Porsche events in 2023: what to look forward to
An island festival. An NFT collection. A very special birthday. This is how the new year in the world of Porsche looks
Porsche GT2 RS speeding past crowds at Goodwood track
Get ready for another fun, adrenaline-fuelled Porsche year. Here’s the key Porsche events, anniversaries, festivals and moments to get excited about over the next 12 months
There’s nothing like the smell of rubber on tarmac, the sounds of engines roaring and the sight of Porsche sportscars and racecars in all their glory. And there are plenty of opportunities in 2023 to get up close and personal and experience it all – whether digitally or in real life. Here are some of the top Porsche moments from around the world to add to your calendar this year. Global • 75th anniversary of Porsche Every Porsche birthday is worth celebrating, but this year is going to be extra special. As Porsche turns an impressive 75 years old, there will be events and opportunities across 2023 to commemorate this landmark anniversary. More details will be revealed throughout the year – so keep your eyes peeled.
911 Carrera facing three different coloured digital roads
Choose your own Porsche adventure by minting one of 7,500 virtual collectibles
Global • NFT collection launch • January 2023Porsche will begin its foray into the world of Web3 by dropping 7,500 virtual collectibles of the iconic 911 Carrera. Once you become a holder, the journey has only just begun. By choosing between three design roads ¬– heritage, lifestyle and performance – you’ll determine the final look of your virtual collectible. Based on the directions you provide, you can unlock a variety of different design traits. Step by step, your 911 will turn into a truly iconic piece of art — one out of 150k+ different variations. Hamburg-based designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel is the lead artist behind our first virtual collectible. His unique 3D artworks marry the virtual and the physical - with character and emotion, with timeless style. The mint will take place in January 2023 – get ready for a 911 that can fit into your wallet.LINK to Twitter channel.LINK to website.USA • 24 Hours of Daytona • 28-29 January 2023After completing rounds of rigorous testing at the Daytona International Speedway circuit in 2022 (equivalent to the distance of driving from Stuttgart to Istanbul), the Porsche LMDh/963 prototype will be ready for its very first official race outing at the legendary Florida racetrack. Taking on the Daytona track for real at the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Porsche Penske works team aims to steer the hybrid vehicle – which packs 680PS – to victory on its debut. After its maiden outing, expect to see it fiercely compete throughout the year at the likes of the Le Mans and Sebring LMDh races.

Side view of red, white, and black Porsche 963 race car
The Porsche 963 racecar from Porsche Penske Motorsport will enter the world of endurance racing in 2023
Austin • SXSW • 10-19 March 2023Celebrating the convergence of tech, film, music, education and culture, the SXSW festival takes the Texan capital by storm annually in a creative bonanza that brings together enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. At the Porsche Unseen space in 2022, spectators had the exclusive chance to go behind the scenes to explore vehicle concepts like the Porsche Vision GT, and get a first look at designer Sean Wotherspoon’s one-off, boldly colourful Taycan Cross Turismo art car. Everything is sure to be bigger in Texas once again at the 2023 spectacle.

Germany • Petro Surf • 23-25 June 2023Surfing meets Porsche. Don’t yet see this connection? The event that likes to break from cliches and convention takes place on the North Sea island of Sylt, a place known as the birthplace of German surfing. On top of the selection of air-cooled Porsche cars that attracts a flock of attendees, who pack the ferries from the mainland with their beloved Porsche sportscars, the 2022 event saw a surfing competition, concerts with international artists, exhibitions, taster courses in surfing, a film night and much more. The essence of the festival is to bring people together who love freedom, exclusivity and individualism for a weekend in a special setting surrounded by Porsche.

West Sussex • Goodwood Festival of Speed • 13-16 July 2023Motorsport’s ultimate summer garden party. Taking place in the lush parkland surrounding Goodwood House in the south of England, Porsche will yet again be there in force with a fleet of exceptional cars. In 2022, just some of the highlights included an electrifying debut from the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance, the unveiling of the Porsche 963 and, of course, plenty of Porsche action on the famous Hillclimb. Packed with thousands of fans, a legion of incredible cars and many of the greatest drivers ever, it’s simply one of the automotive events of the year.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance driving Goodwood Hillclimb
Running up that Hillclimb: expect plenty of Porsche powerhouses will compete at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2023
Germany • Streetart.Motorsport.Revival. • August 2023Founded by renowned Porsche enthusiast, Tom Gädtke, at the heart of Streetart.Motorsport.Revival. is the loyal community that has brought it together. Combining classic Porsche cars and art installations, each year the visitors are introduced to a unique world, with no two years being the same. The first event from Gädtke brought together 18 Porsche fanatics from Germany. And now, as it approaches its 8th edition, it has grown into a must-visit occasion that unites air-cooled aficionados from around the world.

USA • Luftgekühlt • Expected September 2023A mix of world-class engineering and art, Luftgekühlt believes in doing things differently. As its name suggests, its focus is entirely on air-cooled Porsche cars at a festival that’s designed to bring together vehicles from the very first air-cooled 356 all the way to the final 911 (type 993). Every year, Luftgekühlt visits a different location, each one as unique and exciting as the last. Port of Los Angeles was the striking industrial backdrop for 2022’s show. Stay tuned to find out where and when ‘Luft 9’ will take place in 2023.

Global • 60 years of the Porsche 911 • September 2023In September 1963, the very first Porsche 911 – the spiritual successor to the 356 – instantly won the hearts of car enthusiasts when its prototype was unveiled at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show. Revealed as the Porsche 901 (renamed as the 911 for its market launch in 1964), there have been seven generations of the model since then. As Porsche honours the long and enduring legacy of this most celebrated of sportcars, expect plenty of trips down memory lane and a host of impressive celebrations throughout 2023.
36 historic Porsche racecars parked along a racetrack
Winning races is in the Porsche DNA: 70 years of motorsport heritage was celebrated at the Rennsport Reunion VI in 2022
USA • Rennsport Reunion VII • 28 September-1 October 2023Rennsport Reunion: two words that represent one of the world’s largest gatherings of classic Porsche race cars. Debuting over 20 years ago, it was devised in order to celebrate the Porsche racing heritage, as well as to bring together both drivers and enthusiasts in order to pay tribute to the people and cars that helped build the unique Porsche legacy. The seventh edition will be another exhilarating event that promises to capture not only Porsche past and present, but also provide a glimpse of the future.USA • LA Auto Show • 17-26 November 2023One of the world’s largest and most prestigious auto shows returns to southern California with a showcase of over 1,000 vehicles. After unveiling the new 911 Dakar at the 2022 event, Porsche will once again be along for the ride in 2023. Make the most of a show that presents the thrilling future of automotive not just in the US but across the world.

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