An inspirational racetrack great: Jacky Ickx, the man of Le Mans.
What makes a successful sports car racer? After dominating racetracks for a living, Jacky Ickx might know a thing or two.
Jacky Ickx sits in a racing car and points to something outside of the car which cannot be seen in the picture.
Having successfully survived 32 seasons in motorsport, eight-time Grand Prix winner Jacky Ickx is a true legend of the racetrack, serving as an inspiration to stars of the past, present and future.
A passion for speed ignitedFor someone who tends to prefer peace and quiet, Jacky Ickx has had an extremely exceptional and outrageous life. As a young man, the eight-time Grand Prix winner and ‘Monsieur Mans’ dreamed of rather more contemplative activities, such as gardening. But then he got into motorcycle racing and quickly discovered a passion for speed and conquest through technical skill. And, just like that, the spark for an unparalleled career was ignited.
I discovered the joy of not being last.
Jacky Ickx | Eight-time Grand Prix winner
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