The story of the famous Porsche Pepita fabric
The iconic black and white fabric that features in the new Vitra for Porsche collaboration
Close-up of Porsche Pepita fabric on car seat
It’s not just a celebrated Porsche design classic, it’s also one of the most famous patterns in the automotive world, with many decades of history. This is the story of the legendary Pepita fabric
What is the Porsche Pepita fabric?Simplicity. Elegance. Beauty. The very best designs rarely need many ingredients. And that’s certainly the case when it comes to Pepita. In its original form it’s just two colours – black and white – in a repeated, geometric, checked pattern. And yet Pepita is a Porsche interior fabric that has become a design classic. It’s one that remains an inspiration to owners and Porsche fans to this day, who are able to choose it with the Heritage Design Package Classic option when buying a brand new 911.Pepita’s inspiration stretches beyond Porsche, too. For example, it's the fabric of choice for a new, limited-edition collection of chairs by Vitra for Porsche which sees the famed furniture manufacturer joining up with Porsche to showcase their shared values of exacting craftsmanship and beautiful design. The Pepita story, it’s clear, is one of enduring design.
Porsche Pepita cloth on a loom being woven
The famous Pepita fabric has long been associated with Porsche | PHOTO: Porsche
What was the first Porsche car to feature the Pepita fabric?The first ever Porsche interior to feature Pepita as an official option in its equipment catalogue was the 911 in 1965. If you’re fortunate enough to visit the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, you will see it in the seats of the oldest 911 on display in the museum, a car known as chassis number 57 (although it was actually built as a 901 at the time, just before the legendary Porsche sportscar switched to the name it still uses today).Originally a barn find, number 57 was bought by the museum in 2014 and then expertly restored over three years by a team of specialists at Porsche Classic and its suppliers. These included the saddlers and upholsterers who were responsible for its seats – which, naturally, had to feature that most famed of Porsche fabrics, Pepita.
Interior of classic Porsche 911 featuring seats in Pepita cloth
The oldest 911 on show at the Porsche Museum – chassis number 57 – was restored with Pepita fabric incorporated in its seats | PHOTO: Porsche
The 911 may have made Pepita famous, but it was first used in late model versions of the 356 – the first sportscar made by Porsche – as a special request item in the early 1960s. It would remain a popular choice for new owners for many years and was also made available in the Porsche 912.Can you order Pepita fabric in your Porsche today?Over the past decade or so, interest in the Pepita fabric by Porsche has continued to grow. It appeared in the limited edition 911 Carrera S released to celebrate 50 years of the iconic Porsche sportscar in 2013. Since then it was chosen for the one millionth 911 in 2017 and featured in the one-off Sally Special – highlighted by a fetching alternate blue line to match the exterior – to celebrate the famous animated 911 in the Cars movies. The show-stopping, one-off 911 Classic Club Coupé (type 996) – revealed in 2022 and made in collaboration with the Porsche Club of America – incorporated a Pepita pattern in woven leather of black and slate grey.
Pepita cloth in upholstery of 911 Sport Classic (type 992)
Pepita – shown here in the limited edition 911 Sport Classic (type 992) – remains one of the most celebrated of Porsche fabrics. Today, it’s available to customers as part of the Heritage Design Package Classic option | PHOTO: Porsche
Most recently, Pepita was wowing fans again in 2023 with a starring role at the launch of the 911 Sport Classic (type 992). And it’s available today (details correct as of April 2024) to new 911 customers as part of the Heritage Design Package Classic option, where you can order your seat centres and door panel inserts in Pepita.Well over six decades since it first appeared in a Porsche, Pepita still has the power to excite and inspire. One of the most vivid examples of Porsche cool in the 1960s, still setting pulses racing today.
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