Porsche - Manthey-Racing. Supported by the best.

Manthey-Racing. Supported by the best.

For pure motor sport passion

Porsche - Manthey-Racing. Supported by the best.Porsche - Manthey-Racing. Supported by the best.Porsche - Manthey-Racing. Supported by the best.

The Manthey-Racing GmbH is the most successful Porsche racing team worldwide and it calls the Nürburgring its home. The company is specialized on developing and driving Porsche race cars, along with services for road vehicles from Zuffenhausen. The company, of which Porsche itself holds a share capital of 51 percent, was founded by Olaf Manthey in 1996. The company is staffed with roughly 100 employees.

Eight won titles in the Porsche Supercup, five 24h overall victories at the Nürburgring and two in Le Mans count as the greatest motor sport successes of Manthey-Racing. Since 2013, the Porsche Team committed to representing the Porsche 911 RSR in the WEC World Sportscar Championships for the plant. The team’s most outstanding achievement was the 2013 double victory in the GTE-Pro class of the 24h of Le Mans. However, the most successful season was in 2015, when they scored three WEC-GT championship titles – one for the manufacturer, one for the driver and one for the team. For 2017, Manthey-Racing is getting into pole position with the new Porsche 911 GT3 RSR for the WEC.

The Nürburgring headquarters.

Motor sports is pure passion. For many years, Manthey has been burning for it, together with Porsche vehicles. The victories so far speak louder than words.

Testing and fine-tuning on the Nordschleife is a must, especially for the sportiest of all Porsche variants. Therefore, settling Manthey-Racing’s office and testing centre a mere 400 meters from the fastest section of the Nordschleife is more a conscious choice out of commitment, rather than luck.