The ultimate Porsche 911 US road trip
Fulfilling a dream led to a journey across the USA… and a new life
Porsche 911 in blue wrap, man kneeling next to it
Brad Danger has been a 911 fan for as long as he can remember. And when he finally bought one, it would prove the catalyst for a fantastic adventure
Born in the Porsche wayEver since I can remember, I’ve wanted to own a Porsche 911. In fact, I think I was born a 911 fan. As a kid, it would have been the amazing performance and stunning design that first attracted me. But as I got older, I soon realised that Porsche was more than just a car company. It’s a lifestyle. And then, one day, those boyhood fantasies turned into a reality. That was when I bought my first ever 911 – a 997 Carrera. A car that would take me on the ultimate 911 road trip across the United States. It was a car that literally changed my life.After buying the 911, I built a custom ski box to store my video gear, which I hauled across the US – with my best friend for company – on a 40-day, 7,000-mile road trip. I filmed the journey every day and documented what it was like to live with (and in) a Porsche 911 for 40 consecutive days. In total, we slept in the car for 27 of those 40 nights. If you put the rear seats up, the front seats go down surprisingly far, and you can get a very decent sleep.
Blue 911 with rooftop ski box at sunset
A rooftop ski box was an essential mod for Brad Danger’s 911 road trip
Although, on the first night of our ultimate 911 road trip, that was near impossible. After setting out from home in Seattle, Washington, we made our way eastwards. We eventually parked up for the night at a rest stop, wedged between two gigantic 18-wheelers in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was pretty unnerving. But by day four, when we slept in a grocery store parking lot in Missoula, Montana, it had begun to feel like home. Who cares that it was 22°F (-6°C) outside?
Blue Porsche 911 with roofbox drives along tree-lined road
Numbers game: 40 days. 7,000 miles. And a 911
Making the most of a 911 US road tripGoing to sleep at night to a view of neon store signs and traffic passing by right next to your window may not sound like fun, but we didn’t care. We knew that with the money we saved by car camping, we would be able to spend money on more important things. Like introducing the 911 to grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park. Or attending the SEMA auto aftermarket show in Las Vegas. And even having dinner with iconic Porsche expert Magnus Walker. We also participated in a super car rally. Despite doing all of this, the 911 made it back home to Seattle without skipping a beat.
Buying the 911 has persuaded me to take the biggest jump of my life… I quit my job for a career teaching people how to buy their dream cars
Brad Danger | Porsche vlogger and 911 fan
I was blown away by how well the car performed on our ultimate 911 road trip – but this wasn’t much of a surprise for a manufacturer to whom reliability is so important. What I didn't expect was the community of Porsche owners that we encountered at every stop and just made us feel… well, part of a big, friendly family. I bought my dream 911 because I love how it looks. It’s the car every other manufacturer compares itself to. I know I will stick with Porsche forever – but it’s not just about the car. By joining the Porsche family, you have another compelling reason for buying one.
Silver Porsche 911 with surrounded by other classic 911s
A family affair: Brad’s 911 Carrera, pre-wrap, meets a few of its ‘cousins’
The journey continuesThe car and the Porsche family I joined have given me an inner confidence that I never knew was there. Buying the 911 has persuaded me to take the biggest jump of my life. I quit my job and set out on a journey of the personal kind – building a full-time career teaching other regular people, just like me, how to buy their dream cars. I've never felt more fulfilled in my life both personally and professionally. A new life that I can credit to a very special Porsche 911.
Blue Porsche 911 in a forest at twilight, headlights on
Brad’s 911 (997) Carrera is a childhood dream that’s inspired his future
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