A Porsche SUV adventure to the Iguazu Falls
Experiencing the sights and sounds of a mighty natural wonder
Bird’s-eye view of Iguazu Falls waterfall in Brazil
The Iguazu Falls, on the border between Brazil and Argentina, are a vast spectacle in the middle of dense rainforest and home to a fascinating display of flora and fauna. It’s a combination that makes an upcoming Porsche Travel Experience to South America unforgettable
Up close at the world’s wildest waterfallsWe are standing as if on a balcony, looking down into a bottomless chasm of white spray, surrounded by dazzling rainbows. Made up of the smallest of droplets, they take on the appearance of clouds as they ascend. Enthralled, we cannot tear our eyes away from this eternal veil of water – its sheer volume is staggering. We see bird after bird nosedive boldly into the roaring falls, disappearing from sight. The dark-brown Great Dusky Swifts breach the curtain of water to reach their nesting sites on the rocks behind. Unfazed, more fly up and out of the spray, on the hunt for insects. Our Porsche SUV adventure has taken us to a place where the senses are hyper stimulated.
View of Iguazu Falls, with green canopy of trees
Bridges and walkways bring visitors close to the dramatic spectacle of the Iguazu Falls
This grand natural wonder is the result of tectonic plate movements 200,000 years ago, which formed a rock face almost three kilometres wide. Ever since, the dramatic torrents of the Iguazu River rush over green cliffs into the depths below in an unending cascade. The mighty power of it makes it seem as if all the water in this world were crashing down within seconds using gigantic force. After one waterfall comes another, and then another. And then another 200, each between 60m to 80m high. Twice the height of Niagara Falls in the USA. It’s too much beauty for just one country, so the waterfalls were shared between Brazil and Argentina. A Porsche SUV adventure that never stops deliveringEven the journey on our Porsche SUV adventure to Iguazu is an awe-inspiring experience. Those approaching from the Argentinian side in the direction of the National Park will get to see the striking red earth of the province of Misiones, before passing the gigantic Devil’s Canyon. In the distance, you begin to hear the roar of water. Set like a jewel amid the dense rainforest, there is every chance of encountering one of the region’s wild animals. Rare ocelots and leopards, pumas and even apes roam here. Curious racoon-like coati, in particular, are sure to cross the path of visitors.
A coati sitting on a branch in the rainforest
Friendly coatis are a common sight in the Atlantic Rainforest in Iguazu National Park
This untamed landscape, full of variety and contrasts, is also home to smaller and rarer insects, colourful butterflies and amphibians. Orchids grow beside pines, bamboo beside palms, mosses beside vines and brightly coloured begonia. Water plants from the family Podostemaceae, which grow exclusively in flowing waters, are found on the inhospitable cliffs of the waterfalls.
Exotic 88 butterfly on a leaf in the rainforest
More than 800 types of butterfly call this environment home – like the 88, which gets its name from its remarkable wing markings
Just outside the gates of Iguazu National Park on the Brazilian side is another ecological animal sanctuary: the Parque das Aves (Bird Park) with rare, native feathered species. Parrots, toucans and flamingos can all be found here, along with the rare plush-crested jay with its blue eyebrows, yellow iris and shrill call. On this Porsche SUV adventure, you really get as close as you can to paradise on earth.
Colourful plush-crested jay bird sits on a small branch
Rare birdlife is on display in Parque das Aves, like this plush-crested jay
Our Instagram timelines will be packed – as will the part of our brains that stores our sound memories. We’ll remember the overwhelming roar of the waterfalls and the raucous back-and-forth cries of the parrots for a long time to come. Whether you explore them in a helicopter, a white-knuckle speedboat ride or on foot on one of the walkways after a trip there in a Porsche SUV, the Iguazu Falls are a one-of-a-kind experience and the perfect stopover on a Porsche Travel Experience journey through South America. This story is part of the 25 Years of Porsche Travel Experience anniversary series. We take you on a virtual world tour around the globe – with a new, fascinating episode each week. Click here to read all stories.
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