Porsche Engineering Services Student Contest 2021

Terms and conditions

1. Porsche Engineering Services Student Contest

1.1 The Porsche Engineering Services Student Contest (the “Contest”) is a developer contest focused on IT innovations in the mobility and automotive field. The Contest is organized by Porsche Engineering Services s r.o. (the “Organizer”) and is initiated by Porsche Engineering Services s r.o. (the “Initiator” or “Porsche”).

1.2 The Contest is aimed at students or teams of students who are asked to participate in the Contest by registering and submitting their ideas and products to the Contest in accordance with these Terms and Conditions for Participation (the “Terms”). Participation in the Contest constitutes acceptance of the Terms.

2. Participation

2.1 The Contest is open for teams up to 5 members. Eligible for participation are all students from any recognized university in the Czech republic or master except for:

2.1.1 current employees of Porsche Engineering or any direct or indirect wholly or majority owned subsidiaries of Porsche during their working time;

2.1.2 current or former employees as well as parents, children, siblings, spouses or household members of such current or former employees of Porsche Engineering Services and

2.1.3 personnel directly involved in the organization and execution of the Contest.

2.2 Participation requires a valid e-mail address and completion of the registration process on the Contest registered individuals meeting the eligibility criteria set out above are considered participants of the Contest (the “Participants”). Registration is done per team or individually.

2.3 There is no admission fee to be paid or product to be purchased by a Participant in order to participate in the Contest.

2.4 If the Participant is an employee of a corporation, government agency, or an academic institution, the Participant ensures that its partaking in the Contest complies with any policies the corporation, agency, or institution. If the Organizer or Initiator has reason to believe/suspects that any of those policies are violated by a Participant participating in the Contest, the Organizer or Initiator reserves the right to exclude the Participant from the Contest or demand/cancel retroactively the right to receive a prize at any time. The Organizer or Initiator does not assume any responsibility for any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Participant’s partaking in the Contest that may arise between the Participant and its employer.

2.5 The Participants have to apply online via the website registration form up to 24.10.2021 for Prague location and up to 31.10.2021 for Ostrava location. The participants can apply just for one location.

2.6 Review and selection of all validly registered teams will be carried out by a jury who is selected at the Organizer’s and Initiator´s sole discretion (the “Jury”).

2.7 All validly registered teams will be objectively reviewed and evaluated by the Jury out of which 6 teams will we selected to participate in the Contest.

2.8 The Jury’s decision shall be based at the Jury’s sole discretion. The decision shall be final and binding.

2.9 Each of the teams chooses one representative who will come to the contest venue in person. This member will represent the team on site, including handling the car. Other team members work remotely.

2.10 All participants are required to accept all necessary precautions concerning coronavirus which Porsche Engineering Services, s.r.o. introduces. The company will inform the participants about the measures no later than 2 days before the contest day. The COVID-19 declaration of honour will be signed by the team representative before arrival. The essential focus is the health of all participants. General condition will be a negative result of the antigen or PCR test for participation in person.

3. General Contest Rules

The goal of contest is to complete three disciplines:

  • Achive best time at given number of laps around unknown race track.
  • Achive the fastest lap during the race.
  • Secred challenge including traffic signs recognition and obstacle avoidance.
  • Achived results are documented and presented after the disciplines.


  • There are two races for each discipline. Better result is taken.
  • There is a break between races for software update and/or necessary hardware repair.
  • Touches of the track borders are acceptable.
  • Out of track is defined when more than half of the car crosses the line.
  • It is possible to put car back on the track manually by selected team member.
  • Out of track and manual return of the car on the track is penallized up to 5 points/occurence. Precise definition is announced before first race.
  • All cars goes in “depo” before each race. Depo is reserved area on the race track.
  • All documents must be submitted in English.

4. Evaluation Process

Evaluation of each discipline results is carried out by a jury who are selected by organizer’ s (the “Jury”). All disciplines are objectively evaluated by the Jury in accordance with the following assessment criteria and rank the contributions accordingly:

Discipline \ position1st2nd3rd4th5th6th
Fastest lap201816141210
Secret challenge403632282420

After three displines + presentation the highest achievable score by one team is 100 points. The team with the the highest number of points wins. In the event of any ties for position, the team with superior results in the disiplines gains precedence. All scoring responsibilities are completed by the the Jury. All scoring decisions are made by the committee and are final.

In case of the same amount of the collected points of the team occurs the final ranking place is defined by quality of the presentation, team cooperation and solution creativity.

5. Prizes

5.1 The Jury will award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in accordance with the evaluation process set out in sec. 4. Short information about the prizes is detailed in the Contest website. More details will be presented by the Jury during the Award ceremony.

5.2 The winning Participants will be announced during the Award ceremony.

6. Announcement and Publication

6.1 The winners’ names as well as images and pictures of the prize winning Participants and Contributions will be announced to the public on the Contest’s website and social media accounts.

6.2 By participating in the Contest, the Participant grants the Organizer and Initiator and its affiliated companies the unconditional and irrevocable right, except where prohibited by law, to use their name, country of residence, images and pictures and the Contribution for promotional purposes.

6.3 The Participants provide Porsche Engineering with all rights, spatially and temporally unlimited as well as free of charge, in terms of usage, reproduction and distribution for radio, television, intranet, internet and in particular social media channels such as Facebook or others. This applies to print publications as well as electronic publications, in physical forms (press releases, post, CDs) and non-physical forms (all electrical applications including internet).

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 With respect to all materials contained in a Contribution which are protected by intellectual property rights, the Participant submitting a Contribution as owner of such rights hereby grants to Porsche Engineering Services and to companies affiliated with Porsche Engineering Services in the sense of an unrestricted, exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, transferrable, worldwide, royalty-free and – as a general rule – fully paid-up right to use the submitted Contribution for all current and future, as yet unknown, types of use. This includes, in particular the right to make use, edit, import, offer for sale, sell, export, reproduce, exploit, prepare derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, lease and publicly display the submitted Contribution.

7.2 As far as materials contained in a Contribution are to be qualified as databases according to Czech Copyright Act, Porsche Engineering Services shall be regarded as creator of such database in the sense of Czech Copyright Act.

7.3 The Participant releases Porsche Engineering Services from the obligation to designation of authorship according to Czech Copyright Act. Should the exercise of the rights granted above affect Participant’s moral rights, the Participant undertakes to exercise his/her rights in a careful manner, taking into account the interests of Porsche Engineering Services. Against this background, the Participant will exercise his/her rights only in exceptional cases.

7.4 In the event that the Participant’s contribution should have overlaps or similarities with Porsche Engineering Services’s own developments or those of companies affiliated with Porsche Engineering Services, Participant shall not assert any claims against Porsche Engineering Services, its affiliated companies or its customers.

7.5 The Participants shall inform Porsche Engineering Services about any application for industrial property rights as regards the Contribution.

7.6 Re-assignment for non-winning Contributions

7.6.1 With the exception of the winning Contributions (see section 5), Porsche Engineering Services -upon the end of the Contest – automatically re-assigns any intellectual property rights assigned under Section 1 to the former rights holder in such Contributions.

7.6.2 Porsche Engineering Services will internally evaluate the non-winning Contributions regarding feasibility of implementation as well. For this reason, the Participant shall – for a period of six (6) months following the end of the Contest – not assign to any third party any intellectual property rights, i.e. any right, title or interest of whatsoever nature they may have in the Contributions and shall not grant any rights to use the Contributions to any third party. During this period the Participant commits to enter into assignment and/or license discussions with Porsche Engineering Services in order to enable assignment and or license grant to Porsche Engineering Services on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

7.7 Specific rules for winning Contributions

7.7.1 For the sake of clarity, it is expressly stated that Section 7.6 does NOT apply to winning Contributions.

7.7.2 The winning Participants have no right to claim implementation of the materials contained in their Contributions. If Porsche Engineering Services assigns the rights to the Contribution to a third party, such party may contact the Participants after the contest.

8. Costs and Expenses

8.1 Participants’ costs and expenses in connection with the participation in the Contest are to be borne by the Participants. The Organizer and Initiator does not compensate the Participants for any costs and expenses incurred in connection with the participation in the Contest.

8.2 Apart from prizes offered as part of the Contest, no monetary compensation will be offered for any reason.

8.3 Travel costs are also not covered.

9. Data Protection

9.1 During the Contest the Organizer is collecting personal data of the Participants provided by the Participants, in particular as regards the registration process. The Organizer collects, processes and uses (together: “processing” or “to process”) such personal data for the purpose of carrying out the Contest, announcing the awarded Contributions (see sec. 6), or contact the Participant for providing information required for the proper execution of the Contest.

9.2 Any Participant’s rights in accordance with applicable data protection law, in particular the Participant’s right of disclosure and or right to demand correction, blockage or deletion, shall remain unaffected. All inquiries relating to data protection shall be addressed to [contest@porsche-engineering.cz].

10. Warranty

10.1 By submitting a Contribution, the Participant warrants that

  • (i)the Contribution, in particular the Product, or any part thereof do not infringe any third party intellectual property right
  • (ii) the Participant disposes of all permissions, rights and licenses required for the submission of the Contribution in accordance with these Terms
  • (iii) the Contribution does not contain any harmful, malicious or deceptive code, including but not limited to any bots, back doors, Trojan horses, viruses, worms and other harmful or malicious code, files, scripts, agents or programs intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information
  • (iv) the Contribution does not contain third party or publicly available code which is subject to license terms that require to license the Product or any derivative work thereof to third parties or make the Product or any derivative work thereof publicly available.

10.2 To the fullest extent possible by applicable law, the Organizer and Initiator specifically disclaims any liability, terms, conditions, representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the Contest or the prizes including any implied warranty of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and any other implied warranties that may arise in the course of performance of the Contest.

11. Liability

11.1 The Organizer and Initiator shall be liable in accordance with statutory provisions for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, gross negligence, willful default, or for any other type of loss or damage which cannot be excluded by applicable law.

11.2 Except as set out in sec. 11.1, in no event will the Organizer and Initiator, its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and third parties engaged in the execution of the Contest, be liable to a Participant for any direct, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages (including loss of use, data, business or profits) arising out of or in connection with the participation of the Participant in the Contest, whether such liability arises from any claim based upon contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether or not Organizer and Initiator has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage.

11.3 Except as set out in sec. 11.1 and subject to sec. 11.2, the Organizer’s and Initiator´s cumulative aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with the Contest shall be limited to the value of the prizes pursuant to sec. 5.1.

12. Confidentiality

12.1 The Participant will hold all Confidential Information confidential, must not make it accessible to third parties and has to protect it from third party access and may use it only for purposes of the Contest. Confidential Information shall be all information, in particular the vehicle data, provided to a Participant in the course of the Contest and all other technical and economic information, as well as any intentions, experiences, findings, designs and documents made available to a Participant during the Contest, or which a Participant receives from Porsche Engineering Services or gains knowledge of by other means in connection with the Contest, irrespective of the information being Confidential Information of Porsche Engineering Services or of companies affiliated with Porsche Engineering Services.

12.2 This confidentiality obligation does not apply to information,

12.2.1 which demonstrably has already been known to the Participant prior to the Contest,

12.2.2 which the Participant receives from third parties without infringement of a confidentiality obligation,

12.2.3 which is generally known or become generally known without breach of the obligations contained in these Terms, or

12.2.4 which must be disclosed in court or by order of an authority.

12.3 If the Participant is requested to disclose Confidential Information in court or by order of an authority, the Participant is obliged to inform Porsche Engineering Services immediately in writing before passing on the information, so that Porsche Engineering Services has the opportunity to initiate legal action.

13. Modification/cancellation

13.1 The Organizer and Initiator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, suspend or cancel the Contest without liability in the event that for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control cannot be performed as initially planned, e.g. because of a violation of the Terms by Participants or technical problems (outages, system corruption, cyber-attacks, etc.).

14. Compliance with the Terms/Exclusion from Contest

14.1 Any Participant violating these Terms and Conditions or interfering with the Contest in a way that adversely affects a fair and sportsmanlike Contest may at the Organizer´s and Initiator´s sole discretion be excluded from the Contest and thereby lose their eligibility to win a prize.

15. Miscellaneous

15.1 These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply.

15.2 Should one or more provisions of this Agreement be or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.