What Porsche is in the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie?
Introducing Mirage, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8
Mirage and Optimus Prime in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the latest in the Transformers franchise, features the Autobot Mirage – a 911 Carrera RS 3.8 (type 964). Here’s how a classic Porsche sportscar was turned into a movie star
When film studio giant Paramount Pictures approached Porsche about the opportunity to work on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. The movie is set in 1994 and so naturally Paramount Pictures needed an iconic automotive hero from 1990s – one that could authentically support the main characters in their mission to save the world. And what better Porsche sportscar could there be to play the role than the formidable 911 Carrera RS 3.8?
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 on grass, mountains behind
The Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 (type 964) is a rare model – only 55 were built
1 What Porsche car plays the role of Mirage in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts?In the new movie, Porsche sees one of its most iconic models – the 911 Carrera RS 3.8 – take on the character of Mirage. Mirage is an Autobot, an alien-robot that can transform into a car, joining in the battle to help save the earth. Teaming up with the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, Mirage is a rebellious tough guy with a good heart – qualities that many Porsche fans can easily associate with this iconic sportscar.2 What is the story and who stars in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts?Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the next instalment of the Transformers franchise. It was shot in locations across the world including Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal and Peru. This all-star summer smash, directed by Steven Caple Jr. and featuring actors such as Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Ron Perlman and Peter Dinklage, is a win for both loyal Transformers fans and those new to the series. Mirage itself is voiced by actor and comedian Pete Davidson. As well as the much-loved Autobots making a return in the movie, they are joined by a whole new set of characters called the Maximals – an advanced group of beast-robots. Together, they join forces in an exciting battle against a planet-eating, dark villain named Unicron.3 Was a real Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 used in the filming of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts?With just 55 units of the 911 Carrera RS 3.8 – which first emerged in 1993 – ever built by Porsche, it is an extremely rare sportscar. Naturally, the car wasn’t built to withstand the special effects and death-defying stunts that are required in a Transformers action movie. So, rather than subject this much-loved car to damage, five dedicated replicas – known in Hollywood as picture cars – were built just for this production. From the outside they look like this powerful variant of the type 964, but on the inside they have very special features. One of the replicas was designed for stunt sequences, another can be controlled remotely from outside of the driver’s seat while another was modified to move in reverse at high speed (always a helpful manoeuvre, of course, when trying to outrun villains).The cars used in the movie were the result of an enormous team effort between Paramount Pictures and Porsche and showed off the technical and engineering expertise of all those involved. And, before you ask, Porsche fans can rest assured that none of the original 911 Carrera RS 3.8 were harmed during production.
Silver Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 driving on open road
Five picture cars – replicas of the original Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 – were specially built for the movie
4 How can I find out more about the Porsche cars used in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts?To celebrate the collaboration, Paramount Pictures and Porsche have created a behind-the-scenes video [see below] that offers Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Porsche fans exclusive footage of how the movie was made and the creation of the cars that starred in it.
5 What is the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8?As we’ve discovered, the 911 Carrera RS 3.8 is in that extra special group of Porsche sportscars that can be considered extremely rare. Launched in 1993, it was designed as a homologation model so that the company could enter a racing version in the World Sportscar Championship. It was based on the wider body of the 964 Turbo and featured a striking aerodynamic package that included a more prominent front spoiler and an adjustable, one-piece rear wing. Its doors and bonnet were made from aluminium and it was fitted with thinner side glass than that of the regular type 964 in order to keep the weight down. The power itself was provided by a 3746cc, 300PS, air-cooled flat-six engine.
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 in a rubble-strewn alley
Power, looks, toughness: the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 was the perfect choice for the role of Mirage in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Inside, it was a suitably stripped-back affair, with no rear seats and driver and passenger seats constructed from lightweight fibreglass. This lightweight construction was reflected in its performance, with a top speed of 271km/h and an estimated 0-100km/h time of 5.2 seconds. Which sounds like more than enough to outrun any of its enemies in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, don’t you think? To find out just how the 911 Carrera RS 3.8 fares in Mirage form, you’ll need to head down to your local cinema.
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