Glittering prizes
An obsession with glass
Innovative Czech crystal manufacturer Preciosa, glass designer Rony Plesl, and Porsche share philosophies – attention to detail and creativity with passion
Perfection is the very least you can achievePreciosa is the Porsche of crystal manufacturers, while the artist Rony Plesl has an obsession with glass. The morning sun in Preciosa’s showroom lets light in all the shades of the colour spectrum dance across the walls.
Surprising new interpretations of classic chandeliers
Surprising new interpretations of classic chandeliers
A pair of pink ankle boots with bobbles made of silk and crystal are enthroned underneath a glass bell. Manolo Blahnik created this dream as a tribute to his Czech roots. Value 5,000 euros, size 37, not for sale. The huge, weightless sparkling object hanging from the ceiling above you, on the other hand, is something you could take away with you right away. Preciosa is world-famous for its chandeliers and light installations and completely surprising new interpretations of them. These unique specimens that are fused by craftspersons – glassblowers, crystal cutters, designers from metal forges and lighting engineers – in the 'Crystal Valley' using an interplay of modern and ancient skills to create exquisitely beautiful creations, puts you into a state of euphoria. If you ever find yourself standing under a light installation on this planet that astounds you, then it’s probably a work by Preciosa. If you have time, stop by the showroom. And if you don’t, stop by anyway!
Reflection in a glass window
Reflection in a glass window
Happiness is being able to do what you are passionate aboutRony Plesl is a happy person because he loves what he does. This very friendly and modest man is the head of the glass department at VŠUP – the University of Applied Arts in Prague. International museums and galleries exhibit his works and the world’s most prestigious glass manufacturers are proud to have his designs in their product ranges. He has no sense of arrogance. To him, everything is worth designing. In his work with glass, the boundaries between design and art merge. He creates unique pieces – sculptures that are sometimes of monumental size – and he also designs mass-produced goods: beer mugs made of pressed glass and mineral water bottles.
Artist Rony Plesl – happily obsessed by glass
Artist Rony Plesl – happily obsessed by glass
For Preciosa, he is reinventing the chandelier. In his eyes, everything is interesting if you look at it with love and attention. Plesl actually originally intended to become an athlete. But at the age of 15 he fell in love with Boticelli’s Santa Maria Novella and with the Renaissance. Art books and Dostoyevsky are his only reading materials. When Plesl was finally able to travel through the Iron Curtain to Italy, he burst into tears with happiness, grateful to be able to experience it. Rony Plesl seems to want to enjoy every second of his existence, every moment of beauty twice over.
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