Building la dolce vita
About tradition and inspiration
Built from the ruins of an abandoned Tuscan village, the hilltop Monteverdi hotel is unique – a place where history and modernity fuse
When you first lay eyes on it, it is immediately clear that the Monteverdi is not really a hotel. Not in the traditional sense, at least. The Monteverdi in Castiglioncello is a premium resort, whose greatest luxury is really something quite simple – the unconditional fusion of everything that makes up la dolce vita.
The Monteverdi hotel
Monteverdi hotel
"We want to be more than just a place for our guests to stay," explains hotel manager Massimo Romagnoli. "We want to offer them a unique experience." And this begins with the rooms: interior designer Ilaria Miani was inspired by the nature, history and culture of the region in her designs, and, with the help of her team, brought the former ruins into the 21st century in style. The entire history of the village is concealed in every little detail behind the medieval facades. In the colours of a table, for example, that are based on the crest of a nearby monastery. Or in a bed inspired by an old fresco. "Everything new was already there at some point. You just need to look closely," she explains.
From ceiling to floorboard - never losing sight of history
From ceiling to floorboard – never losing sight of history
From the ceiling designs to the floorboards, she thought carefully about every detail at the Monteverdi. The result is a unique design mix of the traditional and the modern, unprecedented anywhere in the world. "It’s important not to lose sight of history. Because if you live it with a real passion, it suddenly becomes very modern," she adds. Based on this knowledge, quotations and tributes are visible in every corner.
Attention to detail in every room
Attention to detail in every room
The Monteverdi is a vision of many different types of people who all share the same passion. This turned them into a family. And this family offers a warm welcome to every guest.
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