Vogue Forces of Fashion – Taking The Wheel with Karla Welch
Watch the Vogue Forces of Fashion session as Janelle Okwodu sits down with stylist and entrepreneur Karla Welch to talk mentorship, reinvention and dreams.
Karla Welch casually sits on a wooden chair while she looks into the camera.
To be a driving force in fashion today, it takes more than clothes – just ask Karla Welch. From the red carpet to philanthropy and mentorship, the stylist is redefining the power of dress.
Embrace the process of learning – especially at rock showsWatch the Vogue Forces of Fashion session presented in partnership with Porsche, featuring stylist and entrepreneur Karla Welch in conversation with Vogue's Senior Fashion and Culture Editor Janelle Okwodu. They talk about mentorship, reinvention and taking the bold leap into new careers to follow dreams and her personal drive.
Be open! I go to a rock show, and I get my ideas. You get a little lost in other artists’ processes. And that’s where a lot of good ideas come from.
Karla Welch | Stylist and entrepreneur
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