Ballet dancer Isaac Hernández x Porsche
One of ballet’s biggest stars on his desire to pursue his dreams and inspire others
Headshot of famous ballet dancer Isaac Hernández
The Mexican ballet star is one of the world’s leading male dancers. For him, life is music, dreams in constant motion and full of colour, providing an inspiration for dreamers in his homeland and beyond
What are we if we cannot dream? For an eight-year-old Isaac Hernández, growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, a dream to be the best ballet dancer in the world may have seemed fanciful to most – but not for him. Because when dreams meet determination, things tend to happen. Isaac would not only go on to make that dream a reality, but he has also inspired thousands of young people, especially his fellow Mexicans, to unleash their true potential.
Action shot of ballet dancer Isaac Hernández with Porsche Taycan
From dancing in his backyard in Mexico as a child to achieving worldwide acclaim, top ballet dancer Isaac Hernandez knows all about chasing a dream
Isaac Hernández: dreaming in coloursIsaac’s first family memories, he says, are stimulated by the colours that surrounded him, and his 11 siblings, at home. Of blue, green and orange. The colours of the backyard where he would practice the craft that was handed down to him by his parents, both classically trained dancers themselves. He would spend countless hours perfecting his pirouettes and triple tours en l’airs, where you jump and, as if defying gravity itself, perform three spins before returning to earth. Within a few years, Isaac’s hard work and dedication had led him to being one of the most sought-after proponents of his craft. He graduated from that family backyard to The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia and, by 2008, had joined the San Francisco Ballet. Four years later he became a soloist at the Dutch National Ballet. “I am a young man who has managed to fulfill his dreams through hard work, discipline and determination,” says Isaac.
Montage of ballet dancer Isaac Hernández performing on stage
Electrifying crowds, one performance at a time
Soon, everyone in the ballet world knew the name of this exciting young star from Latin America. Appearances at the Paris Opera and Rome Opera followed, as well as what Isaac saw as a dream engagement – performing with the Mariinsky Ballet of Russia. And, from 2015 to 2022, he held the role of principal lead dancer at the prestigious English National Ballet, a role that from 2022 to the present he now performs with the San Francisco Ballet.Winning ballet’s top prizeOf course, the route to realising your dreams almost inevitably means negotiating a few bumps in the road too. In 2004, while still a teenager, Isaac suffered an injury to one of his vertebrae that doctors said required surgery. However, he was warned that the treatment could potentially put him at risk of losing flexibility in his back. After refusing the operation and spending months bedridden, Isaac was able to get back on his feet again. He was more determined than ever to continue to follow his dream.Within just two years he won a gold medal at the Ballet Olympics in Jackson, Mississippi. It was a triumph that reflected not just on the resilience of Isaac himself but for performing arts in his homeland of Mexico. A little over a decade later, in 2018 – and, by now, an internationally recognised star of the ballet world – Isaac followed it up by winning the Benois de la Danse award in Russia, an honour considered by many to be akin to the Oscars of classical dance.
Man dressed in tuxedo and bow tie holding a trophy
In 2018, Isaac won the Prix Benois de la Danse, the world-renowned ballet competition
Designing the world’s largest ballet showThroughout his career, Isaac has not only dreamed his own dreams but has also been inspired to help others achieve theirs – particularly in Mexico – by channelling help from across the creative industries. A big part of that, he says, is making it an art form that’s readily accessible to new generations of dancers.Along with his sister, Emilia, Isaac created Despertares – which means Awakenings when translated from Spanish into English – the largest ballet show in the world. And out of this extraordinary production Hernández’s siblings have established Despertares Impulsa, a platform for young Mexican talents to access workshops, conferences, master classes, auditions and scholarships from some of the world’s most prestigious artistic training institutions.
Ballet dancer Isaac Hernández in driver’s seat of Porsche Taycan
Isaac is an inspiration to many young dancers today, encouraging them – just like him – to follow their dreams
For Isaac Hernández, becoming one of the world’s finest dancers is a dream fulfilled – but even more important for him is that he’s inspiring thousands of young Mexicans by revealing their untapped possibilities. “I’m filled with joy to know that, through my profession, I’ve inspired thousands to pursue their dreams,” says Isaac.Be the very best. Conquer adversity. Help people achieve their dreams. All of this considered, perhaps it comes as no surprise that when we asked Isaac about his favourite Porsche car colour, he chose Maya Gold Metallic. A colour that shines bright like those who inspire us. People like Isaac Hernández.
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