7 of the best Porsche books you can buy
Full of fascinating reads and brilliant images
Pack shot of Type 7 Porsche book
Whether you are a lover of Porsche history, enjoy hearing stories about how the cars were developed and made or just want to look at beautifully-shot Porsche cars – often in extraordinary locations – there’s a Porsche book for you here
Engaging with social media is great for instant hits, but sometimes there’s nothing like having a book to browse through. The seven books here are some of the best Porsche books you will find, full of great imagery and fascinating stories. Whether a gift for Porsche-loving friends or relatives or a treat for yourself, these Porsche books will give years of pleasure as you dip in and out of the world of one the great automotive brands.The Porsche Book – The Best Porsche Images by Frank M. Orel“The perfect photo must tell a story without using words,” says Frank M. Orel. And he shows that in fine fashion in this beautiful Porsche book. Having grown up in Stuttgart, the German city that the company calls home, Frank was destined to photograph Porsche cars. He admits that it was a dream for him since he was a schoolboy. This collection of 173 photos have been shot all over the world – from Le Mans to the Kruger National Park, in South Africa, where Frank shot a 911 among a pride of sleeping lions. Which required, he said, a prompt exit when they woke up. There’s a big emphasis on Porsche racing but its greatest sports cars and road cars are also featured in exciting, memorable locations inside this thick, wide-format book.Buy Porsche books
Cover of The Porsche Book by Frank M Orel
Frank M Orel is a renowned German photographer with a long history of shooting Porsche cars
Electrified. Since 1893At a time when electrification is prominent in the minds of many of us, this fascinating Porsche book focuses on the long history that the brand has when it comes to a fascination with and commitment to all things electrified. It begins with the story of how, in 1893, a young Ferdinand Porsche – the company founder – fitted an electric lighting system in his family’s home, many years ahead of the average European at the time. It then delves into the story behind how he designed the first-ever hybrid car, unveiled as a prototype in 1900 – some 110 years before the launch of the Cayenne S Hybrid in 2010, the first electrified Porsche of modern times. This book from Edition Porsche Museum also brings the Porsche electrification story up to date with the modern day and the development of the Porsche Taycan, the company’s first fully electric sportscar.Buy Porsche books
Cover of Electrified. Since 1983 Porsche book
The history of Porsche and electrification goes back to the turn of the 20th Century, as this absorbing book recounts
50Y Porsche Design – Coffeetable BookAcross its 280 pages, the 50Y Porsche Design – Coffeetable book tells the story of half a century of Porsche Design, with the help of over 250 beautiful images and illustrations. Porsche Design and Studio F.A. Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and quickly evolved into a high-end lifestyle brand, known for its quality and extraordinary design. This Porsche book looks back at the launch of the Chronograph 1 in 1972 and then traces a path through the many luxury products available today, featuring several of the chief protagonists over the 50 years, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of its nerve centre at Zell am See. As the title suggests, a perfect coffee table book to pick up, peruse and be enthused by.Buy Porsche books
Cover of 50Y Porsche design coffee table book
Half a decade of Porsche Design is celebrated in this elegant coffee table book
The Porsche 911 Book (New Revised Edition) • René StaudIt will come as no surprise to learn that The Porsche 911 Book is one of the best-selling Porsche books. This revised 2021 edition of the original 2013 publication is about as comprehensive as you can get when it comes to a deep dive into this most iconic of sportscars. The work of legendary German photographer René Staud, it begins – where else? – with its reveal at the 1963 Frankfurt IAA Motor Show, when it was called the 901. It then motors on through the greatest hits of this magical Porsche sportscar – cars like the 911 Carrera 2.7 RS with its trademark ducktail or Björn Waldegaard’s 911 SC 3.0 Martini rally car. This updated version also features the current type 992 model. With text in English, German and French.Buy Porsche books
Cover of The Porsche 911 book
Nearly 60 years of the Porsche 911 are celebrated in this Porsche book bestseller text
Porsche Unseen: Design Studies • Stefan Bogner From the founder of Curves magazine and Porsche fanatic, Stefan Bogner, this book is full of intrigue – a Porsche sportscar book that turns its attention to the unique and the individual. It’s packed full of design studies, prototypes and extreme rarities. There are cars like the Porsche Boxster Bergspyder and Vision E and plenty of behind-the-scenes images that give a window into the supreme craft of Porsche design and engineering. This 328-page hardback book delights with every turn.
Well-known Porsche fan and creator of Curves magazine, Stefan Bogner, guides you through the lesser-known highlights of Porsche car design
Type 7: Volume Two • Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Since December 2018, the Type 7 Instagram channel has gained cult status with its mix of beautiful Porsche cars, stunning architecture, arresting photography and great design. From the classic to the modern, and full of great stories, the latest hardback volume from Type 7 gathers together highlights from the channel as well as bespoke projects for the book itself. Featuring some of the great automotive fans and artists, like Jeff Zwart and Daniel Arsham, this beautiful, chunky Porsche book is great to dip into and will take pride of place on your coffee table.
Inside spread from Type 7: Volume Two book
Art, design, cars and architecture meet in this book by the people behind celebrated Porsche Instagram channel, Type 7
Porsche Home: Christophorus Edition • Marco Brinkmann In this 264-page square format Porsche book, you are invited inside the garages and lives of Porsche enthusiasts – collectors like windsurfing legend Robby Naish and Porsche racing driver, Patrick Long. From the people behind Christophorus, the official Porsche magazine, Porsche Home takes you on a global tour. It’s one that shows that the great Porsche garages are much more than a space for keeping your car – they are places you can retreat to and exhibit vehicles and memorabilia to your visitors. More than anything, they are places where stories are made and told. And there are plenty of such stories, recounted by true Porsche fans, in here.
Cover of Porsche Home: Christophorus Edition book
In Porsche Home, you get to go behind the garage doors and into the Porsche lives of fans of the cars
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