Precision on the golf course and power on the streets

Little Paul was only eight years old when he first held a golf club. This awakened his enthusiasm for staying under par - but only in golf. When it came to cars it was another story. His childhood bedroom had a poster of a Porsche sports car – a 959, to be precise – which led to dreams of high speeds and winding roads. Before that, however, there would be the small matter of playing his way to being recognised as one of the world's top international golfers.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of two things: I wanted to become a professional golfer and to drive Porsche sports cars. I’m so happy at being able to live my dreams.
Paul CaseyWorld class golfer and Porsche Brand Ambassador

From the driving range to driving fast cars

No dream is all smooth sailing. In 2009 he was well on his way, ranked number three in the Official World Golf Ranking – but then after the rise came the fall. Struggling with personal and health issues he tumbled down the rankings. But, instead of giving up, he rose like a phoenix from the ashes, believing in his dreams and went on to celebrate victories around the world including the 2019 Porsche European Open. Paul’s story is a source of inspiration for anyone struggling in the face of adversity.

Today, Paul Casey represents not only the brand's sporting spirit but also a shared mindset. One that refuses to let setbacks define us, and one that shows us that, as long as there's fight left in you, no dream is out of reach.


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