The best Christmas gifts for Porsche lovers in 2023
From grandparents to grandkids, we’ve got you covered
Porsche gifts including socks, mug, car keys and Porsche Christmas jumper
The holiday season is approaching quicker than a Taycan Turbo S in Launch Mode. From gaming chairs to sweaters, our ultimate gift guide has the perfect gift for Porsche fans, young and old
Porsche x HEAD ski collectionFor the thrill seekers
Porsche x HEAD skis and helmet on red background
Get Porsche performance, on and off the slopes, with the Porsche x HEAD ski collection
For many, winter means heading off to the ski slopes. Whether you’re looking for skis that are designed with versatility in mind, or a jacket to help keep warm at the top of the mountain, the Porsche x HEAD collaboration offers a range of perfect gifts for the adrenaline junkies in your life in a set of eye-catching designs. A cool collection for skiing enthusiasts and Porsche fans alike.

Get ready to head to the slopes
Porsche 911 Dakar with Christmas treeFor the Porsche model car collector
Miniature Porsche 911 Dakar with Christmas tree on the roof
Join in the Porsche-with-a-Christmas-tree-on-its-roof meme with this Porsche 911 Dakar model
Add some sparkle to your loved one’s Porsche model collection with this limited-edition Porsche 911 Dakar (type 992) with a festive twist. This miniature model vehicle with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof is in Oak Green Metallic and comes in gift packaging. One that will take pride of place in the house every December.

Build up your Porsche model collection here
LEGO® Speed Champions Porsche 963For the young at heart
LEGO® Porsche 963 model in red, white and black
Build memories together this Christmas with Porsche LEGO®
Crack open the LEGO® this Christmas and get building with the family. This holiday season you can construct your very own version of the Porsche 963 racecar. Its paintwork, striking wheel arches, low bonnet and rear wing are all faithfully recreated – you even get a LEGO® character to place in the cockpit to pilot some laps around your living room once the 280-piece kit is complete.

Get ready to build
Knitted Christmas pulloverFor the party season
A Porsche Christmas jumper is always a roaring success
A Porsche Christmas jumper is always a roaring success
Christmas jumpers can be cool – and Porsche certainly knows it. Stay warm this holiday season with this knitted Porsche Christmas sweater – and it's sure to start a few conversations at the same time. With its high-quality knit and classic design, it’ll help show off Porsche passion for years to come.

Win your next Christmas jumper competition
Porsche 911 Everlasting Love StoriesFor the bookworm
Porsche 911: Everlasting Love Stories book sleeve artwork
Love is in the air this Christmas – love for the Porsche 911, of course…
For those who love the fascinating stories that make up the history of Porsche, the 60 Years of 911: Everlasting Love Stories book is the perfect post-dinner read. You can dive into six decades-worth of stories about a sportscar that became an icon. This high-quality illustrated book is the perfect addition to the bookshelves of any motoring fan.

Love is… a Porsche 911
Porsche AHEAD 2024 calendarFor the free spirits
Porsche AHEAD 2024 calendar
Look to the future with the Porsche AHEAD 2024 calendar
Stuffed full of beautiful images taken along the West Coast of the USA, the Porsche AHEAD 2024 calendar is guaranteed to inspire each and every month. For those who have a craving for adventure or just like to stay organised, its high-quality photographs will make a statement wherever you decide to display it.

The 12 months of Porsche
Recaro x Porsche Gaming ChairFor the gamers
Recaro x Porsche gaming chair in Pepita pattern
Switched on: the Recaro x Porsche gaming chair
For meetings or late-night gaming sessions, the Recaro x Porsche gaming chair takes some inspiration from the mighty 911, featuring the classic Pepita pattern that will bring a touch of class to any home gaming set-up. A great way to start someone’s New Year in style.
It’s game on
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