10 Porsche artists to watch
Meet the talented creators with Porsche cars as their muse
Six blue and red Porsche illustrations on light blue background
These skilled artists and illustrators use their passion for Porsche to create wondrous works of automotive art from the surreal to pop art, photorealistic to traditional
Jeffrey Docherty
Artwork of skier jumping over Porsche 356 and Taycan
Jeffrey Docherty’s love of colour is vibrantly displayed across his Porsche artwork
Portland, Oregon-based artist Jeffrey Docherty knows a thing or two about flying colours. A former senior creative director for Nike, he blends playfulness and hidden meaning with a passion for lines, colours and sportscars. They come together to form quite the portfolio of Porsche art, including the masterful piece that graced the cover of the 400th edition of Christophorus Magazine, the official Porsche magazine. Created in honour of the legendary ski jump over a Porsche 356, the cover showcased a new interpretation, this time featuring the all-electric Taycan Turbo. Having drawn cars since childhood, Jeff is now the proud owner of a Mexico Blue 911 SC. A case of art on his canvas and his drivewayFrancisco Ruivo
Devoting his subject matter to everything mechanical, Portuguese artist Francisco Ruivo’s canvasses are almost always dedicated to marvellous machines – timepieces, aeroplanes, motorbikes and, of course, a whole load of Porsche. Often commissioned to create bespoke car paintings for the homes of petrolheads or hang alongside their real-life counterparts in Porsche owners’ garages, his collection spans the Porsche world, from old to new, sportscar to racecar. Francisco has painted legends like the Pink Pig and 964 Gulf, as well as 911 icons like the 993 Turbo and one of his favourites, the Targa – a car which Francisco cites as “the classiest 911”. Stephen Selzler
Painting of Porsche 918 Spyder, head-on view of car
Ready and waiting: the Stephen Selzler’s recreation of the Porsche 918 Spyder looks ready to out of the screen at you
The automotive art of Stephen Selzler truly dazzles – quite literally, as he often experiments with light placement on the reflective surfaces of a Porsche to accentuate its magnificent silhouettes. The Dallas-based fine artist and designer focuses on motoring culture, concours events and motorsport, and has spent over a decade as a graphic designer and brand strategist. You may pick up the influence of some of his artistic heroes in his work – such legends as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Keith Haring. Stephen also sees reflections as having a conceptual value too, likening owners to their cars. They seem to uniquely mirror the traits of humankind, he says – and that unique bond between human and machine is something that he strives to capture in his work. Manu Campa
Seeing red: Spanish artist Manu Campa captures the broad expanse of Porsche history in his work | Painting of red Porsche bonnet, countryside landscape in background
Madrid-based Manu Campa has developed into one of the world’s most foremost automotive artists, touring the world to exhibit his art, working with brands including Porsche, Coca-Cola, Sony PlayStation and TAG Heuer along the way. Although classic cars – especially of the Porsche variety – are the primary focus of his work today, Manu didn’t start out as an automotive artist. He began by painting animal portraits, bicycles and urban landscapes before gradually honing his passion for cars into artwork that uses reflections and brightness to take automotive artwork to supreme levels of lifelikeness. Jayson Fong
Oil painting of classic Porsche 911 on cobbled street
Jayson Fong’s love of heritage and history combines in this painting of a classic Porsche amid a mews setting
As a self-professed “crazy car creative”, Jayson Fong packs a tonne of Porsche passion. Originally from Sydney, but now based in the UK, this photographer, journalist, fine artist and designer wears many creative hats. He has used his lifelong enthusiasm for cars to fashion an award-winning career. When he’s not photographing racing machines at motorsport events, he can be found painting them. His Porsche art prints portfolio features racing legends like the Salzburg RSR and Pink Pig. With a particular interest in the heritage behind car brands and the role design and culture plays within the automotive world, Jayson’s goal is to create instantly recognisable work from a unique set of perspectives.Dan Monteavaro
Combining layers of artwork, one on top of the other, Puerto Rican-American artist Dan Monteavaro uses his signature style to bring a wealth of objects to life. Commissioned by Porsche to create a series of thrilling images for them, Dan took influences from comic books, old car posters and mass media to convey motion in the cars. Playing with the sweeping silhouette of the Porsche 356 or the dynamic angles of the Taycan, the resulting artwork show sportscars in perpetual motion with every vibrant layer. B.A.V.S
B.A.V.S takes elements of retro poster design to blur the lines between the past, present and future | Artwork of Porsche created in block blue and white colours
To London-based illustrator B.A.V.S, Porsche means iconic vehicles all with a story to tell. Pushing these narratives is what he strives to do with his art, using a contemporary take on pop art. With his work, B.A.V.S sits at the intersection between classic and modern cars, combining them with minimalistic shapes and vivid colours to create handcrafted Porsche art prints. His depiction of the Porsche Taycan featured here is a modern-day classic. Arsén Manukyan
Colourful Porsche drawing with hood up – real pencils surrounding it
The pencil art of Arsén Manukyan commissioned is incredibly detailed – with classic Porsche cars a particular muse of his
“I draw like I love the paper,” says artist Arsén Manukyan. Arsén’s obsession for anything with wheels started at childhood (he says he was an expert car spotter by the age of five), an interest that inspired his career with the pencil. After moving from Armenia to the UK as a teenager, he developed his skills using coloured pencils to draw classic vehicles with an almost unbelievable likeness to the real thing. Whether a simple stack of hyper-realistic tyres or a painstakingly accurate Paul Smith Porsche art car, commissioned by @sportspurpose, no detail is too small for Arsén and his Caran D’Ache oil pencils. There is breathtaking skill and precision on display in every stroke of his pencil. Diego Izquierdo Rodríguez
Painting of white Porsche 911 next to Heinz mustard and ketchup bottles
Sauce material: Diego Izquierdo Rodríguez’s white Porsche 911 is the cornerstone of his photorealistic, quirky art
Diego Izquierdo Rodríguez, a pop and surrealist artist from the Canary Islands, draws Porsche cars with a fun, quirky slant. He juxtaposes classic cars with household brands and objects – ketchup bottles and soda brands commonly feature alongside his Porsche paintings. For Diego, the greatest reward for his work is the result itself, as he believes true artists leave a piece of themselves in every painting. His stunning white 911 underpins his signature style, one that is inspired by the work of Ralph Goings, a pioneer of the photorealism art movement. Guy Allen
Times come and go, but icons remain. Guy Allen captures the spirit of the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition
Times come and go, but icons remain. Guy Allen captures the spirit of the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition
Boasting a career that’s spanned over 25 years, Guy Allen’s creative disciplines have included: graphic designer, editorial illustrator, cartoonist and automotive artist. To celebrate the release of the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, the British artist brought the spirit of the ’50s and ’60s to life through his brightly-coloured artistic interpretations. Using his signature style and love of printmaking, Guy’s bold poster-style vision packs a retro feel. The model itself – released in five different colours or bespoke Paint To Sample from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur – reinterprets design elements, colours and materials from the Porsche 356 and the first generation of the 911.
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