Porsche Taycan long-term review: what I’ve learned living with an electric Porsche
Why top LA tattoo artist Dr. Woo loves his Porsche Taycan
Man leans on electric Porsche Taycan parked on sandy ground
Swapping his tattoo gun for the driving seat of a Taycan, Dr. Woo talks Porsche, LA and artistic dedication
Being one of the world’s most sought-after tattoo artists amounts to spending a lot of time in the car. Especially if you’re none other than Dr. Woo, and live in LA. So, since welcoming the all-electric Taycan into his life a year ago, he’s naturally clocked quite the number of man-hours getting to know the vehicle inside and out. From the driver’s seat, the man himself waxes lyrical about the value of doing things right, passions that last a lifetime, and his thoughts on our electric-powered future.
What drew you to owning a Porsche Taycan?I’m a supporter of the move to electric cars and I have owned one previously. So I was so excited when I discovered that there was an electric side to Porsche, as I’ve always been a fan of the brand. The first connection I had was through an uncle who had a white Porsche 911 that he adored; he was always tinkering with it. That was my initial visual, and it told me that this was nothing like the kind of car mom and dad used to take me to school. That gave me my first look into car culture and car collecting. I also had a friend who was into racecar driving. I watched him race at Le Mans in France and the legendary Laguna Seca track in California, rooting the team on. That friend – Patrick Long – now races for Porsche today as a factory racing driver. Back then, I was learning more about cars as well as race car culture, and that cemented the thought of Porsche as not only a daily vehicle, but as a performance competitor. Can you describe what it feels like to drive an electric Porsche?It’s been an eye-opener to experience how the performance and the handling of this electric vehicle is unchanged from the classic feeling of Porsche sportscars. You can feel it in every inch of the craftsmanship, including its interiors and detailing – all those small elements are still there. If anything, it feels at times faster, smoother and stronger. The Taycan still has launch control – and my head hits the back of the seat when I use it! I don’t think anything can compare.
Man wearing sunglasses, hands covered in floral tattoo
Whether it’s tattoos or driving, Dr. Woo stresses the importance of acknowledging what’s gone before
With this car, I still have this feeling, this bond to the car in the same way that I would have with an older Porsche or a combustion engine model. You feel the spirit of Porsche in all its vehicles. Even although it’s electric, I don’t think it loses that connection. Ultimately, the Taycan doesn’t feel like an electric version of a Porsche – it’s simply a Porsche that’s electric.What’s daily life like with the Taycan?My kids absolutely love it. It’s a brand new experience for them, so it’s become one of their favourite things to do, especially when I activate launch control! Having now driven it for over a year, I still marvel at how quick and manageable it is when I need it to be, as well as the convenience of the way it performs – even if it’s just to run errands. The everyday drivability of it makes it harmonious with LA. You spend most of your time in a car here, and weirdly I think it’s become known worldwide as a kind of ‘car city’. Ultimately, whether it’s dropping off kids or going all-out for the let-loose, fun kind of drives, it’s perfect in every scenario.
It’s been an eye-opener to experience how the performance and the handling of this electric vehicle is unchanged from the classic feeling of a Porsche
Dr. Woo | Tattoo artist
What’s the perception of electric cars in a city like LA?The car culture lifestyle here is heavy. Being the big city that it is, we adapt to new ideas quickly and we’re very open to giving new things a chance. Even within the last few months, I’ve been seeing more Taycan cars on the road. And now, with the charging infrastructure evolving, it makes it even easier to own an electric car. If you’re looking into more of a performance vehicle, but also want to make room for future-forward tech, I don’t think there’s a car more appropriate than the Taycan.Driving is such a big part of daily life in LA. Public transport is obviously available, but good luck finding the entrance and figuring how to use it! The weather also allows for most cars to have longevity. The connection of an Angeleno to their car is very strong. Most of my ideas come while I’m driving, as I have a lot of time to just sit and think. Noticing different things as you’re driving around this city can spark inspirations – big and small.
Side and rear view of a Taycan 4S, LA hills in background
Up in the Hollywood hills, the Taycan is a common sight these days
Do you see any parallels between Porsche and your own artistry? When I think of Porsche and the heritage behind it, there’s this innate connection between the creation ideals as well as the history of the brand. It was born more out of passion than a desire for profit. This is where I see parallels between myself and Porsche. As an artist, everything that I do and create is one of one – there’s a unique connection with the client, and the goal is to create something with integrity that leaves a lasting impression with the person I’m working with. When it comes to Porsche, every single iteration of every model has a crazy following.
The Taycan doesn’t feel like an electric version of a Porsche – it’s simply a Porsche that’s electric
Dr. Woo | Tattoo artist
Comparing cars to tattoos can be difficult because it’s design versus art. However, as I continue to work as an artist and designer, I am starting to see the correlation between art and design. There can be this hard line because one is expression and one is for function, but with Porsche, it's undeniable to see the connection between art and design.
Two people in electric Taycan driving down an LA boulevard
LA is the perfect city for a spot of all-electric cruising in a Taycan
Ever consider using a Porsche as your own canvas?It would be awesome to take a step back and think of a different way to express my own work to create a Porsche art car. Especially with the Taycan. With all its digital screens and interface settings you can change – even through using the app connection on your phone – there're a crazy number of digital ways to express yourself. I love the idea of exploring ways to connect the digital with the physical. Naturally, there would be so many other cool avenues to explore; like creating interiors or using an exterior as a canvas. The world is moving so fast, and when you look at something like the NFT space, it’s even starting to merge with tattooing. I am exploring what the tattoo side of an NFT could look like. I never thought I’d embrace something that’s not tangible art. I guess you could say that I keep one foot in the past and the other one in the future. It’s important to grow and progress with a connection to the past, but I'm definitely not afraid of change. It’s a mind-opening ideal that helps us manage the future and keep our balance in it. And if you look at something like the Taycan, you can see a vehicle that embodies both: heritage as well as progression.
Man in sunglasses leaning on bonnet of electric Taycan
Dr. Woo says the Taycan will become a future classic – and that he will end up inking them on clients, like he does the 911
Have you ever inked a Porsche on someone’s body?I’ve been asked for quite a few across the years – commonly 911s. It’s mostly classic Porsche that people ask for, since tattoos are fundamentally an important way for people to connect with and pay homage to something or someone that’s symbolic to them. One client wanted a 911 Cabriolet that was his mom’s. He had a picture of her standing next to it, and that was a picture we used from which to base the tattoo. It was such a fun childhood memory for him, so it was a symbol to connect himself with her. Looking forward another 20 years, I’m sure people will be asking me for a Taycan! And who would be your dream canvas to tattoo – past or present?Albert Einstein! So much of what I do is that it’s not just a tattoo – it’s connecting with people in that moment. And I’ve learned a lot about people and shared intimate conversations while tattooing them. There’s something about being in the chair with a tattoo artist – both client and artist let their guards down. So being in that space with one of the greatest thinkers in history would be amazing. And since I do very small, precise and technical tattoos, it would be fun if there was a mathematical equation that he had under his sleeve. Or imagine if he wanted that picture of him with his tongue sticking out, like “Yeah, it shows the fun side of me.” Or just E= MC2 on his wrist. That’d be hilarious.
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