The exclusive 911-inspired suitcase by RIMOWA and Porsche
Introducing the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita
Metal RIMOWA suitcase with Porsche badging leaning on 911
Two brands with a shared heritage, RIMOWA and Porsche have joined together on a limited-edition suitcase that reflects their commitment to technical innovation, high performance and functional yet beautiful design
It begins with shared valuesTwo legendary brands. A shared heritage. Leaders. Innovators. And a commitment to excellence in design and performance. The launch of the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita is the ultimate collaboration for fans of both companies – a limited edition collector’s case inspired by the greatest sportscar of all time and featuring the inventive hallmarks that characterise the premium luggage manufacturer. A case inspired by – and designed to fit neatly into – a Porsche 911.Between them, RIMOWA and Porsche have nearly 220 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise. Every bit of that flows through the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita. The starting point – the case’s ‘muse’ – was the original, first generation of classic Porsche 911 sportscar, known as the 901. You’ll notice it in the high-gloss details of the case, like its handle, locks and strap holders, which are inspired by the brightwork of the original 911 – its shiny door mirrors, door handles and hub caps – which help make this a piece of luggage that stands out wherever you are taking it.
Close-up of metal RIMOWA suitcase with Porsche badge on front
High-gloss details, like the aluminium handle, are a nod to the shiny brightwork features of the first-ever Porsche 911
You can see further inspiration in the leather straps that decorate the shell of the suitcase – memorable details that pay their respect to the leather straps that used to secure the hoods of sportscars to the bodywork. The straps themselves are secured by polished holders in the shape of the Porsche crest. It’s details like these, of course, that are the difference makers. Those subtle touches that make things extra special.A gold-plated, full-sized Porsche crest – the same one found on Porsche heritage models like the Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Edition – adorns the outer shell. Embedded in a metal frame that protects it from scratches, it sits proudly amid the grooves that have become a trademark of RIMOWA luggage since they were first introduced in 1950.
The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita was inspired by the design of the first Porsche 911 – the 901
The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita was inspired by the design of the first Porsche 911 – the 901
The beauty is in the detailOpen up the anodised aluminium lid of the 30-litre capacity case and the themes generated by the design of classic Porsche 911 cars offers further delights, from the interior fabric detail, which recreates the black and white checks of the Pepita cloth that covered the seats of the Porsche 911 for its first decade of existence. There’s even a nod to the unmistakable yellow Porsche 911 engine compartment labels, which listed the likes of tyre pressures, in the label within the suitcase lining, which gives instructions about how to use the locks.And you secure all your contents with a bespoke palladium buckle, especially designed for the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita, that is inspired by the seatbelt of Porsche sportscars. It’s this level of detail and craftsmanship that are both a display of the shared values of the two brands and are demanded by discerning owners, collectors and design aficionados alike.
RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita on hood of 911
The full-sized Porsche crest on the front of the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita is gold-plated
Does the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita fit in a Porsche 911 trunk?Of course, like all great design, function goes hand in hand with form. The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita is designed to fit perfectly in the trunk at the front of all Porsche 911 sportscars of the water-cooled engine era – that’s the 996, 997, 991 and the current generation, the 992. For classic Porsche 911 owners like the 993, 964 and 911 F- and G-series, the suitcase fits perfectly on the backseat. In-car stowage is helped by the wheel-free design of the case – an added benefit when used as carry-on luggage, too. And with no telescopic handle, packing capacity is optimised compared to standard cabin suitcase.The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita will be a limited-edition release. There are 911 cases being manufactured – the number is no coincidence, of course – each of which comes with co-branded luggage tags.
Woman leaving 911 carrying RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita
The suitcase has been designed to fit in the front trunk of all Porsche 911 models from the 996 onwards
A little over 350km separates Cologne and Stuttgart, the respective home towns of RIMOWA and Porsche. The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita is designed to accompany you on journeys, long and short, for many years to come.The RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita Limited Edition of 911 pieces is available at the Porsche Online Store from 21 April 2022
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