Road trips in China: the Shanghai Tower signals a green future
Exploring the architectural masterpiece that stands as a sustainable beacon
View of the Shanghai Tower skyscraper’s roof
Shanghai is a city of superlatives, possessing a magic that goes far beyond its Grand Prix host credentials. As the country make leaps towards constructing a sustainable future, the Porsche Travel Experience takes a road trip in China to see its impressive new landmark – the Shanghai Tower
The only way is upSkyscrapers may not be an unusual sighting in China, but when you consider the Shanghai Tower’s masterful engineering, coupled with its 43 sustainable technologies, it stands as a particularly special kind of high-rise that’s pointing the way to a greener future. Adding to the megacity’s unmistakable skyline, the elegant tower rises 632 metres above its financial district, and is so high that the top is visible only on a clear day. It makes for a unique sight when viewing from the famous promenade on the opposite bank of the Huangpu river, known as The Bund.
The skyline of Shanghai's financial district
The Shanghai Tower is the third super tower to grace the skyline of the megacity
As the greenest skyscraper in China, it stands proudly as a metaphor for the country's forward-facing optimism, thanks to the environmental tech it houses. Its unique swirling shape isn’t simply an architect's whim, but is responsible for reducing wind loads and bolstering resistance to the force of typhoons. It further decreases energy consumption by 21%, water usage by 40%, and one-third of the site has been dedicated to landscaping to reduce its carbon footprint. At its core are nine cylindrical structures and an incredible 121 floors; between the 84th and 110th you’ll find a hotel that offers a fascinating view of the pulsating metropolis, accessed by the fastest elevators in the world. When it comes to design, the spiral represents a 120-degree rotation, but the apparent round floor is an illusion, as in reality the building's outer skin is triangular.Standing up for vertical urbanismRoad tripping through China reveals sustainable building practices are on the rise – from Bamboo Town to the Vanke Centre – and now the unique Shanghai Tower represents a new paradigm for sustainable buildings and vertical urban planning. The traditional courtyards and green enclosures of the city have been reinterpreted in a modern form; between the inner and outer glass walls there are green areas covering 10,000m2, and each of these sky gardens act as a buffer zone to keep the building cool, using a similar technique to that of a thermos flask. Artificial lighting can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the fully glazed design, and 270 wind turbines generate enough electricity to power the outdoor lighting. The rainwater recycling system makes it one of the best examples of a green building of all, with the water from the roof and terraces used to sustain the plants and supply the smart heating and air conditioning systems.
The high-rise skyline of Shanghai's financial district
More than a landmark – the Shanghai Tower rises to the sustainable challenge
A future-forward Porsche Travel ExperienceConsidering the tower and the wealth of lush initiatives proliferating across the country, it perhaps comes as no surprise that China is currently one of the world's leading countries in green building projects, with Shanghai as a centre of sustainability. The city is an exciting location for Porsche too, providing the opportunity to experience the technologies of the future up close, which is why the first Porsche Experience Centre in Asia is located in Shanghai.
Three lines of Porsche cars on the starting grid of a track
Lining up at the Porsche Sports Cup China
Motorsport fans will no doubt associate the city first and foremost with its Formula One race – and our Porsche Experience Centre Shanghai is located right next to the international race track. Not only can you improve your skills right on the track, but you’ll also discover the range of vehicles and future-proof technology, like that of the Porsche Taycan. It’s the perfect starting point or stopover for an exciting road trip through China with the Porsche Travel Experience. This story is part of the 25 Years of Porsche Travel Experience anniversary series. We take you on a virtual world tour around the globe – with a new, fascinating episode each week. Click here to read all stories.
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