Car photography – 10 Porsche photographers to inspire you
Meet the people changing the landscape of car photography
Porsche 917 in Salzburg livery on rooftop in Santorini, Greece
From muted tones and a stripped back approach, to striking images created through editing software and extreme lighting, meet the car photographers who use Porsche as their muse
Vince Perraud
Porsche 911 ducktails lined up
Get in line: the iconic ducktail is the perfect subject matter | PHOTO: @vinceperraud
Born in Burgundy, Biarritz-based photographer Vince Perraud leans heavily into the rich culture of the French capital, with the quintessential Parisian streets acting as a regular backdrop. Perraud started his photography journey shooting BMX riders and skateboarding in his youth, which made the transition to car photography a natural progression. His passion for analogue photography makes his images really stand out, and the retro photography style he has become known for blends perfectly with his preferred subjects – classic pre-1973 Porsche 911 sportscars.Amy Shore
Pastel blue Porsche 911 with mountains in background
The mountains – nature’s finest backdrop | PHOTO: @amyshorephotography
Starting off as a wedding photographer, Amy Shore changed direction when she chose to pursue car photography – a U-turn that led to her teaming up with Porsche to photograph cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. What makes the work of this British photographer so captivating are the stories that lie behind them. Whether she’s capturing road trips, races or events, her images are always more than what meets the eye. Her use of minimal editing, muted tones and no artificial lighting keeps her photos true to her passion for honest, stripped-back photography. Her images blend raw landscapes with the technical modernity of the sportscar. Thomas Walk
A white Porsche 911 between two black brick blocks
Lurking in the shadows | PHOTO: @thomaswalk
Thomas Walk is probably best known for being the creative director of Type 7, although he’s not shy when it comes to getting behind the camera. Growing up in Australia with a mechanic for a father, Walk was exposed to cars from a young age. His dream of finally owning his very own Porsche was realised when he got his hands on a 1977 911. His photography style is heavily inspired by cinema, with lighting, atmosphere and ambience being the backbone of his shooting style. He credits this influence on his mother, who wrote reviews and articles about film. Being immersed in movies from a young age helped inform Thomas’ unique and striking style. Calvin Courjon
Green 911 parked in front of a green Gucci storefront
Photography with bags of style | PHOTO: @ccourjon
From going to his first car show at the age of 10, to owning a 993 Carrera 4S at the age of 22, there’s no denying that Calvin Courjon is a true Porsche fanatic, and through his photography he has managed to turn this passion into a very successful career. Having travelled to over 30 countries to work with iconic brands, Calvin’s photography is some of the most recognisable in the industry – with Paris an enduring, inspirational backdrop. His guest editorship for Porsche in 2022 is just one of many projects in which we have worked alongside this talented creator. Borsch
 Birdseye view of blue Porsche Taycan in a car park
High art: photography using drones to dramatic effect | PHOTO: @borsch
Yura Borschev, aka Borsch, is a drone photographer whose unique style consists of aerial shots that give his audience a new perspective on the world. His use of editing, lighting and angles makes for bold shots that have caught the eye of many global brands, including FIFA, who he worked alongside to produce a video for the 2018 World Cup. His motivation is that each image must be better than the last, and it’s this approach that makes his photography powerful and continuingly intriguing.Syd
A Porsche 944 in a field with cows
Don’t follow the herd: a Porsche 944 showcasing its eye-catching livery | PHOTO: @yourfriendsyd
Hailing from southern Vermont in the rural north-east corner of the USA, Syd’s distinctive photography style is defined by its hazy and neon 1980s-style aesthetic. Her muse has always been cars, starting when she spent a summer restoring her own 1986 Saab 900, and leading to her being the owner of an iconic Apple-liveried Porsche 944, which regularly features in her photography. Her vibrant, innovative take on car photography is a refreshing in a field where others often fall into the trap of being derivative. Tom Wheatley
Taycan and camel in front of Temple of Petra, Jordan
Blending photography and digital mastery | PHOTO:
Starting out in car photography, automotive digital creator Tom Wheatley gravitated to creating computer-generated images in order to truly satisfy his vision. His post-production skills are as every bit as strong as his talents behind the lens. His photography style embraces surrealism and uses advanced techniques that create images that are beyond the realms of reality, often depositing cars in settings otherwise impossible to achieve in real life. Here you can read about how he edits his photos and get tips and tricks from the creator himself.Paul McKenzie
Classic Porsche in front of palm trees and under blue skies
Turning back time: style that’s full of nostalgia | PHOTO: @pauls_motos
Paul McKenzie’s photography moves from grungy to ethereal, with heaps of 1970s nostalgia. His shoots regularly follow strong themes, and his photography has a consistent haziness to it, giving his images a dreamy, old school aesthetic. By mixing retro with modern techniques, he has created an inimitable style that is unique to him. Paul’s use of film and editing software gives his work an earthy and vintage feel and is a master at capturing a Porsche in its best light.Arnaud Moro
A Porsche 911 GT3 in the pit lane
Photographic work that cuts across multiple automotive disciplines | PHOTO: @arnaudmoro, @almo.creative and @almofilm for TAG Heuer
A self-taught photographer from Southern France, Arnaud Moro is making his mark on the world of photography. After studying architecture, Arnaud’s career path moved him into photography and cinematography. What started out as a series of photographs with his first camera in 2012, taken through airplane portholes, led him to shooting for a range of world-renowned clients. Clever lighting of his photography is what makes his style so bold, the use of street lights and neon signs helping create striking images.Alex Grabowski
Silver Porsche 911 with city skyline edited through the car
Flying cars do exist in some photographic worlds | PHOTO: @alexgrabowskiii
Originally from Los Angeles, but with Tokyo now as his home, Alex Grabowski can thank two cities with car culture at their heart as influences on his work. His unique perspective combines film photography with digital collaging and graphic design, with a style that attracts followers from beyond those purely with a love of automotive. His multi-layered work requires one to fully absorb the whole image to extract the very most from it.Article header image photo credit:
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