and Porto Cervo, our focus on this future adventure trip is very much on the black stuff: the asphalt.
Mediterranean rocky coastline with view of boat
Montenegro’s rugged coastline is only one of its many picturesque destinations | Photo by Bear Lissimo
An adventure trip marvelling in nature As we ascend the breathtaking hairpin bends up to almost a thousand metres in altitude, we briefly think of the dramatic roads along the Amalfi Coast. With their sweeping curves, the drive is thrilling and the view of the Bay of Kotor, once at the top, is magnificent.
A serpentine road in Montenegro
Picturesque hairpins in Lovćen National Park
The spectacular karst landscapes plummet down to the sea and remind us of the Norwegian fjords. And the sea is so blue that it rivals the Caribbean, especially around the two appealing islands of St George and St Mary. It's not surprising that UNESCO didn't hesitate in making this landscape a World Heritage Site. The Bay of Kotor consists of four basins linked by straits. It’s the southernmost fjord in Europe. On our adventure trip around Montenegro we continue into the surreal opera town of Cetinje, the former royal residence that lies within the Lovcén National Park. The spectacular landscape steals the show here once again.
Island with a church, mountain range in the background
"Our Lady of the Rocks" appears to be asleep in Europe's southernmost fjord | Photo by Anton Matis
At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro
Lord Byron | English poet
A storied history Montenegro is one of the last remaining parts of Southern Europe that still resembles how the Venetians left it at the end of the 18th century. Appealing locations worth a visit include the old maritime power of Perast, with 16 Baroque palaces, 17 churches and many Venetian villas dotted along the shoreline. Alternatively, there's Kotor's medieval old town. Surrounded by stone walls, its labyrinthine of alleys were designed to confuse invaders. But no matter where we go on this adventure trip, we walk through 2000 years of history.
A medieval alley in Montenegro
A walk through a storied history
After leaving the Bay of Kotor behind, the hinterland continues to surprise and delight with an abundance of astounding features. One notable example is the Tara River Canyon. At 78 kilometres in length and over 1,300 metres deep, it is the longest and deepest canyon in Europe – and the second deepest worldwide after the Grand Canyon in the USA. The enchanting Durmitor Ring can also be found to the north, a scenic 85-kilometre road that circumvents the Durmitor massif and provides spectacular views of both the Tara and Piva plateaus. They and the rest of Montenegro's stunning locations are worth a story in their own right.This story is part of the 25 Years of Porsche Travel Experience anniversary series. We take you on a virtual world tour around the globe – with a new, fascinating episode each week. Click here to read all stories.
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