A love that grew

“I’ve been a car guy since I can remember. In 1993 – when I was three years old – my father gave me a model of the new Porsche 993. He told me that the Porsche 911 is the most complete sportscar in the world, because of its unique, classy design and its powerful flat-six engine mounted in the rear. “Good for traction – and traction is good in order to be fast around corners,” as he told me.

Although I had absolutely no idea of the importance of traction, fast corners or powerful engines in the back at that time, I still realised that the car meant something special to my dad. And soon it would mean the same to me too.

Side profile of Porsche 964 Carrera driving past
Aged three, Philipp M Hohenthanner was given a toy Porsche 993 car that would change his life

As the years went by, like my father, I became such a die-hard Porsche fan that friends started calling me ‘The Porscheist’, because whenever I saw any 911, I was immediately able to name the model, performance figures and other data about the car. To some people it was freaky, but I never worried about it.

An unbreakable connection

And then I started a community called ‘911. Legends Never Die’ on social media which has turned into one of the best-known Porsche fans platforms. This passion for Porsche connected me and my dad – it was our common hobby. Over the years the two of us collected countless magazines, magazines and books about the Porsche 911. But while we collected literally anything we could find, we never owned one.

Man at driver’s wheel of 964
Philipp M Hohenthanner – aka ‘The Porscheist’

A few years ago, as my dad turned 59, he became unwell. There were some serious concerns about his health. One cold Saturday afternoon in December we took a long walk together. And there, I told him it was time to make his dream come true. I convinced him that it was finally his moment to get a 911.

My father always put others before himself. So, buying a 911 would be a rare occasion when he did something for himself only. A gift of pure pleasure. So, finally, six months after our wintry chat, my dad bought his first ever 911 – a 964 Carrera in dark grey – after nearly a lifetime of Porsche fandom. And by doing so he proved my motto right – “It’s all about passion, friendship and driving a legend!”

Rear view of 964 on road, surrounded by autumnal trees
Philipp can thank his Porsche-loving dad for his lifetime passion

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Choose your 911
Red 911 Carrera GTS takes corner on Alpine road