Porsche art: 10 trailblazing digital artists
The innovative creators bringing Porsche digital art to life
CGI Porsche 996 with swan head floating on water
From vibrant cars bursting with colours to the humorous and surreal, we showcase a whole host of exciting digital Porsche artists and their incredible artwork
Cars have been inextricably linked with artists and the art world for decades. And now there’s a growing band of trailblazing Porsche artists who are creating a futuristic vision in the digital realm, which allows them to play with the laws of nature, creating beautiful renders of race machines and shaping innovative modern art. Here are ten exciting artists who are making Porsche car art that is often deceivingly real, fascinatingly surreal and always intriguing.Chris Labrooy
CGI Porsche 996 with swan head floating on water
Water-cooled: Chris Labrooy makes digital art with Porsche cars that’s surreal and exotic | Image: Instagram – @chrislabrooy
Showcasing impossible contradictions to create surreal Porsche-scapes is second nature for digital artist Chris Labrooy. His bold work is created in his barn conversion with panoramic views over the Aberdeenshire countryside in north-east Scotland. These surroundings  – as well the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 that he drives – help inspire his dreamlike creations and unusual contradictions. The influences from a stint living in California are also readily apparent in his work, with creations clearly inspired by the vibrant colours of Palm Springs regularly a feature of his work. From inflatable flamingoes to swimming pools – things that, to Chris, equate to happiness – contorting classic Porsche cars into deliciously absurd and amusing imagery have become a signifier of his work. One of his creations has even transcended into the real world, with his famous 3D swan Porsche art turned into a tangible reality to celebrate Porsche China’s 20th anniversary in 2021. Grif 
Director of US-based production company Psypop, iconic visual storytelling and groundbreaking art is prevalent throughout the professional work and passion projects of artist Shane Griffin, aka Grif, helping blur the lines between advertising and entertainment. From being featured as one of Louis Vuitton’s 200 Visionaries to directing a film for Apple and creating a video for rapper Wiz Khalifa, Grif is in high demand. When it comes to Porsche design, he exhibited real flower power with his CGI 1st gen 911. While all at first all seems normal, within the blink of an eye the vehicle fully blossoms, to be covered in flowers. A real force of nature.Swedge Design 
Futuristic digital yellow Porsche 930 with retracting glasshouse
Artist Gurdeep takes classic design elements and subverts them with his futuristic lens | Image – @swedgedesign from @type7
It’s the 911 Targa, but not as we know it. Scottish creator, Gurdeep Panesar, aka Swedge Design, decided that the 930 would be the perfect base for exploring an idea that had his piqued his curiosity – how a large glasshouse on a vehicle with no pillars to obstruct the view would look. Feeling that the design already gave off distinct futuristic vibes, he developed the concept further. It saw Gurdeep tinkering with every element, from modernising its lines to featuring the glasshouse itself, which lifts and retracts as a way of getting into the car. Retaining the iconic shape of the 930 was important for Gurdeep, and he merely wished to evolve elements from the iconic vehicle, such as the Fuchs-inspired wheels. The result? An epic sundown scene where retro and cyberpunk exist in perfect harmony. Alex Bowen 
CGI Porsche 959 in yellow, building in matching colour behind
There’s little mellow about this 959 Speed Yellow | Image – Instagram @abowen3d
After enrolling in 3D class during his final semesters at undergraduate school, it soon became evident to all that Alex Bowen’s path would continue in the multidimensional. His computer wizardry when it comes to creating cars has to be seen to be believed. And even then, you still end up looking twice – and more. Deceivingly hyper-real, the New Hampshire-based artist has defied reality with the likes of his Porsche 964, as well as a 959 in Speed Yellow that’s an eye-catching delight. A dedication to achieving intricate detail is evident across his designs. These are images you want to zoom into in order to explore its minute details. Mr. Melville
Moonlit drives and 1980s vibes, courtesy of Mr. Melville
Hollywood skyline frames digital red 911 and Ferrari driving on LA highway | Image – Instagram @mr.melville
The artwork of digital illustrator Mr. Melville sports the distinctive feel of the period from the 1970s to 1990. It’s a result of vivid inspiration gleaned from old school American movie posters and VHS-style advertisements. In turn, they inspire him to create mash-ups of vintage objects and classic pop culture figures. Mixing up the likes old tech, video games and records with the faces of, say, David Hasselhoff and Back To The Future’s Doc makes for wonderfully eccentric and compelling viewing. When it comes to his work with classic cars, feast your eyes on this 911 Turbo leading the way amid a retro scene on an LA freeway. Sr Formica
Turquoise Porsche 911 RS atop orange stairs, orange sphere in background
Sr Formica puts that ducktail on a pedestal | Image – Instagram @sr_formica
Dani Mira’s, aka Sr Formica, signature style sees him subvert the hedonistic characters of objects, from lightsaber-wielding statues to flying cars. He takes influences from across the decades for his pieces – you’ll spot a touch of 1980s kitsch here and a heavy dusting of 1950s and 1970s there. A strong retro feel can be seen in his Porsche 911 RS work, which has further expanded into the digital world, with this piece pictured here sold as Porsche NFT art. To Dani, digital art gives him a freedom to express himself like no other medium. Olgun Kordal  
Kaleidoscopic fuchsia pink Porsche reflected in cubist style
In the pink: Olgun Kordal’s brightly-coloured work often uses mirrors to create exciting effects | Image – Instagram @carsandcolour
Olgun Kordal is a London-based automotive photographer whose captivating @carsandcolours Instagram account is the source of an array of hypnotic kaleidoscopic car artworks. Olgun describes them as a “…clean yet complicated view of car design. I’m trying to create tension whilst also celebrating the car”. Taking inspiration from the likes of Picasso and Braque, you can clearly see those influences in Olgun’s striking cubist interpretations on a suite of Porsche cars. Here, he uses the flowing shapes of the cars and a mirroring technique. The latter allows him to show off the shapes and angles of his automotive subjects to great effect.Thomas Knipe
Is this the real life? Or is this just digital fantasy? The Porsche renders of Thomas Knipe – aka @angry_jacked_renders – not only appear real at first glance, but only seem to become more believable the more you stare. One of his all-time personal favourites is the one here – a CGI version of a 911 GT3 (complete with spine-tingling sound. It appears so tangible, so real, that it seems to transport you right onto the road next to it.George Tyebcho
Porsche 930 in desert at dusk, surrounded by flowers
Georgian artist, George Tycehbo, sees the past, present and future in his digital Porsche art | Image – Instagram @george_tyebcho
Visualising the world you know, yet don’t know, George Tyebcho mixes elements of the real with the surreal to create CGI that sends you head-first down the rabbit hole. Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, George views digital Porsche art as one which provides can show limitless boundaries – it’s certainly clear from his portfolio that his horizons often involve cars. “I’ve always loved cars as design objects above anything, less as modes of transport. They represent a historical context. Cars give you a sense of what came before, and what’s coming next,” he says. When it comes to Porsche design, this take on the 930 in an arid yet floral landscape perfectly encapsulates his skill at skewing reality. Alessandro Villani
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, surrounded by surreal smiling flowers
Alessandro used the vibrant style of Takashi Murakami to create a striking virtual home for the 911 GT3 Cup | Image – Instagram @iamalevln
Milan-based automotive artist and car designer Alessandro Villani makes digital art cars of stunning variety. Working with contemporary movers and shakers from the art world, Alessandro’s collab history spans from American creative KAWS to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Using Takashi’s signature happy, flower-power style resulted in this 911 GT3 Cup colour burst, while KAWS’ recurring figurative character motif, Companion, provide a stark contrast at the opposite of Alessandro’s artistic spectrum, in the form of his brooding CGI Porsche 935 art car.
Consumption and emission information 911 GT3 (WLTP): Fuel consumption combined: 13,0 - 12,9 l/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 294 - 293 g/km; CO₂ class: G.
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