1 SCOTLAND Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye

Peninsula on Scottish island of Skye, a lighthouse in distance
Sleep at the end of the world: the spectacular Neist Point Lighthouse is a place that captures the imagination

Magic is on the menu in the highlands and islands of Scotland. The Isle of Skye is a pure paradise for road trippers and nature lovers. It’s a place where the spectacular is commonplace – and that includes where you sleep at night. Enter Neist Point Lighthouse. Residing on a rugged headland on the Isle of Skye’s dramatic west coast, the best thing to do is park up your Porsche, pitch the roof tent, breathe in the sea air and get lost in the landscape.

2 FINLAND Hossa National Park

A footbridge over a lake surrounded by trees
Finland’s Hossa National Park is a feast for fans of fauna and forest

There are very few places in the world where you can experience wilderness in its purest form than in Finland – 75 per cent of the country is covered in forest, the highest proportion in Europe. The Hossa National Park sits in the middle of Finland’s majestic forest landscape. It’s a treasure trove of Nordic nature, a Garden of Eden for hikers, bikers and all those seeking peace and quiet. And anyone who has fallen asleep under the glorious Northern Lights – and a night in a Porsche roof tent is a perfect place for it – will never forget it.

3 USA Acadia National Park, Maine

Rugged coastline of Maine, USA
Maine, in north east USA, is a land of dramatic coastlines, lush forest and some of the best seafood restaurants anywhere

The United States is a country where pretty much every type of scenery imaginable is available to you – parched desert and redwood forest, thrusting mountains and sandy beaches. The state of Maine, in the far north east coast of the country, on the border with Canada, is dominated by its rugged Atlantic coastline. It can be wild, but there’s no doubting its beauty, with its scenic routes, picturesque towns and countless seafood restaurants.  In the middle of it all is Acadia National Park, situated on Mount Desert Island – washed by the rough ocean, it’s populated by countless bird species. The lobster doesn’t get any fresher here, and you’ll step out of your roof tent each morning under big skies. It’s a place that’s pre-programmed to offer up deep relaxation.

4 FRANCE Èze, Côte d’Azur

Looking down on idyllic seaside town on the French Riviera
The village of Èze is perched like an eagle’s nest over the French Riviera

The French Riviera has enchanted visitors for years – for Europeans in the 19th and early 20th Century, it was one of the first mass summer tourist destinations. Outside the glamour of the cities of Cannes and Nice, a string of lovely medieval towns and villages awaits road trippers. One of the most memorable is Èze. Clinging to a hillside, just a few kilometres west of Monaco, its collection of stone buildings with red-tiled roofs are so incredibly picturesque that you will think you are on a film set. Drenched in sunlight, tranquillity and the love of life, it’s a place to park up, pitch that roof tent and reward yourself with unforgettable views across the cobalt-blue Mediterranean.

5 NORWAY Geirangerfjord

Overlooking sunlight Norwegian island, clouds and blue skies above
Breathtaking Nordic nights: pitch up your roof tent in Geirangefjord, Norway

In a country gifted with natural wonders that few others can rival, Geirangerfjord stands out. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005, its beauty has a power and majesty that makes spending a night there extra special. After taking in its waterfalls and sheer cliffs, head to the mouth of the fjord. Waking up in the morning to its crystal-clear air, opening up your roof tent and looking out at this colossal natural phenomenon creates a priceless memory.

6 AUSTRIA Hallstatt

Houses lined up on the lake shore of Lake Hallstatt
Hallstatt is one of the most visited towns in Austria – and one of Europe’s prime spots for Instagrammers

Austria is a dream country for drivers. A place of dramatic mountain passes and idyllic valleys whatever time of the year. A special jewel is Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut, which stretches from Salzburg into the Alps. The 16th century alleyways of this charming town have been wowing visitors for centuries. Its mystical lake, the Hallstätter See, and its surrounding mountains enclose the village as if to protect it. There is a reason why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the Alpine region. It really is as pretty as a picture. 

7 FRANCE Dune du Pilat

The Dune du Pilat on France’s Atlantic coast, near Arcachon
The Dune du Pilat, on the Atlantic coast of France, is the highest sand dune in Europe

Just over an hour’s drive from Bordeaux, in south west France, lies the majestic Dune du Pilat. This 2.7km-long and 500m-wide ‘hill’ of sand is also the tallest sand dune in Europe, reaching over 100m in places. When you first clap your eyes on it, it’s quite the sight – like something transported lock, stock from the Sahara and placed amid the native pine forests here. Directly behind it is a campsite, perfect for parking up and climbing into your roof tent, that offers the best view of the dunes, the ocean and the beautiful beaches that line this area. 

8 SOUTH AFRICA Britstown

Clear starry sky in South Africa
Seeing stars in rural south western South Africa

On a night time drive between Johannesburg and Cape Town, you will experience the clearest and most brilliant starry skies imaginable. On a road trip with your Porsche and roof tent, you will find plenty of farms and campsites to stop off at along this route – like in Britstown, for example. Situated on the N12 highway, it’s a place of wide, open vistas and big skies  – perfect for a couple of night’s stargazing. 

9 ITALY Sorrento

Bright blue sea of the Amalfi Coast in Italy
Sun and sea, pizza and ice cream: it’s easy to see why Italy’s Amalfi Coast is so beloved

It’s not difficult to work out why Italy’s Amalfi Coast remains a destination that lingers long in the memory of those who visit. Along its near 40km-long stretch of tight coastline roads stretches town after town filled with great trattorias, pizzerias and gelatarias. A place of ancient history – think the ruins of Pompeii – and views of the mighty volcano of Mount Vesuvius. At the heart of the Amalfi Coast is the famed town of Sorrento. Yes, there are plenty of great hotels here, but at the end of the day, there’s a purity about parking up, setting up your rooftop and going to sleep besides the shores of the Bay of Naples. If you can, precede your sweet dreams with a few sips of Sorrento’s famous aperitif, limoncello.

10 SLOVENIA Bohinj

View of Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, mountains behind
Lake Bohinj is perfect for relaxing but is also a centre for kayaking, canoeing and rafting, while the mountains surrounding it are a walker’s paradise

“Bohinj is too beautiful for a murder,” Agatha Christie once said. Visit this gorgeous region in the Julian Alps of Slovenia and it will certainly be no mystery why the biggest-selling novelist of all time thought this. Roof tent enthusiasts tend to be adventurous souls, and Bohinj is a place that rewards them, and especially if mountaineering and walking is your thing. It’s nature at its most unspoilt, with phenomenal views of the surrounding peaks – including Slovenia’s tallest, the 2864m-high Mount Triglav – and the shimmering Lake Bohinj. 

IMPORTANT NOTE Regulations on overnight stays in cars differ in countries and region. Please always check in advance before heading out with your car and roof tent

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