Father & son and their shared passion for Porsche and NFTs
How owning a Porsche NFT collection unlocks real-life benefits
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One father and son explain how immersing themselves in the world of Porsche NFTs by minting and collecting virtual 911 cars has brought them even closer together by attending PORSCHΞ PIONΞERS CIRCLE events
Kids grow up and then eventually move out – that’s the exciting and, at the same time, harsh reality of parenthood. But for one father and son from just outside Heidelberg, Germany, the physical distance between them hasn’t been a problem. In fact, for Christian (the father) and Philipp (the son) their respective passions for art and motorsport has meant that their bond has only grown stronger. And how has it happened? It’s all down to their Porsche NFT collection, which the duo build together and customise.This official NFT collection from Porsche is the first entry by the company into the world of Web3. The aim is to harness its iconic heritage with its ever-developing digital future – a further example of the desire to dream beyond boundaries that has characterised Porsche throughout its history. Unique digital artworks have been created that will cultivate a brand-new group of like-minded individuals from those who mint them. Community lies at the heart of Porsche – and this project is no different, with the goal of offering experiences over the long-term to each NFT holder.Building a Porsche NFT collectionFor Christian and Philipp, the PORSCHΞ PIONΞERS CIRCLE – the name for the community of Porsche NFT holders who explore these virtual worlds alongside Porsche as co-creators – is more than just an art project. It’s a way for the two to spend more quality time together, learn and make new friends within the extended Porsche community. It’s fair to say that the father and son duo have fully immersed themselves in the world of Porsche NFTs, minting virtual 911 cars and taking them on one of the three available customisation paths.Christian has been working in IT for the past three decades, but another of his passions is art. That’s easy to tell if you walk into their family home, where Warhol-inspired pop art covers the walls and hallways. His artistic zeal ran into the digital age when Christian began collecting NFTs in 2021, combining his love of technology, innovation and art, and adding an extra dimension to his already impressive art collection. Among his coveted artefacts are three Porsche 911 NFTs, one for each customisation path or ‘roads’ – performance, heritage, and lifestyle. Philipp is his counterpart and sparring partner as well as his son, and is an avid car enthusiast and student. The duo’s discussions range from the history of motorsport to ground-breaking technological advances, providing a perfect arena for learning and exchange.
Silver Porsche 911 NFT and yellow Porsche 911 NFT
Christian owns three Porsche NFTs, one for each customisation journey, and loves to experiment with the different upgrade options available
The benefits of owning a Porsche NFTInitially, Christian’s belief in the Porsche NFT project was met with some scepticism by his son, but Philipp admits that he soon began to see the bigger picture. “With the events and real-life experiences, you can take part in, I started to see the benefit of being a PIONΞER,” he says. “So, it’s not just about owning a picture. It’s about being part of the community – one where we all share in the spirit of the company.”For his father, this was a natural reaction – a healthy dose of scepticism is merely a natural part of the innovation journey. “Remember when the internet came along? People said they didn’t need that silly thing – now it’s taken for granted,” says Christian. “I think it’s the same here. Of course, it was risky to buy an NFT – it’s such a new technology. But at some point, I had to decide: do I believe in this project or not? And I decided that if Porsche was going to go down this road, they were going to make sure they did it well. So, I opted in!”Christian’s decision was not a solo one. Conversations with Philipp and Christian’s other son, Laurenz, played a vital role in the decision-making process. “It’s something where you push the boundaries of what people think. And it’s all about that passion to change the world,” he adds.Customising their Porsche NFTs quickly became a ritual. “It was like a cool tradition,” says Philipp. “I remember sitting on a video call with my dad and my brother and going from one NFT to the next and deciding what changes we wanted to make to the car. Since I moved out, it’s hard to find time to do things together. To have this quality time and do a project together is quite special.”
Two men with classic original Porsche 911 in Bahia Red
Part of your Porsche NFT journey is attending real-life events – here’s Philipp (left) and Christian at the Porsche Experience Centre at Franciacorta, Italy
Experiencing a Porsche track day with Porsche NFTBut Christian and Philipp did not stop with their NFT venture online. As part of the Porsche PIONΞERS programme, they signed up for two real-life track events and were quickly thrust into the world of racing. “It was like a glimpse into another world,” says Philipp, recalling their trip to the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. “We got to meet other PIONΞERS and there were lots of interesting conversations. What I liked most was the mix of ages, backgrounds and professions. We saw everyone from kindergarten teachers to crypto millionaires. The whole event was like a huge bonding exercise, and we got close really quickly, probably because it was such a unique experience.”“I also felt that the people from Porsche who were there with us were just as excited as we were,” adds Christian. “It made me realise how important this NFT project is to Porsche. They really put their heart and soul into it. It was completely crazy. We got to drive all the new cars that had just been launched. The instructor said we were the first group to drive the GT3 RS. And on a track like Spa, I’m pretty sure it’s an experience like no other.”Learning about Porsche Web3Curiously, in a bout of parent-child role reversal, it was Philipp who passed his passion for motorsport on to his father. Christian, meanwhile, instilled in Philipp an appreciation for crypto and technology. “Initially, my brother and I were the car enthusiasts, while our father learned from us,” explains Philipp. “Before attending the Spa event, I’d teach my dad about the various Porsche models, often through YouTube. In return, he introduced me to the crypto world and helped me understand the Porsche Web3 project. I feel that this exchange of knowledge has really fostered a deeper bond between us.”It’s true that the father-son duo complements each other well – not just in their passion but also in their respect and curiosity for each other’s interests. “What Porsche has achieved in six months is simply amazing. It’s extraordinary,” says Christian. “The combination of virtual worlds, the journey of the virtual 911 and then, of course, the real racing events. I can’t wait to see how this project develops. But the first phase is first class.”
Porsche Cayenne drives down a muddy road into a puddle
Making a splash: as part of their visit to the Porsche Experience Center, Franciacorta, Christian and Philipp got to drive the new Porsche Cayenne off road
What happens on Porsche PIONΞERS Circle events?While Spa was focused on the track, Christian and Philipp’s second PIONΞERS experience in Franciacorta, Italy, was markedly more relaxed – it even went beyond cars, incorporating culture and local cuisine. In contrast to Spa, some serious off-roading and testing out the capabilities of cars like the new Porsche Cayenne was the order of the day. It was, says Christian, a real eye-opener. “I never expected what these cars could do,” he explains. “From dirt to rain, they handled everything perfectly. We’ve got so much value out of these two events – they feel like an added bonus.” Above all, the multi-sensory experience of taking part in the PORSCHΞ PIONΞERS CIRCLE events have inspired both father and son to consider buying a real Porsche one day, not just a work of art.“It’s funny – I now know that my father can drive fast!” says Philipp, describing another benefit of this part of their Porsche Web 3 journey. “Jokes aside, I’d say I know my dad pretty well. But it’s always nice to see your family members in new situations and meeting new people. Just seeing how much my dad knows about crypto and Web3 is inspiring. It shows me that he never stops learning – and neither should I!”On Christian’s part, seeing his son mix with the other participants and get out of his comfort zone proved to him that this particular NFT project has been well worth it.
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